By: Bradley Loves

LONG GONE are the days in America when we all go to the ballot box to peacefully and lovingly decide our future!

The Democrats/Liberals/Progressives have taken to treating every issue and every election as a battle of life and death that must be won at all costs!

This, and this alone is why we are seeing the various “tactics” they are using which includes trying to illegally oust a sitting President and using their allies in Big Tech to Censor and Ban opposing opinions!

If Republicans, Christians, and Conservatives do not see, or refuse to see how the Liberals and Progressives and changed their approach to politics…, then they are doomed to lose every issue and every election from now on and forever into the future!

Democrats have turned politics and elections into a WAR that must be won at all costs!

Republicans (most of whom have pretty good lives) have fallen asleep and still believe the entire country is living in the 50’s and 60’s of their parents or grandma and grandpa where we all very happily and obediently go to the polls and cast our votes for what we want…, and EVERYONE simply respects the outcome!

This is the farthest thing from the TRUTH there is, and what is happening to Donald Trump is the very proof of my Article and that what I am saying is accurate!

You see, all Republicans think that after the Election of Barack Obama (an election which they did not like, but accepted twice) and simply moved on with their lives…, that the Democrats and the Progressives would afford THEM THE SAME KIND OF COURTESY, if they won back the White House and the Government!

Well, all I can say is…,

Hey…, hows that working out for you Republicans, Christians, and Conservatives???

They didn’t do that did they?

Well, guess what…., I KNOW WHY THEY DIDN’T DO THAT…, if only a couple of you who are still sane are willing to listen to me….

Because somewhere during the Presidency of George W. Bush, the Democrats and Progressives decided that in order to “win” elections and “win” issues here in America (which were important to them) they had to treat all of it like a BATTLEFIELD WAR and put into use and deployment of every tactic (no matter how illegal or dirty) necessary to win, even if it meant doing things that would ultimately send people to jail!

You see…, here is exactly where most of the normal Republican voters, the Christian voters, and the Conservative voters (and even Republican members of Congress) were totally and completely BLIND SIDED BY THE LEFT!

They never thought it would come to this!    They figured that the people would simply always continue to “vote” and then accept the decision of the majority as valid!


It is like starting out a “game” where everyone is following the same rules, but when on side sees how they are always losing…, simply takes to CHEATING at every turn in order to put points on the board!

The identity groups, the minorities, the communists, the socialists, and the crazies on the left see that their “sub-groups” or their “sub-cultures” are NEVER going to sway the majority of people living here in America to vote for their particular issues and so they have taken to doing something that most people thought we would never see here in this country which is:      POLITICAL GORILLA WARFARE!!

This means that in 2016 to 2019… ANYTHING GOES!!

Now…, instead of deciding issues at the Ballot Box (where they don’t ever see themselves winning due to the majority not wanting what they want) they are going to decide issues in the streets (by force)!

This is the only reason that ANTIFA is out there!

Now…, if this doesn’t look like people who are getting READY FOR WAR…, then I’m sorry…, but I don’t know what it looks like, and in my opinion you are blind!

And if you don’t see this after I’ve explained it to you…, then you are being willingly blind!

Now…, ANTIFA is not just a group of thuggish kids roaming in the streets with baseball bats!  Because this WAR is a highly concerted effort being directed by some very rich people with very deep pockets!

It is not just kids in the streets,

  • It is ALSO hundreds if not thousands of LAWYERS working very hard to hammer away at the legal system in concert with thousands of very liberal and progressive JUDGES that have been appointed and put into place by Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and others.

But it is not just that….

  • It is ALSO CEO’s of Major Corporations like:  Google, You-Tube, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Verizon, AT&T, CISCO, Net-Flix, HBO, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc…., that are working very hard to censor and ban all Conservative and Christian viewpoints and ideas so that these “opinions” can NEVER AGAIN see the light of day!

But…, it is not just that either…

  • It is ALSO members of Intel Agencies and in Bureaucrats in Government, and in Law Enforcement (FBI) who have all signed on to the idea of the New World Order, and who have been “put in place” so that at the right time, they would be able to use their positions of POWER to do what ever it took (even if totally illegal) to make sure that the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive Agenda would be able to win elections and issues  – NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED AT THE BALLOT BOX and NO MATTER WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE MAJORITY WANTED!

But is is not just that either…, there is EVEN MORE!!!

  • It is ALSO members of the MEDIA and members HOLLYWOOD and the MUSIC INDUSTRY who are being given “money” on the side to take up the banner of the New World Order against the wishes of MOST of the American People!

What we are now seeing unfold here in America was a highly choreographed and extensively planned move toward POLITICAL WARFARE that had been set up to overwhelm all of the sleeping Americans who dared to believe that simply voting at the ballot box was going to keep America safe!

“Voting” was seen years ago by the Progressive Left as an IMPOSSIBLE WAY to achieve their goals!

Therefore…, “Voting” was cast aside…, and all of these other groups and other tactics have now been employed!

Now…, if you as a Republican, a Conservative, or a Christian think that ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS will be solved at the “ballot box”…, then you are simply idiots!

You are bringing butter knives to a GUN FIGHT and you will LOSE if you do not change your tactics and try to at least understand the NEW TYPE OF WAR that is being fought against you and against all Americans!

NOW…, IF YOU DON’T SEE THIS…, (which is perfectly obvious to me) THEN YOU ARE TOTALLY BLIND…, and WILLINGLY SO, I MIGHT ADD!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…, WE ARE AT WAR!

Just because it does not look like the kind of WAR that you are used to…, does not mean that a WAR is not taking place!

Donald Trump (as the President of the United States) is under SIEGE!

He is being hit by mortars and missiles of a “different kind”…, that is the only real difference between a NORMAL WAR…, and the kind of war that is currently being waged against all CONSERVATIVES, CHRISTIANS, and CENTRIST AMERICANS…

Please stop thinking in the terms of the 1950’s…, and come into the present moment!

WAR does not have to look like bombs dropping on your front lawn for crying out loud…, because there are many ways to fight a WAR!

Not only is Donald Trump under siege…, but anyone who has a conservative bent, or a Christian attitude is ALSO UNDER SIEGE!

Get a clue people…,

  • What is happening to your Facebook Accounts?
  • What is happening to your Blogs and Websites?
  • What is happening to your Twitter Accounts?
  • What is happening to your Reddit Pages?
  • What is happening to your YOU-TUBE Accounts and Videos?
  • What is happening to your Google Accounts?
  • What is happening to any and every kind of Conservative or Christian opinion????

I’m really sorry if you can’t tell that you are in the process of BEING ATTACKED and placed under siege on a well defined FIELD of BATTLE!

But…, because you’ve never seen a WAR LIKE THIS ONE…, you simply don’t know (yet) that you are actually IN A WAR!

You (mistakenly) think that bombs have to be dropped on your house for you to be attacked!

This is no longer the case!

  • They can ATTACK you on the internet by Banning, Censoring, de-fuding, and blocking your Blogs, Websites, Pod-Casts, Videos, and Opinions!
  • They can ATTACK you where you work by shaming you or getting you fired simply for holding Christian or Conservative viewpoints.
  • They can ATTACK you at the Bank by closing your Accounts or stopping your credit cards from working if you do or say the “wrong” type of political things!
  • They can ATTACK you at Colleges and Universities by shaming, censoring, and banning your groups, your meetings, and your conservative ideas!
  • They can ATTACK you with Lawyers and Attorneys who file lawsuits and legal cases against you in court to Bankrupt you or put you in jail!
  • They can ATTACK you with Liberal Judges who “rule” against you in court no matter how much “proof” you offer nor how righteous your cause may be!

They have taken this “fight”…, or in this case a FULL BLOWN WAR away from the “ballot box” because they know that they just can’t win there!

So all I can say is this…, if you haven’t gotten the memo yet that a WAR IS TAKING PLACE ALL AROUND YOU…, it’s time to wake up and read the memo!

Oh…, and if you think that you are going to be able to win this SIEGE at the “ballot box”…, then you are bringing “butter knives” to a GUN FIGHT!

Stay tuned for PART TWO…


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