By: Bradley Loves


Dwindling returns is always a huge problem for measures and tactics which even under the best of definitions, and conditions were only meant to be a stop gap measure.

Just like putting ones finger in the dam might keep the dam from breaking for a short while, no one in their right mind would consider that measure a “fix”.

With the current status of World Affairs, Q – Anon will not be able to continue drawing the loyalty of good men and women from all over the world for more than the rest of 2018 (in my opinion) before many of them start to get upset, walk away, and find reason to doubt.

The real truth of the matter is simply that people have WOKEN UP!

Because they are aware of what is going on around them, they want to be treated differently, and they refuse to continue to have the Truth hidden from them as if they were children.

IF secrecy, lack of transparency, and lack of justice had continued to be the “way of the world”, there was always going to have been a day of reconning for the Elites!  The masses (world wide) are simply FED UP and would have torn the Globalist Elites to shreds!

People are tired of just a few idiot Oligarchs playing GOD, stealing ALL of the money and resources of an entire planet, and thinking that it is their position to move men and women around on the Earth as if they were playing chess with plastic icons.

At it’s very “best” potential, Q – Anon can be seen as a short term bridge over what was an impossible to traverse crevass that was forming between the common people around the world and their governments.  The lack of honesty, the lack of justice, and the lack of will to do the right thing, (if it had not been addressed in America) most likely would have ended in a violent revolution!

That being said, and from this standpoint, Q should be looked at as a stop gap measure only, to soften the blows of real TRUTH, and not seen as any kind of long term fix to the otherwise secretive nature of the Corporate, Religious, Government, Military, and Police pursuits.

The USEFUL tool of dropping “crumbs” to the masses, will only stem the tide temporarily, and will only satisfiy the masses IF there is REAL PROGRESS being seen, felt, and demonstrated by those who are holding the reins of power and who are dropping the crumbs.

An awakened populace will be able to see, feel, and sense STALLING TACTICS and DOUBLE DEALINGS from the crumb droppers if the Q Anon phenomenon were to continue for several years WITHOUT any significant changes to the way things are getting done.

The people have changed and so must those who hold the reins of power.

TRUTHFULNESS, OPENNESS and TRANSPARANCY must become the “new normal” – or the finger of Q, so patriotically plugging the the hole in the dam, will not be able to stop it from breaking!

Time to get SERIOUS!


All my love….



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