By: Bradley Loves


This is going to be HARD for most people to hear!   Not just hard…, but really hard.  However, no more beating around the bush!  It has to be said!

Never in the history of the Universe has there been a “device” that is more evil…, or more Satanic, than than the device called:  The Contract

Yes…, that’s right…, I said “DEVICE”.

It is a tool…, it is a “construction”…, and certainly not a part of COSMIC or NATURAL LAW!

Used in all business dealings,  and purported to be the “basis” upon which “agreements” are finalized…., it is ANYTHING BUT WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE.

The contract is a BINDING!

It is based in ANCIENT ESOTERIC MAGIC…, and nothing more.

Hear me…, all people who have ears to hear…, please read this and please LEARN.




The ONLY reason to have a “contract” in place in the business world, is for the benefit of any legal proceedings which may need to take place in the aftermath of non-performance.

Formulated specifically to work in conjunction with the fictional Admiralty law System of Earth’s Courts…, it is a completely “fictional tool” in the sense that it deals with what is known as JURIDIC PERSONS…, or persons that only exist ON PAPER.


Because NO form of “law” (small “l” please) can dare to presume to go against the LAW of the entire UNIVERSE which is GOD’S LAW!

(Are we learning anything yet?)

Not even the corrupt Illuminati is so bold as to say that their “law” (tiny “l” please) is higher than God’s LAW, so they created “fictions” on paper, which just like tokens on a game board…, involve themselves with their self created and very Earthly “law of fiction”.

It’s all pretend.

The “contract” therefore, is a record of specific “agreements” made between JURIDICAL PERSONS (all fictional) such as Corporations…, and are thusly used to make certain that all of the parties to the “agreement” perform…., and really only come into play (in court) when one or more of the parties in the agreement FAILS to perform.

Since the “contract” is a formal form MAGICAL BINDING…., (binding agreement…, where have you heard that before?) then under the “law of the sea” (magical law…, and the law of magicians) a punishment can be meeted out for NON PERFORMANCE of said “contract”.


Because the entire basis of the magical contract could not exist, and would not even be necessary, if the REAL POWER OF NATURAL LAW (the law that Mark Passio) talks about were not also in play at the same time.

Without NATURAL LAW or COSMIC LAW (the law that I talk about)…, then the completely evil idea of “contract” would not even exist or be necessary.

But…, the reason for the contract’s existence is for an entirely different reason than you think.

Here’s why!

PRIME CREATOR gave each and every eternal SOUL…., FREEWILL.

That gift of FREEWILL can NEVER under any circumstances be taken away (by anyone) for any reason.

And, at the highest level of the “cabal” or the “illuminati”…, this is a totally known fact.  They do not dispute it.

Therefore…, the only way to get around “trampling” all over another Living Human Beings FREEWILL, and not have to pay really huge consequences for doing so…, is to either con, trick, or coerce that other being into entering, or into “signing” a contract, which is a magical form of “self binding”.  And use that binding inside of a FICTIONALLY CREATED LEGAL SYSTEM…, which does has nothing to do with GOD.

The reason I call it a “self binding” is because YOU are participating willingly in the limiting and the binding yourself to another beings will by signing “contracts” or agreeing with them.


Inside of all contracts…, the being in question (One who is REAL…, and one who is fictional) supposedly gives “permission” for the other being to take away certain rights, choices, or to harm, abuse, or to do whatever is listed inside of the contract…, without suffering penalty.

And make no mistake about it…, this “penalty” that we are talking about is A COSMIC PENALTY.

So are we “clear” here?

The “penalty” that we are talking about (the penalty that the device of the contract is specifically designed to avoid) in this case, is a very REAL PENALTY that would come directly from PRIME CREATOR…HIM/HER/ITSELF.

And truthfully…, the only beings that are terrified of that penalty…, are those who are members of the DARK!

Beings of the LIGHT are never terrified of SOURCE because they would never…, (let me repeat) NEVER use such devices!!!!    (!)

You see…, Admirialty law (small “l” please) only deals in Corporate (l)aw.  It is the law of the sea…, and the law of FICTIONS.  That is the type of law that has been slowly “installed” here on the Earth over many centuries, and perhaps even millennium.

Real people…, or, real human beings, can never be even seen or heard inside of an Admiralty Courtroom…., only FICTIONS can be seen and heard, or (have a voice)…, This is something you NEED to know.

(Here is where the fictional ALL CAPS NAME is used as a complete CON…, and magically becomes the JURIDIC PERSON the moment you step into court.)

We’ve talked about this before!  And I’ve written many articles about it.

And those people who “call” themselves Spiritual would do well to study this in depth…, because they are living in the MIDDLE of the BIGGEST CON ever perpetrated upon mankind in the HISTORY of the UNIVERSE.

If you are a LIVING HUMAN BEING…., then you are not a fiction, and therefore can NEVER be either seen or heard inside any courtroom operating under Admiralty law…, which is every courtroom in the western world.

(Therefore…, you do not have a voice if you even show up inside their court)

“YOU” as a real human being are invisible, which is why the “judge” will never let you speak on your own behalf.  They literally pretend that you are not there.

The only “person” in the court, (legal person) is your ALL CAPS drivers license, which is the “person” that is being charged with the crime, under their fictional (l)aw.

Again…, it’s all pretend.

Now…, because you have “FREEWILL”…, you have every right to tell the judge to stuff it…, and say that you are not playing in their stupid fictional sand box!  PERIOD.

However…, first you’d better KNOW what the heck you are doing…, before you ever say such a thing!  LEARN! LEARN!  LEARN!

Stop listening to what you have been “told” by others…, especially “AUTHORITY”.

Spend about 12 months reading and learning.

So…, just to recap here…,  if you are not a fiction…, then you have total FREEWILL (under Natural Law) to do anything that does not “HARM” another living being, or HARM another living beings property…, which would effectively be trampling on THEIR FREEWILL.

That is the full extent of COSMIC LAW…, THE END.

Now…, in order for a very few old men (and their off world allies) to take over the entire world…, they needed for a way around COSMIC LAW or NATURAL LAW to be devised.

The device they came up with…, a totally unnatural device (put into place, to protect those who “INTEND” to do EVIL) is the CONTRACT.


Now…, there are literally countless CHANNELERS and CHANNELED ENTITIES who have made endless statements on the Internet by posting their crap on countless blogs saying that every human being who has ever come to Earth has “CONTRACTED” for certain things to happen to them here…, and yes, even “contracted” for some really horrendous things!

(As in the case of Ritual Child Sacrifice and Ritual Torture)



Because the ENTIRE purpose of the contract is to MAGICALLY BIND.

What is a contract once again? (to repeat)

It is a construction…, or a tool…, it is a device!


The only purpose of this device is to “legally” allow one being (here on Earth) to do things that would otherwise be prohibited under real REAL NATURAL LAW or COSMIC LAW.

It is a device which allows one being to (stupidly) hand over FREEWILL to another being (in writing and on record) so that any COSMIC CONSEQUENCES for the doing of that EVIL would then be supposedly “nullified”.



The “dark” knows this…, and therefore can not proceed to move against other beings without such a “device” or “tool” in place that protects them from the fallout of their actions!

So…, when you hear ANY channeled entity, anywhere, talking about how an unlimited and an ETERNAL SOUL “contracted” for this or that experience…, you have to realize how LUDICRIOUS and how IMPOSSIBLE that really is.



(Let’s repeat…, again until it sinks in….)

Because……, the “contract” is a limitation…, and it is a binding!

It is the opposite of FREEWILL!

SOURCE is perfectly unlimited…, and the only LAWS that HE/SHE has ever set down for us is NATURAL LAW or COSMIC LAW.


These LAWS (large “L” please) are the LAWS of the entire UNIVERSE and every living being ever created has to follow them.

So, if you are hearing certain “beings” who are broadcasting from the astral level and who are talking about “contracts”…, and how your “SOUL” has contracted for this and “contracted” for that….then you have to know that THEY ARE PART OF THE DARK!


I don’t care how loving…., or how convincing they sound!  They are NOT working for PRIME CREATOR!     PERIOD.   END OF STORY!   THE END!

The hapless men and women who channel these tricksters are being CONNED by them.

Feel sad for them…, pity them…, but please STOP LISTENING TO THEM.

Their “delusion” about this is quickly spreading across the entire Earth like a wildfire at this time…, and it is RUINING our Society.  That “teaching” is causing really good people to do nothing, and to allow EVIL to take place right in front of them.


Because every living being has FREEWILL…, that FREEWILL includes the right to change your mind!   This means specifically and exactly…., that you may at some time in your journey choose to do something…, but after choosing that…, and experiencing just a small, or tiny part of it…, you find that you really don’t want that!

So……, you CHANGE YOUR MIND!    (What a novel concept!!!!)

You have to be allowed to do this under FREEWILL…, you have to be able to change your mind about things at any moment in any time.  That is how SOULS learn!

The very moment that you decide that you don’t want something…, then the UNIVERSE immediately recognizes your new choice about that, and honors it!

CONTRACTS…, don’t honor a new choice!  Instead…, they insist that you stick with your old choice!


So, in the same way…, any being who might want to come to Earth for an experience…, but after getting here…, changes their MIND totally about all of it…, is just as honored by GOD, as those who don’t change their mind!


Contracts (as such) therefore…, and for this reason ALONE…, do not exist on the other side and can not possibly be “used” to create pre-incarnation agreements…,  and all printed stories to the contrary are completely false.

The way that the NEW AGE…., and all of these stupid channeled entities talk about “SOUL CONTRACTS”…, in their messages…, can’t possibly work inside the type of FREEWILL that was given to all of us by SOURCE.

The reason that it can’t work…., is in the sense that once you supposedly “contract” for something that is either good or bad, then the “contract” says you have to go through that, and can never change your mind.

THIS GOES DIRECTLY AGAINST FREEWILL which allows for change at any moment in any time…, for any reason what so ever!

This goes directly against all NATRUAL LAW and all COSMIC LAW!

That is why…, (be very careful here now…, and really get this part)…, that is why the entities who are sending these messages even USE THE WORD “contract” in the first place.

They use it as a “symbol”…, they use it as a secret “sign”…, just like an ILLUMINATI handshake of sorts.  They use that word so that those who deeply understand what a CONTRACT actually is…, will know right from the very start that they are lying.   At the very “best”…, these entities are testing you to see if you will “buy” their bullshit!

Why would they do this?  Why would they give you a CLUE that they are lying to you?

Because “THEY” do not want to get “punished” by PRIME CREATOR for telling these lies!  So they are placing cosmically impossible words inside of their messages…, so that those who are really aware, will KNOW that what they are saying can’t be the TRUTH.

As long as they do this…, they feel they are protecting themselves from consequences.

My brothers and sisters if you do nothing else…, please think on these things.

And for those who CARE…, please repost this message anywhere and everywhere you can!

All my love…


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