By: Bradley Loves

Once more…, this so-called “DISCLOSURE” website…, has posted a Channeled Message which is absolute garbage (in my opinion), and is the second one for today.

This new message comes from the very same lady who brought the entire world the CONTAINMENT meme…, a fake meme which said that every evil or bad person on the surface of planet Earth had been placed into a bubble of CONTAINMENT…, and could therefore no longer do any harm to anyone!

(This included all of the Royals and the Satanists)

I wrote about this idea earlier…, an idea, that was PROVEN BY TIME to not only be a flawed idea…, but to be wholly and totally FALSE!

(Meaning…, it never took place!)

Why channels who carelessly through out such faulty predictions as “CONTAINMENT” … are still being given a podium to speak on…, seems very strange to me given the fact that most of the information that has been channeled by them has NEVER COME TO PASS!

My sincere recommendation for my readers is to simply discount this so called “Disclosure” website completely, and to realize that you will probably not get any real usable information here, since it does NOT in any way “discern” or sort through, what gets posted…, even though it “claims” on it’s front page, to be a TRUTH SITE.

Here is the link…, so that you can read for yourself (if you want to), what she has to say!  I am posting this link for educational purposes only…, as PROOF that these channelers can and do post many messages which are nothing more than pure FANTASY!

If you want me to re-post links to every channeled message she gave talking about CONTAINMENT…, I can…, since they all still exist and anyone can read them.


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  1. I’ll give this BS a miss!

  2. Esmeralda

    The lines are constantly being blurred so that people continue to be confused. Often times people don’t know what to believe anymore because the lie(s) are just too big to believe it.

    Here are some channelers from Ashtar On the Road and they talk about politics, pedophilia, and so forth. On the surface it seems like they are exposing truth or are they? All of it is ridiculous really but people eat it up. Because they want to believe there has to be some good in this world. I can’t blame or judge them so harshly. Everyone has their own personal journey and each one of us is waking up to the lies at our own pace. Unfortunately we can’t rush the process, but we can try to help them along the way. This particular website gets under my skin and you have to be deranged and suffer from some form of psychopathy to understand it and believe it. ?

    *These are the types of channeling messages they spread.

    • Barack Obama is a Faction 3 White Knight, a double agent, and the first and only American President to have a role as both Commander in Chief and within the ACIO organization, 38 levels above the President. As any past presidents knew of the existence of the ACIO, they were certainly never part of it; President Obama became a member of the ACIO when he was 18, because he was part of the Pegasus Project and went to Mars. [President Eisenhauer came closest to becoming a member of ACIO because he was in contact with Valiant Thor, who lived in the White House for 3+ years during Eisenhauer’s presidency; he also met directly with the Zeta Reticuli and the Pleiadians.]

    • President Obama was chosen to lead the people of the planet into the Golden Age of Nesara and is totally dedicated to this process, having been in training for 1,000 years of lifetimes for this mission. He also maintains his role as the 9th member of the Sirian Council of Nine who meet regularly on Sirius A.

    • President Obama is overlighted by El Morya who is on the 1st ray of excalibar blue. Archangel Michael, also on the first ray, is protector of the seat of power of the Planet Earth which resides in Washington, DC at the White House.

    • President Obama works closely with KOS who is in charge of the President’s security detail, and confers regularly with Ashtar, Sananda Kumara and St Germain.

    Bradley, Thanks for making a difference and loving mankind so much you want a better world for us all. Keep your chin up, your making a difference and we love you for it.

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