By: Bradley Loves

There is a real battle going on as we speak!

A WAR is being waged upon humanity in such a way that many would never believe it if told the true particulars.

The battle is being fought on a level that you can’t even see!

The PLAYERS are Archons, Demons, Discarnate and Out of Body entities who have been coerced and forced into attacking humanity on the subtle levels of the Astral and Mental planes of creation.

The “ring-leaders” of this on going coercion are:

Secret Society Members, Black Magicians, Satan Worshipers, and Other Dimensional Beings who are not from Earth.

It is really hard for me to describe to you a place that is both unseen and hidden from your eyes…, yet still exists!

This place is inhabited by real beings…, who are working like “mercenaries” for the dark Cabal.

Let me repeat that…, these beings are “mercenaries” who are working for the dark Cabal!

Now…, think clearly about what we have learned about all of the wars that have happened on Earth in the past 20 years!

How does the Cabal conduct these wars?

Well, lets look at ISIS.

ISIS is a group of “hired” thugs…, “mercenaries” who are being paid by the Cabal to conduct a proxy WAR and to commit attacks and aggression upon innocent beings in order to cause maximum chaos and trauma in Syria, Iraq, and where ever else they are operating.

It is CLEAR that almost every WAR that the Cabal or “EMPIRE” has waged against WE THE PEOPLE…, and the Earth has involved using proxies and mercenaries.


The Cabal is made up of ILLUMINATI adepts who have unlimited access to Ancient Esoteric Knowledge!

Many of them are in fact BLACK MAGICIANS…, and know deeply the esoteric rites, rituals, and spells needed to conjure DEMONS, ARCHONS, and DARK FORCES!

Is it that hard to believe that IF these men and women who are as we speak USING proxy forces to maim and kill innocent human beings on the physical level…, they would not ALSO engage Demons, Archons, and Out of Body Entities to do WAR against innocent humanity on the unseen levels as well??

Especially if they had the power, the know how, and the ability to do so???

Think Bigger!

In the next few days (hopefully) I will be doing several installments of exactly HOW we are being attacked by unseen beings on the ASTRAL and MENTAL levels…, as a result of the Satanic/Luciferean Cabal creating a “mercenary” Demonic Force to weaken us just before they intend to declare a take over upon the surface humanity!

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