By: Bradley Loves


Well…, let’s see here…., it about time we put our world wide “pseudo-scientific community” in it’s place.  They’ve been spreading their LIES…, like a “fungus” all over the unsuspecting public for 100 years, (SHAME ON THEM) and it’s time to set the record straight!

What we’ve come to realize (on our own) and to understand…, once we stopped listening to insane people who have SOLD THEIR VERY SOULS FOR A PAYCHECK (Shame on them) is this:

Our bodies are “electric”!  

Our minds are “electric”!

The Earth is wrapped very neatly in a “magnetic field” AND “electricity”, which is everywhere…, can be drawn right out of the very air around us!

The SUN itself (instead if being a Helium 3 Nuclear reaction) is an “electrical generator”, and is cold to the touch!

Outer space is not “empty” at all…, but instead, it is literally filled with plasma…, which is the best magnetic AND electrical conductor there is.

It brings the Sun’s “electricity” directly to our planet just like an extension cord.

The Earth is “provably” a living being…, BECAUSE it is wrapped in the very same type of “AURA” or “Magnetic Field” that the human body has around it…, therefore making it able to LIVE (electrically)…. just as the human body does…, and most likely even to have it’s own personal thoughts…, just as the human being does in it’s MIND!

And THIS is just for “starters”…, and is only the very  beginning of our unraveling of the endless LIES!

It’s the tip…, or top 1 percent of the iceberg of knowledge that has been HIDDEN from all of us (SHAME ON THEM)…, and as we go…, we will finally start to see how ALL OF THIS ties together so perfectly…, that even a child of 4 will see it as the TRUTH because it is really all so simple once the endless lies are removed…, that we will wonder how we EVER BOUGHT INTO THE LIES in the first place.

[All I have to say is this:  (here’s my commentary for this article – and I’m allowed)  WOE BE IT to those men and women who “knew” that they were lying…, and “took the damn paycheck” to sell out all of humanity (their own species)…, and filled our minds with a bunch of LIES…, knowing they were doing so…, for nothing more than dollars!    YOUR DAY IS COMING SOON!]


So…, then what does all of this new information mean for “science”.

It means that NIKOLA TELSA was right!  He was a bonafied human HERO…, and should be remembered in our history books as one of the smartest men of the 19th and 20th centuries!

It also means that men like ALBERT EINSTEIN, and THOMAS EDISON were “sellouts” and “whores”…, who took money from the bankers, the government, and the military, and then LIED TO THE WORLD!

They “went along” to “get along” and were nothing more than cowards.

These men should be remembered AS SCUM and VILLAINS!

In my (opinion) any man who takes money and then LIES to the entire world, is no better than a pile of TRASH…, and needs to be swept up, and placed into the dumpster.

[Ooops…, more commentary here…, but I can’t help it, it needs to be said!

Don’t you DARE TELL ME, (speaking to the men and women who lied to us that is…) that you had no choice but to lie, because someone “threatened” you, when there are hundreds and hundreds of real hero “truth-tellers” and “whistle blowers” out there in the world now…., who have risked everything (Thank you Edward Snowden…) to TELL US THE TRUTH as it really is!]

There are plenty of HERO’S in our world, and then there are the yellow bellied COWARDS as well!         And yes…, there is a difference!

Can you imagine some of these useless people as just children, and when they were growing up, and sitting at their own breakfast table eating Cheerio’s…, and suddenly their mother asks them:

What do you want to do when you grow up Johnny?

….and the child answers her….

“I’m gonna be a total COWARD when I grow up…, and sell out all of humanity for a paycheck and a nice car…..”


Don’t you think that poor mother would be HORRIFIED to get that kind of response from her own child…, and then hope and pray to GOD that he would never really choose that kind of abject EVIL?

Okay Commentary over!   Moving on.


Our own human bodies are filled with plasma!  Our blood is filled with plasma (an excellent magnetic and electrical conductor) so that “ELECTRICITY” can reach our cells…, which operate like tiny little “engines” or “motors” …, doing all of the things that our bodies need them to do in order to function properly.


The Earth itself is (apparently) sitting in a perfect environment of PLASMA (outer space is filled with it) and just like a single cell in our own human body…, the EARTH takes in the electricity from the SUN and generously gives that electricity to everything that is living within her magnetic field.

So if you think of a “fractal” here…, where everything that seemingly changes, eventually repeats itself on a greater and greater level, our Earth is nothing more than a single cell within a far larger, and greater organism…, that is ALSO LIVING!

This also means that we are SYMBIOTIC with everything around us…, and that as WE DEPEND ON IT FOR OUR VERY LIVES…., IT DEPENDS ON US TO CARE FOR IT…, OR IT WILL DIE!

Human greed and human corruption HAS TO GO…, because the very existence of the Earth…, and the larger organism it exists within…, could DIE…, if the corruption continues to spread like a virus or a CANCER!

This is why the LUCIFERIAN AGENDA is “bad”.

It could literally kill the Universe (yes…, apparently the Universe is a type of  living organism) that we live in.

This is why we must “judge it” this type of Luciferian behavior as anti-life…, (regardless of what the damn New Ager’s say…) and cut it out like a cancer before it kills everything.

More will be coming….

For now,

All my love,








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