By: Bradley Loves


You have been conned!  You have been had!

There is no other way to put it.  At one time.., I also “thought” that those who were in positions of “authority” were working in our favor.

Boy…, was I wrong!

I’m not a million miles ahead of anyone here…, only a few miles ahead…, but the difference is that I don’t sugar coat or candy coat…, what is really happening.

I refuse to take up the mantle for apologizing for what was done…, and for what IS STILL being done in “our” NAMES.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH (at least in the last 150 years) is 100 percent totally AT FAULT…, and knows what it has done.  The fact that they have neither admitted, nor corrected what they are doing, tells us all they have no intention to do ANYTHING diffierently.

Judge Anna Von Reitz sums it up fairly well in this straight forward post called: Re-flagging Yours Vessels


If you read what she has written carefully…, what you will discover is that everything that you have ever been told about the way life (and Business) works…, has been a deliberate CON!

It was done to defraud you right from the beginning!


There are many people in the world who DO KNOW this is happening and have NEVER said a word to anyone to try to help or correct them,

I’m appalled and ashamed of the human beings who have “knowingly” taken part in this deliberate con.

Most of them have simply done this for “money” or a “paycheck”.

As I am a “witness” for PRIME CREATOR…, every single thing that every human being has ever said, thought, and done…, is being recorded in the higher records which can never be erased, amended or changed…, and I will be using those records to show our CREATOR exactly WHO willingly participated in this monumental con against their brothers and sisters.

Remember that where GOD is concerned…, there are NO SECRETS!

No one “gets away” with anything!

This is fair warning to those men and women who operate daily inside of  “GOVERNMENT” offices and institutions and choose to continue to perpetrate this monumental CON.

You may “think” that your actions have gone unnoticed!


I’ve seen what has gone on here…, and I’ve seen exactly how you’ve operated.

The names of the players are easy to retrieve…, and all that they’ve done to hurt others in thought, word, and deed, has been recorded.

No secret meeting behind closed doors has ever gone un-recorded.

How interesting do you think it will be for you when the shoe is on the other foot?

What do you think happens when you’ve left your physical body and you no longer have the “protection” of great evil in the form of corrupt bankers, police, judges, and lawyers??

Do you imagine that you don’t continue?

Do you imagine that everything you’ve done is forgotten?

Do you imagine that every single action (in thought, word, and deed) does not come with a very REAL “COST”??

Who do you suppose PAYS THE BILL??

What kind of “credit card” do you think you can pull out of your pocket on the “other side” of this veil…, on the Multi-Dimensional levels (where you are certain to go) that will ERASE the “cost” of your personal actions??


(Someone who has been gravely hurt or damaged by your actions)

No man on Earth can forgive or take away the scars or the pain that you have “inflicted” upon other men and women except the men and women that you’ve damaged!

There is NO PRIEST…, or CHURCH that can ever “grant” you forgiveness for what you have done to someone else…, without YOUR GOING TO THAT VERY PERSON YOU’VE HARMED AND GETTING FORGIVENESS FROM THEM PERSONALLY!

To think otherwise is a FOLLY of stupidity!

By your actions…, you’ve caused the damage…, and YOU PERSONALLY are thusly required to PAY THE DEBT and PAY THE COST!

No man in a “dress” and wearing a funny “hat” can grant you that forgiveness…, and NO AMOUNT OF MONEY GIVEN TO THE CHURCH will make up for crimes you’ve done to others!

ONLY THEY (The ones you’ve hurt) CAN GIVE YOU THAT FORGIVENESS…, and it is their “choice” to do so or NOT.

More will be coming…..








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  1. Crimes against humanity by those Satanists.are horrific to put it mildly..
    But one wanting to get revenge from those people by your own hands I dont think is wise idea at all.
    They will receive their punishment one day.. the day they die..
    They dont believe there is God, they dont believe nothing exsists besides this 3D world.( Thats why they are afraid of death, thats why they want to prolong life as much as possible, thats why they want to get human conscious implanted inside a machine so they could life “forever”.. etc..) Boy, they will be surprised to see whats waiting for them on the other side..

    So, letting yourself to be revengeful and hateful,, is not doing good for you.
    Let Jesus take all those heavy feelings away from you, and believe me Jesus CAN take our sins away!
    And let God be the judge, its not our job. Nobody can escape the Judgement Day.

    And no, Iam not saying we must not do nothing to oppose evil. We should oppose evil every day.. But the best way to do it is to pray with Jesus, pray with God. or use non consent clauses.

    I acknowledge the work of Christ, he came to our world to defeat Satan. and He did that.
    Now Satan can only lie and cheat us that he still could ” win”.. No he cant.
    Already God has won,

    We have Jesus Christ, who can take our sins away if we ask Him to do that
    So, yes its possible to be forgiven without us personally asking forgiveness from those we hurt.ofcourse Its wonderful if you do But the best way is through Jesus.

  2. megan reid

    Spot on Bradley! The evil ones are very clever though, they get their lackies to actually commit crimes under their orders because they know that the “Karma” will fall on the one who committed the crime and not them! That is why they have gotten away with so much for so long! These scumbags think that by saying he/she made me do it lets them off scot free, boy are they in for a BIG SHOCK! They are cowards at heart, ever seen one of them engage in their beloved wars? Not on your life, they just order everyone else around, because there are plenty more fools in line to take their place.

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