How many people was Barack Hussein Obama spying on really?  According to Dan Bongino…, the numbers could be huge!

John Brennan was a hatchet man put at the CIA only to dig dirt and create phony dossiers against all political opponents and rivals!

Now.., knowing what I personally know about Bath-house Barry Soetoro and his secret participation in both  TELEPORTATION and TIME TRAVEL as a young man…, it is “highly likely” that he was also using Quantum Access programs (SAP’s) to “spy” into the future as well!

This is most likely why I (as a conservative writer) was so heavily under attack long before I even started writing!

And…, just like the dirty (FAKE) dossier that they created about Donald Trump…, they most likely created a FAKE dossier for a lot of innocent people they did not like – (including yours truly) and used these FAKE intelligence documents to gain warrants from the FISA courts to SPY on hundreds and hundreds of Americans!

Donald Trump being the last (but most powerful) one they did it to…, and because he fought back…, he uncovered the ENTIRE SICK CRIMINAL OPERATION!




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