By: Bradley Loves


After thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that THIS article is very necessary.

Why do so many “spiritual” people have such “IDIOTIC” ideas which are anything BUT spiritual?

Why do they “ASSUME” that God forgives ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING…, no matter how EVIL IT IS?

And it came to me…, they are confusing the idea of FREEWILL…, the gift that PRIME CREATOR gave each of us…, and the NATURAL and COSMIC LAWS of CONSEQUENCE.

So let’s talk about this.

PRIME CREATOR has in fact given each and every one of his children the FREEWILL to choose what they will do while they are here on this Earth and anywhere there is a FREEWILL ZONE.

So…, it is CREATOR’S LAW if you will…, that each of his children be able to freely choose!

This does NOT MEAN however that after choosing…, there will BE NO CONSEQUENCE for a bad choice.

This is some sort of stumbling block in their thinking…, that has come out of NEW AGE BULLSH*T!

The mushy minded “spiritualists” have some how convinced themselves that since there is NO SUCH THING as bad (as they see it) …, and since they think that this is the way it really is…, (again, as they see it)…, they then also think that there will never be ANY CONSEQUENCE for choosing bad.


I have the “FREEWILL” to walk up to a cliff…, and once there…, I have the FREEWILL to step off into the air…, but just like in the Bugs Bunny cartoons with the Road Runner and the Coyote…, once I’ve stepped off that cliff…, I will most certainly experience the CONSEQUENCE of that action by falling as far downward as the open air will allow. (PERIOD)


If I am only a child of four years old…, and I don’t understand that a hot stove can burn my hand…, that LACK of understanding does not save me if I place my hand on a red hot burner!  Just because I am a child, does not save me from consequences!


The “FREEWILL” that God gave us to do an action…, does not in any way stop the UNIVERSE from sending us consequences FOR that action.

Would you also agree that the more “serious” a breech of NATURAL RULES or LAWS that have been put into place…, the MORE SERIOUS the following consequence will be?

Not all transgressions against the RULES are treated the SAME by the UNIVERSE! Some transgressions are seen as tiny…, and reflect a tiny consequence…, other transgressions are large and reflect a large consequence!

Other transgressions are so monumental that the only possible consequence is a complete erasing…, and reformatting of the entire SOUL…, as what happens when a SOUL gets cast into the CENTRAL SUN.

This is why the “statement” I made about MIND CONTROL HERE is the truth.

Prime Creator may “allow” human beings (while living on Earth) to indulge in the technology to CONTROL THE MINDS of others…, but IF THOSE BEINGS transgress against his rules and his creation by attempting to 100 percent totally remove his gift of FREEWILL so completely…, and CONTROL not only the thoughts, but the actions, and the entire lives of other beings…, (as the CABAL is trying to do now)…. they will indeed SUFFER the consequences of these actions as surely as if they had walked directly OFF A CLIFF.

I’m not certain why so many spiritual people have tried to convince themselves that GOD/PRIME CREATOR after giving us all FREEWILL to choose what we will do…., has NO RIGHT to TAKE ACTION against those who consistently CHOOSE BAD or EVIL.

Every part of the physical universe is SET UP to show us that there are RULES out there and CONSEQUENCES to our actions.

Only when a human being has gotten to the point of pure love and ONENESS with the CREATOR…, do the “rules” start to bend slightly.

But they “bend” slightly because at this point…, the being in question is so “pleasing” to the CREATOR for their past actions…, that the CREATOR nullifies his Laws for that being and cuts them some slack.

Unless you are a very intensely devoted “YOGI”…, the likes of some of India’s great Saints are…, then You are not going to escape GODS CONSEQUENCES!

This is something that all of the NEW AGERS need to start thinking about!  This is also something that those men and women who work for the NSA…, the CIA…, and all of the other agents who in fact are INVOLVED with the technology of MIND CONTROL need to think about!

You are placing your very soul in great peril!

You will REAP the storm that you are sewing…, because the RULES you are breaking…, are very clear in this UNIVERSE.

Just because there is a technology available to you to access the MINDS of others…, does not mean there will NOT BE A CONSEQUENCE for doing that later on.

To all of those who use this type of technology…, YOU have now been warned!

To everyone else…, my friends…, think on these things!

All my love….




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