By: Bradley Loves

The very first things that a good Magician will tell you are absolutely IMPERATIVE to his stage “act” are misdirection, deception, and illusion!

Along with this…, he will tell you that a certain amount of “belief” that he could possibly deliver the “magic” that he is promising…, is also imperative.  If no one “thought” he might be able to do it…, then he would have no audience.

The DARK CABAL…, (NWO people) have always used misdirection, deception, and illusion to get the good people of Earth to “just have faith” and “believe” in their authority, so that their despicable acts can be covered up, lied about and explained away.

Kings and Queens, Governments, Religion, Fake Laws and Fake Education were used as “tools” of this misdirection in the past to “convince” the public that what they were actually seeing with their own eyes was something else entirely.

But eventually there came a time when the good people started to become “aware” of the totality of the deception…, and NEW tactics were needed.


CHANNELING…, and CHANNELED MESSAGES (based upon an entirely brand new technology) called: VOICE TO SKULL…, or VOICE OF GOD…, (take your pick) soon began to replace the old (and no longer working) misdirection and deceptions of RELIGION, GOVERNMENT, KINGS AND QUEENS, and EDUCATION.

It was a whole, (very well thought out) comprehensively new level of “learning” that we were now being exposed to from beings that you somehow “just needed to trust”.

Now keep in mind…, that earlier…, when it came to ANYTHING “we” needed to know…, we were told these things by men and women (wearing robes) inside of RELIGION, EDUCATION, GOVERMENT and etc…,


Now…, many years after the very first “channelers” staked their claims upon the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting public… (Can you say: Judith Zebra Knight?) we have endless human beings who (due to huge ego’s and a certain amount of low self worth) have handed over their minds to what they think are other worldly beings…, but most probably are really just military men and women who are part of the largest psy-ops operation ever devised.

The rebellion of the 60’s and the 70’s was a “terrifying” time for those who considered themselves the Masters of the Globe…, and not having every man, woman and child around the world sitting OBEDIANTLY in church pews every Sunday scared them to death!

The “NEW AGE” was a necessary “creation” that was “foreseen” years ago…, by these people who have had access to ANCIENT DEVICES which allowed them “future sight” and “Time Travel”.


The New World Order was never going to take place as they planned!  It was never going to be accepted by the masses willingly!  Early on they became acutely aware that in this zone of FREEWILL…, the ONLY way they could actually (and this is the Truth) install the New World Order in this Reality was to get most people living on the Earth to actually “ask for it”.

Now that might have been easy IF…, they still had the control of ALL of the hearts and minds of the people through their CHURCHES, KINGS AND QUEENS, EDUCATION, GOVERNMENTS, etc….

But, nobody listens to those people any more!

So…, then WHO…, please tell me WHO are the masses going to be willing to listen to…, that will tell them to accept the NEW WORLD ORDER?


Countless men and women stationed on Secret Military Bases…, most of which are located on the icy continent of Antartica, are running electronic MIND CONTROL equipment like no bodies business and are busy day and night sending “electronically” created messages that are broadcast right through the air and into the “minds” of CHANNELERS.


This new article by Preston James…, barely starts to scratch the surface of what is really possible and really going on! He says so…, and I want to assure you this is only 1 or 2 percent of the iceberg.

You can read his new article called: Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth, which is located HERE.

It is (in my opinion) a must read…, but as I’ve said only scratches the surface.

This video below talks briefly about all of the Equipment located in Antartica as well as other places which they are using for MIND KONTROL.

So WHY is the piece called: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK?

Because for over a month I have been writing and telling everyone to BE VERY CAREFUL about the so called CHANNELED MESSAGES and the misdirection they are creating for hapless people who STILL don’t know they are being mis-led.

What we have “going on” right now “appears” to be a large mis-direction and I want you all to know that it is MY OPINION that this is nothing more than a PSY-OP operation!

See these Following Articles:

Even IF this is true…, which I really doubt…, it might only be the beginning of a deception and we collectively need to make CERTAIN that this it is NOT simply something that has been hand made and spoon fed in order to get us to ASK FOR the NEW WORLD ORDER.

I would be VERY CAUTIOUS of following these types of posts since there is NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE that anything like this has taken place.

Most especially since ALL OF THIS is (apparently) being FULLY supported by Arch Angel Micheal (through Channeled message) and by Sheldon Nidle (Channeled message)….

Please read all of this stuff and anything that relates to it…

I will wait only 10 days before I write the …..


And hopefully this will show once and for all that not only are Channeled Messages total bunk…, but that the NWO is using them (Channeled Messages) to keep good people BELIEVING…, that they will SOON BE RESCUED by others…, so that they will continue to sit on their hands while completely convinced that there is NOTHING that they need to do about what is really happening in the world!


Because “someone” else is already handling ALL OF THAT for them.



















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