By: Bradley Loves


Or…, the title for this piece could also be written like this:

The difference between me…, and those who say they are NEW AGERS!   

There really is only ONE difference!

  I am NOT trying to SELL you anything!

My blog…, is up and running for one reason…, and one reason only…, and that reason is to EDUCATE!

I am doing everything I can to bring out the TRUTH…, and to seed that truth into the “minds” of those men and women who come here.

New Age blogs…, on the other hand…, are constantly SELLING something!

Firstly and fore mostly, they are selling you an: ASCENSION

Let’s be “honest” shall we?  They are “selling you” an up and coming:

“….get out of 3d…, and get into 5d…. FREE CARD!”

Or…, at least that was what they were selling their readers in the run up to 2012!…, because you see…, the SALES PITCH has now changed slightly (depending upon which New Age Blog you visit).

And THIS…, is exactly what most New Agers are desperate to get!  They want OFF THE EARTH…, (out of the reincarnation cycle) and are willing to listen to anyone who will tell them there is an EASY WAY to achieve that.

At one point in the run up to 2012…, EVERYONE on Earth was going…, (Good and Bad) and anyone who did not immediately FORGIVE the worst evil atrocities that had been done on the planet for the last 13,000 years…, right by God NOW…, was holding things up!

There were “open letters” being written to the Illuminati and to the CABAL…, to the Draco’s and to even the Archons…, by: “New Agers”…, and being published on various blogs and websites…, (I read many such open letters) telling the above mentioned groups…,  how much “WE ALL” forgave them…, because we all… (wink wink) …knew they were only playing a game…, and it was ALL GOOD!

But isn’t it EASY to do something like that just before you think you’re going to get a HUGE REWARD!

Yep…, that was happening a lot about 3 to 4 years ago!  However…, not so much any more……

Because now…, it appears that NOT EVERYONE…, is going…, or at least…, not all at the same time.  You see…, things have changed at:  ASCENSION CENTRAL!

And really…, it all depends upon “which” channeler you listen to!  And it really does matter which channeler you listen to…, because the “entity” ….,

(Arch Angel Micheal) for example…, can change his tune drastically from one channeler to the next!  One channeler has him saying “abc”…, and another channeler has him saying….”xyz”…, so you really have to decide which “channeler” really represents the REAL Arch Angel Michael!




The weekly circus…, of non corporeal entities who come “into” our living rooms and our homes…, every seven days…, telling us that:


……..good things are going to happen!

But in all honesty…, this is exactly  a “sales pitch”.

What are they selling?

  • HOPE
  • EASE

Like drug dealers, who sell their wares in the back alleys, and in the dark corners of the planet…, the New Age blogs…, SELL their main drug:  HOPIUM…., to the addicted masses in the varied corners of the Internet.

Here’s a sample:

Hey…, pssstttt….

You need some HOPE?  You need some “comfort” and a warm blanket?  You want to hear how you’ll be saved really SOON?

I’ve got the perfect Channeled Message for you!  Easy to take…, easy to read…, and it’ll keep you “FLYING HIGH” for hours……

Just aahh…, don’t “think” about the message too much…


The truth is that on my personal blog…, there is NO SUCH THING!

Sorry…, no “drugs” for sale here!

Instead…, what I will do…, like David Icke…, Mark Passio, Jay Parker…, and others…, is to TEACH YOU what is really going on out there in the world!

No candy coating…, no sugar coating…, and no warm blankets!  Just pure solid information and knowledge…, which if applied…, will lead YOU TO WISDOM.

My blog does not SELL YOU an easy ASCENSION!

What it does is teach you is that YOU are in control of your life…, and that it is by your every THOUGHT…, WORD…, and DEED…, (and choice) that you will either rise up…, or get pushed down.

My blog says that YOU are in control…, and that you have ALWAYS been in control…, but that it is neither easy…, nor SAFE here on Earth. And the ONLY way you move forward is to EARN your way forward through GOOD WORKS.

However…, my blog also says that NO ONE…, is ever going to SAVE YOU…, but YOU.

The spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart…, and those who would tell you differently are there only to EXPLOIT YOU.


And if you do a quick study, and do a sampling of many of the New Age websites…, they are ALL SELLING STUFF besides what they write, and put out as information!

You can get:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Oils
  • Perfumes
  • Beads
  • Baskets
  • T-Shirts
  • Hand Bags
  • Healing’s
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Future Life Regressions
  • Soul Mate Searches
  • Etc, etc, etc…..

And some of the more “prominent” ones are charging as much as 1,000 dollars per hour for a “conversation”.

Yes…, you heard me correctly…, because I called one thinking that I might like to have a chat…, and the person taking the calls told me the price was 1,000 dollars per hour!

And, if I could not afford that…, I could get a half hour for 500 dollars!  I will not list the person’s name.., but let me tell you something…, NO PERSON BORN ON EARTH has “information” that is worth 1,000 dollars an hour!   It is a CON…, and nothing more!

Needless to say…, my readership is not as high as other blogs…, but that is only because I will NOT LIE to them!

The name of my blog is LOVE TRUTH for a good reason…, and that is because you have to LOVE TRUTH…, in order to see past all of the CONS…, and all of the LIES that are being put into print that make things seem EASY.

I thank those who keep coming here…, for being strong and willing to LEARN.

Like Morpheus said to NEO…,

I am only offering you THE TRUTH…, nothing more…..









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