However, what we will be seeing is a huge barrage of “EVERYTHING ET” that has been hidden and locked away for 100 years – in order to distract us all from the epic crimes of the Deep State (and the world’s Militaries/D.A.R.P.A.) while these monumental crimes are all swept under the rug and erased!

What we have begun to see in the Alternative Media and (surprise of all surprises) even in the Main Stream Media, is just the very beginning of the barrage which is going to ramp up to unheard of proportions. 

We are going to be “SWAMPED” (word used quite deliberately) with countless ET subjects and ideas over the coming weeks and months and years – BUT…


The EPIC CRIMES of the World Bankers, the Agencies and Agents, the World’s Militaries, the Governments, the Lawyers, the Judges, the Courts, and especially the Main Stream Media (against We the People) are NOT going to be talked about at all.


The fact that a BIRTH CERTIFICATE was used by criminal bankers to enslave human beings on paper and that ALL MAJOR CORPORATIONS WORLD WIDE (as well as millions of elite human beings) who all knew about this and were in on the scheme to enslave innocent human beings (and to literally STEAL from them daily) will not be talked about.

The horrible and terrible second fact that millions of innocent human beings world wide were TARGETED with super advanced technology and hidden frequency weaponry and thus had their entire lives (sometimes for decades) RUINED by cold hearted Agents and Agencies that were connected to the Banks, the Military, the ruling Elite, and even to the Vatican – will NOT be covered or talked about at this time.

So let me ask you this – what conclusion would any intelligent mind (one that can still think) come to?

The only logical conclusion to draw would be that “ET DISCLOSURE” is going to be used as the biggest distraction (read Magic Trick) that the world has ever been exposed to (since Covid-19) in order to HIDE, COVER UP, ERASE, and OVER LOOK all of the EPIC and UNFORGIVABLE CRIMES of countless evil human beings working inside of and with the Government, the Military, the Legal Profession, the Courts, the Clergy, the Education System, the Agencies, Law Enforcement, the Medical Industry and lastly all Major Corporations world wide.

The Testimony of David Grusch is a good example:

Furthermore – the visible FACT that the Federal Government has now changed the name of UFO’s to UAP’s is prime evidence that they are desperate to cover up the fact that they DENIED FOR DECADES the existence of UFO’s and thus hid what they knew from We the People.

By changing the name of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) to a UAP (Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon) it allows the Federal Government (and all of it’s evil contractors) to claim that they never denied the existence of UAP’s (ever) and so they have always been truthful and forthcoming with the public.

Thus all of the blow-back and the fallout of their decades long denial of UFO’s will somehow (legally) be washed away like magic in something as simple as a WORD GAME.

So riddle me this:

If they are STILL playing word games with the public – what are the odds that all of this is not just another huge SCAM – and that the real truth is far from ever being told or revealed?

The latest “revelation” (covered by the Main Stream Media no less) is two tiny (long dead) ET’s which look almost exactly like the alien being that was the star of the movie ET written and directed by Steven Spielberg.

You honestly can’t make this stuff up!

Spielberg is a huge pedophile and one of the Globalist Elites with ties to Hillary Clinton among many others.


They may as well have put THIS VIDEO on the news instead:

I’m not kidding.  Who in their right mind is even listening to these MORONS any longer?  Could it be that the ALIEN INVASION (Project Blue Beam) we’ve all been warned about has been shelved for now and the only “invasion” we are going to see any time soon is on the television with heavily crafted (read magic) video segments of non-aliens who look like cute little dolls that everyone will love?

Don’t even come to me and tell me to cut them some slack!  I (for one) am so over the lies and the deceit.  Not one more day, not one more moment, not one more LIE!  I’m done with it.

To the CABAL – go peddle your lies someplace else.  We the People do not want to hear it.

And to the rest of the people living on Earth – WAKE UP ALREADY!

All my love



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