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From Federal Agent Robert Corona: “There’s a national emergency going on. That’s what your viewers need to know. This emergency is this weaponization of our departments; DOJ, FBI, IRS, as we saw, that was also weaponized to attack people from the Tea Party, has been going on by the former administration…The wrong people were at the helm and that’s what caused this this debacle.”

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I want you to hear— really hear— those words “weaponization of our departments”.

This is what we addressed in our 2014 General Civil Orders issued to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Obama and his cronies were planning to rip open up this entire continent and embroil our country in a commercial mercenary war using “weaponized” federal agency subcontractors to do the dirty work—and all acting under Color of Law.

This is fully documented fact. We caught on to it in 2008 and tracked it until the crisis point six years later in 2014, when we issued a series of General Civil Orders.

This is a quote from the June 23, 2014 Order:

“If Mr. Obama acts upon his publicly stated evil intentions offered toward The United States of America (Major) even after he has been presented with the first two General Civil Orders and has been clearly advised of the consequences of precipitating by any means an armed conflict between federal agency employees and American State Citizens, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Commanding Generals of The Grand Army of the Republic are authorized to proceed to the Municipality of Washington in the District of Columbia and place Mr. Obama and the members of his Cabinet under arrest and thence to transport them to Fort Belvoir on the Potomac to await trial.

These Orders are to be executed if the Obama Administration attempts in any way to physically obstruct the seizure of federal agency arms stockpiles or to otherwise prevent the peaceful disarmament of federal agency personnel.

All federal agency personnel affected by disarmament are to be freely informed of the reasons for it, and no presumption of disloyalty or incompetence on the part of any individual federal civilian employee is implied by the confiscation of guns and other armaments of war and their removal from American State soil.

This is simply a security measure that must be enforced. We cannot allow the potential abuse of federal agencies armed with billions of rounds of ammunition on our soil, however they may operate “as” or under the guise of being governmental services agencies.”

We took action to thwart the Obama Administration’s plan to use the agencies as unwitting commercial mercenary troops in a literal war against the American People four years ago–and this is just now coming out of the closet into the clear light of day.

These “weaponized federal agencies” —including the IRS, FEMA, BATF, DHS, BLM, FBI, and other Alphabet Soup agencies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States —were to act under the cloak of governmental authority to displace, murder, and relocate millions of Americans in a “resettlement” similar to what the English did to the Irish population in the mid-1800’s, or, more aptly, considering the large number of guillotines ordered and distributed around this country and the millions of body bags and coffins stockpiled— like the Nazis did to their Priority Creditors, the Jews, during World War II.

We were alerted by railroad workers in Georgia who discovered a very large shipment of guillotines and then repeatedly tipped off by FEMA workers who were rightly alarmed by the massive stockpiling of coffins and body bags.

At the end of the day, enough workers within the “Federal Government” woke up to what all this implied and the Electoral College made the halcyon decision to elect Donald Trump, who won’t allow that nightmare to happen.

Hillary Clinton would have.

The rotten school system and educational theorists have left two generations of Americans intellectually and emotionally unprepared to deal with reality — a deficit that must be rapidly repaired. Whining has to give way to self-discipline.

Feeling sorry for oneself has to change into compassion for others. Hopelessness has to change into taking charge. And inaction has to transform into organized, purposeful, and determined action to eradicate “victim theology” from our schools, our churches, and our whole way of life.

This fracturing of humanity into separate groups according to color and sex and religion and every other difference the vermin can exploit, and all the labeling and prejudice that goes with it, has got to end. The Evil has to be recognized for what it is.

And we all need to put our feet down and shove.

The criminality of what the political party leadership and the banking interests and the defense contractors had planned for us speaks for itself. They planned the murder of millions of innocent Americans simply because they didn’t want to pay their debts to those same Americans.

When I was a little kid and I would fall down and scrape my knee, my Grandmother would cluck and say, “Come here, I’ll pick you up!” Later on, as a teenager I would get dissatisfied with my lot, and my Mother would snort and say, “Self pity stinks!” And so it does.

It’s time to show people what underlies all this nicey-nice “political correctness” — cattle cars fitted with manacles and crates full of guillotines and warehouses full of body bags and coffins.

If you want to speak up against something, speak up against that.


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