As I’ve continuously pointed out (and are hard pressed to find people who listen) our planet runs on ELECTRICITY…, just as the Human Body does!

In fact…, (as I’ve said) there is electricity in the air around us…, and all living things draw it right out of the air!

How simple is this??

A 13 year old has invented a FREE ENERGY device for only 15 dollars worth of parts in his parents basement!

Please read this from the Activist Post!

13 Year Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device For Under $15


Oh.., and P.S.

If this 13 year old can do it…, (forgive my honesty here) then your “lying their pants off…., WHORE Government” COULD ALSO HAVE DONE IT 100 years ago, because that is exactly when Tesla TOLD them how to do it!

Every penny you’ve ever paid for electricity has been STOLEN FROM YOU!


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