By: Bradley Loves

Kudo’s to David Icke and his great insight into this phenomena called: Global Warming.

However…, it is my opinion that he is missing just one thing!  He is NOT THINKING like a psychopath!  Nor, is he thinking like a DARK MAGICIAN.

I’ve written over and over again about WORD MAGIC (Whirr’d Magik) and how “spinning” the meaning of words is a favorite trick and pastime of the DARK ILLUMINATI and most especially of the higher echelon of DARK MAGICIANS!

He has missed something and it is this:

Global “WAR”-ming!

Everything (all of our current day problems are being blamed on Global WAR-ming…, and because of the “meaning” of the whirr’ds…, the Dark Magicians are not lying!

Part of the Magik they use is to create what they want…, by telling EXACTLY what they are doing…, and telling us EXACTLY HOW…, and then claiming that “WE” mis-understood them!

From their twisted point of view – THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH!

You see…, THAT is not their fault!    WE MISUNDERSTOOD!   WE ASSUMED THAT WE KNEW WHAT THEY MEANT when they said Global WAR ming

They are blaming all of the world’s problems on exactly the very reason (in truth) that all the problems ARE HAPPENING!

Global “WAR”ming!

Meaning…, all of the Dark’s machinations of GLOBAL DOMINATION and the problems that are arising out of that are a result of THEIR ONGOING “WAR” AROUND THE GLOBE………..i.e.

Global  “WAR”- ming.    I know this sounds too simple…, and sounds ridiculous at first…, but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND just how magic works…, and how “SPELLS” are created and are allowed!

It is all about SLIGHT OF HAND…, mis-direction, and deception!   But they still NEED OUR CONSENT!


How can they get that consent?   Convince everyone that Global “WAR”-ming is a fact.

They do this backwards! (INVERSELY) as all magicians do!

  1. They create what they want first!
  2. Then they TELL EVERYONE that they created it!
  3. The final step is getting the public to BELIEVE AND ACCEPT that the spell they have now cast is really indeed necessary and is happening.

What we are seeing with everyone BLAMING everything on Global WAR-ming…, is an on -going MAGIK SPELL (DARK MAGIC) that is necessary to complete their agenda!

Please watch David’s video knowing that this is how the SPELL takes place!

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