Once certain criminal groups get in bed together – it is almost impossible to pull them out of their orgies of crime long enough to get justice!

This article is basically a WTF article that is meant to take a close look at all of the criminal exposures that are taking place on certain Media Platforms (like Telegram and soon Truth Social) – while certain other heinous crimes that were and are STILL BEING DONE onto innocent Americans and Civilians all around the world – goes completely uncovered, unnoticed, and unreported!


It is an absolute mystery to me why so many TARGETED INDIVIDUALS are still living lives of suffering, desperation, and torment when “The White Hats” – if there even is such a group – are so incredibly busy taking out Deep Underground Bases and supposedly saving huge numbers of Children from them.


Besides running this Truth Blog, I also run a parallel Telegram Channel (click on big blue button below) and as a result of that Channel, I am very aware of and am a personal witness to the thousands and thousands of posts and memes that are going back and forth on Telegram as a whole. 

As completely saturated as Telegram is with so many things that really needed exposing (including what was being done to the children in the underground across the world) – NOT A SINGLE WORD is being spread anywhere about RNM – REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING.

Can anyone explain this to me? 

Forgive me if I sound just a little bit pissed!  But by this time – THIS ABHORRENT CRIME should have been exposed, and the criminals that are using this technology ARRESTED.

There should be a base somewhere where every single operator who has ever used this technology against another living human being is sitting and waiting for a Nuremberg Style trial just to see if they HANG or not.

But the silence in the disclosure movement is deafening.

This is not co-incidental.  This is not an accident!  And I’m really sorry, but my “pissed-ness” is getting the better of me at the moment, and I feel that something needs to be said! 

If I had seen even a little bit of exposure of this issue (and crime) coming from the military or the White Hats, I would NOT be writing this post – so BLAME ONLY YOURSELVES.

The MILITARY is 100 percent directly responsible for the development and the implementation of this technology – as well as the illegal and unlawful (TORTURE and BETA TESTING) of it on innocent civilians living here in America and all across the world.  Furthermore, many Agencies, Private Contractors, Police and Sheriffs Departments were handed this technology to be used IN SECRET!

They say they were only looking for “criminals” by illegally reading peoples thoughts – but far too many decent and innocent people were tortured and tormented for that to be the truth!    Please see THE TARGETED for details by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Millions of innocent people committed suicide as this technology was being used on them.  Bryan Alexander was just one many!  Millions more targets are living lives of quiet desperation and poverty.  This is not just a crime and a scandal, but it is a SIN against GOD – and every bit as horrible as what is/was being done to the children in the underground.  So why is this crime being hidden under the rug and not talked about?

The reason that no one is talking about it – is that so many of the so-called “PUNDITS” who are all over the Alternative Media these days are former Military/CIA/Agents and they have all signed NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and promised not to talk about certain things.

And just which subject do you suppose that “they” have been told NEVER to talk about – (under their NDA)?

It’s completely obvious.  They have been told to never discuss RNM – REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING because no one ever does. 

And, I’m not just saying that there are a few who don’t talk about it – BECAUSE NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT – ANYWHERE! 

Come on people – this is not very difficult to see – and where are all of the Q people on THIS single issue – and where are all of the so called TRUTHERS who can connect dots from a hundred different posts so as to uncover and expose this monumental crime? 

Where are they?

You can’t tell me that they are all blind to this!  It is apparent that no one cares – or – they were specifically told NOT TO CARE. 

(In order to keep the technology hidden so that it can continue to be used as a weapon)

So let’s first address all of you “Christians” out there – because so many of you are running “Truth Sites” just like I am these days.  Do you want to know who really DOES see this, and who see’s it very clearly? 

GOD SEES IT!   And God also sees all of you who are not talking about it, not investigating it, and not even CARING about it.  That is what God sees!!!


First of all – Brain to Computer Interface is classified by the military because this is how many of the newest and most sophisticated weapons systems are launched or fired these days. 

What the public does not understand, and what the public NEEDS to understand, is that most advanced weapons systems no longer have a trigger anywhere on them, nor do they have buttons to push for targeting the weapon onto the target.

There is a DIRECT LINK from the operators brain to the firing command – and the weapons go exactly where the operator thinks they should go to – or what ever his or her eyes are looking at.

Usually the LINK UP is inside of the operators Helmet, as in the case of the advanced fighter jets and the advanced fighter helicopters.

This technology did not come cheap to the military – and it is the result of millions of ruined lives!

These unfortunate “test subjects” that were used in the early years of learning how to create this technology are called TARGETED INDIVIDUALS!  They are everywhere in America and all over the world.


It is because each one of these millions of people were part of an experiment they did not consent to (and much like COVID) were not given a choice!  They deserve an APOLOGY for what was done to them – AND also deserve restitution for what was done to them, and apparently the military, you know, the saviors of humanity, don’t really want to ap0logize for this or make it right.

(At least, this is how it seems to someone who is sitting very high up in the cheap seats).

One of the most criminal and diabolical tactics (those good ol’ methods and tactics that you never get to hear about) is that those who do use RNM as a weapon, usually GET RID OF these unfortunate people once they no longer have a use for them by using the technology to get them to commit suicide (Bryan Alexander) – OR – they get some asshole Cop or Sheriff to arrest them and hopefully get them thrown into jail, labeled as crazy, and out of the way.

This only happens “AFTER” they have been criminally tormented and tortured for decades by hidden operators however, which is a monumental crime – and poor target refuses to “self-kill” – so the extra mile is then paid for (read set up) to get them to cross some tiny legal (but not lawful) line. 

I know of one such Sheriff who participated in something just like that.

I know of a certain Sheriff who talks a good talk – but DOES NOT believe in the Constitution NOR the Bill of Rights because his own department has DENIED living and breathing human beings due process of law AND has committed PERSONAGE and BARRATRY by forcing them at gun point to submit to accepting CORPORATE STATUTES and CODES as if they were also Corporations – and when they did not want to submit or consent to being a Corporation – they were SHOT on the spot!

I wonder which Sheriff that could be???

Lesson for the newbies!  Not everyone who “talks the talk” walks the walk!!



Once it was established that Brain to Computer Interface was possible – the next step that was developed was Brain to Brain interface – where through the use of technology – an operator with internet and the right computer equipment (and the right frequency) could literally HACK into a man or woman’s brain and speak directly into their mind in such a way that the target would never know who was doing it.

This was labeled as SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY and was a technology developed in the middle to late 1970’s.  For those who can’t count – that is almost 50 years ago already!

Once brain to brain interface was developed, it was only a hop, skip, and a jump to turning this brain to brain interface INTO A WEAPONS PLATFORM!

Let’s let Dr. James Giordano tell us in his own words all about how anyone can now DECLARE WAR on a human beings brain and mind – and how this is the battlefield of the future. 

Even if it is done to a civilian or an innocent human being – (Or even worse, a Volunteer Soul who was sent from very high levels of Heaven to help humanity, but came under attack by DARPA and the DEEPSTATE)

And NOW – as Paul Harvey used to say – You know the REST of “THE STORY”



Paul Harvey was great at explaining things deeply and clearly.  He was also great at clearing up peoples confusion.  Many times he would begin his commentary with what people already thought they knew.  Then he would tell them the circumstances BEHIND what they thought they knew, and keep going until most of the time – people would simply CHANGE THEIR MINDS TOTALLY.

He did this to show us that most people were being lied to and were being misinformed about so many things, and only when they knew the WHOLE STORY – or as he put it – THE REST OF THE STORY – were they aware that they had been completely wrong about someone or something.  People acutally used to “admit” they were wrong back then.  Naturally no one does that anymore!

This used to go over well in the 1960’s and 1970’s – It would never go over well now, because NO ONE thinks they are ever wrong about anything.

Today – no ones cares if they are right or wrong about someone or something.   Innocence no longer matters to them anymore.  Only a job and a paycheck matter.  Dollars are now more important than freedom and LIFE ITSELF! 

Satan certainly rules now, but not for long. 


So many who said “Lord, Lord” will be burning in Hell when he gets done with them, merely because instead of asking HIM about someones innocence or guilt and praying about it – they “followed orders” and listened to “Satanists”.


Please try to find the time to expose this sadistic torture as well as all of the many other sadistic tortures that really need exposing.  It is not JUST the children who are being tortured world wide!  Telegram has extra space for this crime as well – (trust me, it will not run out of pages or space if you use some of it to talk about this).

Every tortured soul is very important to God – NOT just the souls of children!

All my love

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