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You may think I am joking or just plain crazy, but the title of this post is absolutely true nonetheless.  I am going to show you two videos that will prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that not only are they doing this to all of us, but you will also learn HOW they are doing this.

Advanced Technology that is hidden, has been specifically designed to torment and to eventually kill human beings who have no way to fight back!

They are not using tanks, bombs, or missiles – bullets, guns or knives – nor even clubs, pitchforks, or hammers…, but instead they are using frequencies, magnetic waves, and energies that we cannot see but are still very real nonetheless! 

These waves, energies, and fields (if messed with) can actually kill us.

Even though these things that I mentioned above are invisible – they still can affect every part of our lives and our health in ways that cannot be denied and that we actually depend on to live!

This makes these people murderers and criminals – and they are working for and in the United States Government as we speak!  They are working for and in the Dark Side of the United States Military.

Once you see these videos (and understand them) – you will not be able to say that they are not doing this. 

You will not be able to defend these people any longer!  You will not be able to turn your head away or even give them the benefit of the doubt.  You will see very clearly that this stuff is real, and that they already have this technology as we speak!

What you are about to see in these two videos (and you will hear it from their own mouths) is that they are in fact already doing this, planning this, and designing this!

I can testify for certain that they are actually using this technology on huge numbers of people including myself.  The people being affected are not military targets in other countries, but are American civilians living inside of America.

The first video is from Manly P. Hall and is all about MAGNETICS/MAGNETISM and how vitally important magnetic energy is to our lives, our bodies, and our over-all health. 

To use any kind of technology to disrupt this energy is to turn that technology into an actual WEAPON.

Now that you’ve seen this first video – please watch what they are doing with Magnetism and Magnetic Fields with respect to your mind and brain!

Many innocent Americans are waiting for Justice!  Some Americans (like myself) have been under this kind/type of attack for over 40 years!  This means that it was being used on us first!  We were the “beta-test” subjects.

Sadly, we may never get any actual justice here in America.  America (for the most part) is completely broken!  Many of the people working in the Agencies (FBI) and in the Justice Department at this time are themselves criminals, and so they turn a blind eye to injustice whenever they see it. 

David Straight has already told us that the Courts (yes the Courts) are involved in child trafficking along with CPS and the Medical Establishment.


So the Courts are ignoring real crimes, while they work hard to create fake crimes against innocent people (like we all saw in the January 6th fiasco!)

The Military and the Government are fully aware of the massive amount of technology that is being used here in America and they have been briefed on it.  At the same time many people in the Congress and in the Intel Agencies are aware that this technology exists and have also been briefed on it.

Yet this technology is still being used on countless American civilians (not on military people in other countries during a war).

This is a huge problem.

But this problem will never get solved by any Government Agency because they LOVE using this technology. 

They love the idea of being able to attack anyone they don’t like at any time with the push of a button.  This problem will also never get solved by the military, because they were the ones that developed it in the first place (as a weapon) and so they will never give it up even if it is being used on millions of innocent people.

Only the people of America can solve this problem!  And if they don’t solve it, then it will most certainly be used on them, their children, and their grandchildren in the near future!  And that near future is coming much sooner than you may think!

I have written about this before, and few people listened.  Now, matters are worse!  The actual deployment of this technology is not slowing down, but is instead speeding up!  There is a limited amount of time to act!

I first wrote about this massive problem right here eight years ago, and few (if any) paid attention:


I then wrote about this massive problem a second time just over a year ago and once again, too few paid any attention:


These people are working at breakneck speed to roll out as much of this MIND CONTROL, MIND ALTERING, and KILLING TECHNOLOGY as they can.  They are actively advancing an agenda (not only against Americans) – but against the entire human race.

Who has the courage to do something about this?

I pray that the “WHITE HATS” will see this post and do something about this – and ALSO help those who are being very adversely affected by it.

Finally and thankfully, there is a Great Creator and a Cosmic Justice System (that has nothing to do with Earth’s massively corrupt justice system).  This Cosmic Justice System will sweep up every single perpe-traitor that were dumb enough to use this technology (to attack innocent people) in a massive Cosmic Clean Up campaign that will rid the entire Universe of sick souls that really need to just end. 

These souls will be placed either into Cosmic Prison (after they die…,) or something much worse than that.  That is a guarantee.

Please consider taking the smallest action you can and share and re-post this article far and wide so that everyone can be aware of the dangers of this technology.

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