Those who were doing the most damage – specifically the Orion Group, along with the Draco and any and all P-45 Future Humans from Time Line Two who have been having a “Time Travel Festival” at the expense of every man, woman, and child living here on the Earth – have been CAUGHT.

They have either willingly left, have been removed, or have been caught and incarcerated by something called the Earth Alliance!

Let us all breathe a collective sigh of relief!

Now that most of the TEMPORAL interference into Earth’s reality has been stopped, it is “time” to take a quick look at what was really happening to all of us – and why!



Only because Time Travel IS possible – are we able to know about other realities that are having an affect upon the Earth and about other Time-Lines which in matter of fact “did” exist alongside of our own time-line.

According to Dan Burisch – a former member of MJ-12 – several groups of so-called “future humans” had time traveled back to Earth from various points in the future (and some say from an alternative time-line). 

Some of these came from 24,000 years in Earth’s future (P-24), some came from 45,000 years in Earth’s future (P-45), and some came from 52,000 years in Earth’s future (P-52)

All of these beings (who have claimed to be human) but look more like the Alien Grays that are everywhere throughout the Galaxy, were said to have come from a negative time-line where a very significant destruction happened on the Earth at about this very time in our history.  The military calls these beings “J-Rods”, and did not trust them, and this is one of the few things that I am in agreement with.

The “cause” of this destruction scenario (short version) is that at this point in our history (around 2006 to 2016) our Solar System and the Earth itself would pass through an area of space where very powerful natural worm-holes that go throughout this galaxy like a spiders web would intersect with our planet bringing in huge amounts of energy. 

This energy is not a bad thing, but as a result of humanity using ancient technology which included Star-Gates and Looking Glass devices during that very period of time – the energy of the worm-holes (as a result of these devices being used) caused very bad things to  happen. (Moving of all tectonic plates on Earth)

The decision was made to dismantle and store every single Star-Gate and even the Looking Glass Devices for at least 15 years in order to avoid this catastrophe.  From about 2002 to 2017.



According to these “future humans” (which I’m not even sure were actually human) is that their entire history depended upon our Earth repeating the destruction scenario!  In other words – if “WE” who are living here on Earth at this time did not make the very same mistakes that they did – and somehow tried to avoid them so that they did not happen – then the entire History of these reptilian type beings would never occur – and worse than that – their “time-line” would cease to exist.

Some of Earth’s Military (as insane as many of them are) did not want to repeat the destruction scenario.  With this I whole-heartedly agree. However, a huge amount of Secret Society members which included:

  • Freemasons
  • Illuminati
  • Jesuits
  • Luciferians
  • Satanists
  • Black Magicians
  • Rich Oligarchs and Elitists
  • Globalists
  • Etc…

…did want to repeat the destruction scenario for a variety of reasons.

They thought it was a “great” idea to allow the Destruction Scenario to occur.  You see for over a century they have been trying to figure out just how to cull a huge amount of people off of the Earth and to finally get rid of them.  When they could not get rid of enough of us through other means – the destruction scenario was thought to be just what they needed and wanted.

This is why they (STOLE) vast amounts of wealth from the people living here on Earth starting from the 1970’s and then funneled all of that stolen money (trillions and trillions of dollars) into the building of vast networks of underground cities and tunnels.

Everyone living on Earth suffered greatly due to this massive theft of  wealth and the redirecting of almost everything we produced underground just to save a few of the worst among us.

They built these bases, cities, and tunnels for themselves so that they could survive a world wide destruction while leaving everyone else on the surface to fend for themselves and most likely die.

These TUNNELS and CITIES (known as D.U.M.B.S.) are in the process of being removed and destroyed as we speak.

Please stop reading and view this EXTREMELY important 15 minute video clip for greater understanding of what you just read.



Because there were various military groups on BOTH SIDES of the issue – it was seen that the outcome of whether Earth would experience TIME LINE ONE or shift over and experience TIME LINE TWO was never really assured. 

This was not acceptable to the ORION GROUP or to any of the other Off Worlders who were desperate to see this happen!

So in order to place their foot on the scale so to speak and to very literally FORCE our Earth into the destruction scenario – all of the groups that had the technology to do so, started using “time-travel” to go back in time in order to change Earth’s past just so that it would be far more likely to choose one path over the other – and the path they wanted Earth’s leaders to choose was Earth’s destruction!

The ORION GROUP (a group of nasty renegade reptilians) used their ships and their technologies to time-travel constantly to various places and times into Earth’s past, and to bribe, con, deceive, and enlist the help of as many weak and corrupt humans from the past that were willing and able to help them.

Thus began a real and very vicious “tug of war” for Earth’s future.

Because they had the ability to time travel as far back as 7,000 years or more into our past to do their dirty work – and could just as quickly come back into the future (all in the same day) – they could easily review the results of what they had just done to see if it had worked!

This was Time/Space manipulation on a MASSIVE SCALE – and we who were living here on the Earth meant NOTHING to them.  Any and all suffering that we might endure as a result of what they were doing and the massive manipulation they were engaged in was meaningless to these monsters who very literally deserve to be wiped from all existence for eternity.

Their tactics were relentless, and they went back in time again and again and again – tweaking what they were doing – buying off and bribing new people, enlisting the help of even more wicked people, and killing off any of those who were not in agreement with them – so that they were able to have a very real and over-riding affect upon the PRESENT TIME that we are all living in within a short period of time.

I know this is very difficult to wrap your head around. But you’ve got to try.  Our real “history” is not what we think it was.  What we see and “remember” as our history is nothing but a giant “cheat” or a “con” that was literally directed by outside forces according to a script so they could get a desired result. 


This is why it “appeared” to all of us (especially in the time from about 1970 to 2020) that everything was changing toward the DARK and toward the SATANIC insanely quickly from our point of view. 

It was happening so very fast, that we could not imagine how it was being done or even where these “changes” were coming from.

But the truth of the matter is that these TIME TRAVELERS were creating a “designer future” – one of their making that would PROVOKE the very people living in this time to cause the Destruction Scenario to occur – just so that their own history and time line could be justified.

Through setting up world wide Secret Societies in our past – the ORION GROUP were using our own people against us and guiding the weakest and most useless among us through time toward the Satanic and the Dark.



Even though their Time Travel Operations were working to some extent to change Earth’s trajectory onto Time Line Two – their very biggest problem was all of the really good and decent people who were willing and courageous enough to DO THE RIGHT THING no matter what they were offered, and no matter what was happening around them on Earth. 

It was these good people who presented the biggest problem to the ORION GROUP.

Since these rouge monsters were going to let nothing stand in their way – they decided that every civilian man, woman, or child on Earth that could have an effect on their operations here was an ENEMY – and was someone they could use any type of weapon or operation on. 

In other words – these good men and women were being deliberately and out right ATTACKED by outsiders just for living on their own planet and simply trying to BE who they were created to be.

To achieve this horror – the ORION GROUP enlisted the help of the most corrupt among us – who were working in the Government, in the Military, with the Freemasons, the Police, the Agencies, and the Medical Professions, etc – in order to viciously attack innocent people who had never done a single thing wrong in their lives.

They decided to use very advanced technologies and weapons in order not to get caught.

They needed to attack these people because these were seen as such high level souls ones who would work tirelessly to put a stop to this takeover at any cost – and so these souls were simply labeled by the Off Worlder’s as enemies of their Time Line War.

This is where the idea of SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS actually came from.   This particular operation was very naturally also a Time Travel Operation when it was finally seen as necessary by the Rogue Aliens.  Advanced methods, information, and technologies were once again time traveled back from the future and given to the most arrogant and disgusting humans alive in the 1950’s.

A certain document laid out plans to use HIDDEN WEAPONS AND TACTICS on innocent and loving American Civilians who at any cost should not and must not be able to identify where these attacks were coming from.  These attacks were a literal “Declaration of War” on their very lives and souls in order to remove their potential effect on Earths trajectory into a positive future!

It was under scored to those who were doing this insane operation that to expose what they were doing or this treachery to anyone would be the end of the operation – and so all of people involved had to keep it secret at all costs.

Click on the link Below:


The ORION GROUP, THE DRACO, and the J-RODS had to use extreme caution here.  They had to do this particular operation in a very hidden and underhanded way! 


The reason for this extreme secrecy is that what they were now doing was an EXTREME CHEAT according to the Cosmic Rule Book.  The reason that it was a cheat was that the evolution of a planet and its people had to happen without interference – and any outcome for the planet had to be a result of an honest tally of what all of the people on Earth wanted, and had to be the result of their FREEWILL CHOICES AND ACTIONS.

By literally attacking and taking out the most LOVING SOULS on the Earth – these rogues were removing a huge percentage of the positive people from the tally of humanities FREE WILL CHOICE in selecting and creating its own direction and its own trajectory.


These rogues were very literally going against the WILL OF GOD – and going against the way that HE designed the GAME to be played out. 

These Regressive Orion’s knew this – and therefore they made every single effort to HIDE what they were doing from everyone – even going so far as to hide what they were doing from much higher level beings on the 5th and 6th dimensional levels!

See short video clip below:

They were not only hiding their attack on innocent souls from the other good people living on Earth so that no one would know what was happening – but they were trying to HIDE what they were doing from all of the higher level beings who were responsible to watch the Earth for just this kind of cheat and manipulation.  These rogues had gone “all in”  – and were now GUILTY of going against the highest laws of GOD.

This kind of operation on Earth was the final “F – U” to GOD HIMSELFin that these rogue monsters and their Illuminati Earth Allies (who had given their loyalty to Satan) were going to either shift Earth to the Destruction time-line scenario or GO TO HELL TRYING.

These rogue aliens however – in order to not have to take the biggest brunt of what they knew was extremely heavy KARMIC PUNISHMENT for the type of COSMIC CRIME  they were attempting – enlisted the help of many Agencies and Agents of the world – basically stupid men and women who loved to be “spies” and could be directed to work in “absolute secrecy” taking hidden action against anyone for money – and thus could be counted on for doing most of the horrible harm – leaving the ORIONS themselves somewhat clean. 

They also enlisted the help of countless middle ranking Military Personnel world wide who they knew could be “ordered” to do these horrible and sadistic things and could not say no.  They KNEW that these types of actions were now in violation of the HIGHEST LAWS OF CREATION and did not want their own hands dirty.

It was their extreme desperation that compelled them to make an attempt to RIG THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME.

In the present time we are living in – it is these very innocent people who became the TARGETED INDIVIDUALS.  These people were seen (as a result of time travel) to be standing in the way of the regressive aliens who were now fully working with the Dark Side of the US and other Worlds Militaries in attempting to PROVOKE the Destruction Scenario.

Therefore, millions of good, honest, and decent men and women were tormented, tortured, and killed world wide, while many others lives were ruined, bankrupted, and set up or framed (by these agents) so that they would get put into jail for crimes they really had nothing to do with in order to get them out of the way and keep them from making positive choices.


The absolute sickest thing is that these people were being “targeted” by their own Governments and the own Militaries and their own Police!

Please watch this short video clip between Alex Collier and Michael Salla to found out how the “Leaders” of the ORION GROUP were finally caught – and how it took not only 5th, but also 6th Dimensional Beings working in together in a vast operation with 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensional Star Fleets to finally put a stop to their massive Time Travel Operation here on Earth.


This was and is a Massive Victory for us!  This is why we are now moving in the FINAL MOVES OF THE GAME – and why the rest is basically a MOP UP OPERATION.

Stay “tuned” for my next article, which will cover extensively the absolute evil that was done to TARGETED INDIVIDUALS through the use of Time Travel – and how Earth’s Governments, Militaries, Agents and Agencies, as well as Sheriffs and Police were all enlisted in committing serious COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES against innocent souls living here on Earth. 

Many of these TARGETS were treated just as badly as the children in the underground, and should never be forgotten or ignored just because they are adults.

All my love…


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