The only real purpose for a technology as sophisticated as the Quantum Internet would be for information Gathering!

Being able to “look through someone’s eyes” – or – “log into someone’s brain” – or – “read the actual thoughts that they were thinking in real time” – is first and foremost an information gathering system at its core.

Yet its potential AS A WEAPON is both indisputable and terrifying.  (We’ll discuss it’s use and abuse as a weapon in just a bit.)

THIS QUANTUM INTERNET SYSTEM – according to Austin Steinbart, has been under the control – until now – of the CIA and a group of ne’er-do-wells that he calls TEAM SATAN (which means that it has already been used an awful lot.)

And when Steinbart says “CIA” – I am certain that he is speaking about the “Global CIA” – not just the American version. This is the Global CIA that Ben Fulford keeps telling us has their massive new headquarters under Lake Geneva in Switzerland, which can only be reached by submarine or by teleportation!

This “now global” CIA – which Fulford calls the “OCTOGON GROUP” is the equivalent to the evil group known as HYDRA in the Hollywood Marvel Super-hero Movies.  So, this is who would have been using the Quantum Internet technology to “log into people’s brains” – probably for several decades or more already –  just to “see what they were thinking”.


As stated in Part Two of this brand new and explosive series – the will and the audacity to actually USE THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY on anyone and everyone – no matter who they were and no matter where they are located – had to come from someone who just did not “CARE” about anyone.  It had to come from someone who did not “CARE” about the American Constitution – or the BILL OF RIGHTS – or about Freedom or Privacy – or anything like that!

It would have to have been fully implemented by someone like Barack Obama!


Obama is “on record” as saying many times during his presidency that the “BILL OF RIGHTS” and the “American Constitution” – which by the way is the only “contract” that the Government actually has with WE THE PEOPLE living here in America- is both outdated and out-moded – and needs to be totally dismissed and gotten rid of.

Which is why he championed so many overseas  – TRADING CONTRACTS – which gave governing power to Corporations and took it all away from the people!

If that is the case – then WE THE PEOPLE have “no contract” at all with the Government – and thus the Government itself has NO REASON to exist.  It is fairly clear to see why President Donald Trump “dissolved” the USA Corporation – but left the Constitution and the Bill of Rights standing.


Andy Basiago – who was a child participant in PROJECT PEGASUS – which was a Time Travel and Quantum Access information gathering program being run by DARPA – started all the way back in the 1970’s.  Andy told me personally (as well as stating publicly on many videos) that his own father showed him actual “video recordings” of the signing of the Declaration of Independence – AND – of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ!

These recordings – which were real time recordings of actual events – could only have been gained by technology very similar to the QUANTUM INTERNET – and being described to us by Steinbart!  Andy called it “Chrono-vision” – but Andy also said that it was just one of eight different forms of QUANTUM ACCESS currently in use by DARPA.


Certain “Information Gathering” uses of the QUANTUM INTERNET – can be very useful, and can actually help us as a people alot in our quest for knowledge!  For instance – I am really sick and tired of people – even people in secret projects and programs – always telling us that Jesus Christ never existed!

He DID exist – and the Bible is quite correct in many things that it says about him – and DARPA actually has a video recording of his crucifixion and death (which by the way Andy – as a child participant in Project Pegasus – viewed).

More than that however – the country of India – has “records” in their own history – that Jesus spent at least 10 to 15 years of his young life studying at a Temple there in India called:  THE NACAAL TEMPLE

India has records in their own history that Jesus was a GENIUS – and went through a program that would take most people an entire life-time – in a mere 10 to 15 years! (See page 95 of the .pdf below)

Starting at page 90 of the .pdf file I’ve placed below – the Author of The Adam and Eve Story – a Dr. Chan Thomas – tells us how he stumbled onto this information – and how he CONFIRMED beyond all doubt that Jesus – while dying on the cross – spoke an Ancient Language which no one who was there at the time could even understand.  It was actually ANCIENT MAYAN a language that Jesus should NOT have known, or been able to speak.

MJ-12 which has been dumping informational Books and Videos at an alarming and amazing rate onto their Telegram Account located here:

Dropped this book called: THE ADAM AND EVE STORY – which contains some amazing information on Jesus Christ!

The Adam and Eve Story

So “Steinbart” is very correct when he tells us in his QUANTUM INTERNET video (See Part Two) that this technology is already being used – and sadly it has gotten into the hands of TEAM SATAN – and something he calls – THE ROYAL DEATH RACQUET.

Steinbart (who is also being hounded by the Police) has spent quite a bit of time in JailIsn’t it interesting that the only people who seem to be “going to jail” these days are people who are: TELLING THE TRUTH!






Well, that depends!

It depends on WHICH Level of Reality you are playing from!   Meaning, which LEVEL your intention is operating from in the GOD GAME THAT WE ARE ALL INVOLVED IN.

See this “snapshot” taken from Part One



As we all know – here on Earth – the NSA is an “Information Gathering Agency” – and so this agency is involved in using vast technologies to spy on – and to learn EVERYTHING that they can about – everyone and learn exactly what they are thinking, saying and doing.   (Add in Facebook, Twitter, Insta-gram, and all other Social Networks)

In their defense, so is the CIA, MOSSAD, MI-6, the KGB, and many other agencies (Including Five-Eyes)

Now, if you are just willing to MOVE UPWARD a single level – you’ve got DARPA, the SPACE FORCE – the OCTOGON GROUP – and the ILLUMINATI – all of whom are using the QUANTUM INTERNET – aka QUANTUM ACCESS TOOLS to actually look through your eyes and log into your brain – in order to know EVEN MORE CLEARLY what you are thinking, saying, and doing – at any time in your life, past, present AND future.

(Pretty scary stuff)

These people (bratty little kids) really think that they are getting away with murder while living here on Earth and getting their huge paychecks – and that no one anywhere can see what they are doing, or stop them, and NO ONE can punish them for what they are doing to the rest of us.


Just move up another level – and now you’ve got ET’s and other Dimensional Races (the Cosmic Police) who are also gathering INFORMATION!  They are logging into the brains and the minds of the very people using equipment to log into the brains and the minds of the people living here on Earth. They are watching to see just who seriously abuses this technology and uses it to re-write thoughts, images, and feelings into a FREEWILL SOULS mind, in order to destroy the life of the soul!

In other words – these BLK’s (bratty little kids) who are doing the spying – are themselves BEING SPIED ON – from HIGHER UP!

This is being done so that THEY – the bratty little kids – can be SEVERELY PUNISHED – once they leave this life-time/life stream and they dare to enter into the HIGHER REALMS.


Because they “broke” GODS COSMIC LAWS – and they are GUILTY of trespassing against another living beings – GOD GIVEN FREEWILL.

There are countless people living on Earth who have been “labeled” as TERRORISTS by Barack Insane Obama – only so that their entire lives could be messed with and destroyed by the Bratty Little Kids!  Their crime?


Which just happens to EXPOSE evil, and those people who DO evil.  Guess what?  GOD approves of that!

Now, move up yet another Level from the Higher ET’s – and the Higher Dimensional Beings – and you now get into the HEAVENLY REALMS and the THRONE OF GOD – AMBASSADORS AND WITNESSES!

These ones are ALSO“Information Gatherers” – and are HERE at the request of the GREAT CREATOR!

These ones have a “Get off of Earth Free Card” and will be taken – when they pass from the Earth – directly to GODS THRONE – so that they can point fingers and name names.

In other words – any sort of comprehensive information gathering that can be done BY THE ROYAL DEATH RACQUET here on Earth – can be done back to them by OTHERS FROM HIGHER UP.

(What you do to OTHERS can be done to YOU)

This also means that those who have been using the QUANTUM INTERNET – to write deviant and evil thoughts directly into the minds and the brains of innocent TARGETS – innocent men like Bryan Alexander – and THIS VERY AUTHOR – are going to pay for their crimes in ways they have never imagined.

In other words:


They can only wish they will burn for eternity in HELL.

I’ve said it many times here on this very blog – and it is really true – THERE ARE FAR WORSE THINGS THAN DEATH.

A quick bit of advice – TAKE THE DRAW – You’ve already lost – you just don’t know it yet!




Stay tuned for Part Four…

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