By: Bradley Loves


What kind of human being “KNOWINGLY” mis-leads, mis-directs, fabricates, distorts, decieves, and outright “cons” the public at large?

MONSTERS dressed in “people skin”…, that’s who!

Donald Trump called the Mainstream Media the “ENEMY” of the people in many of his “tweets”, as did Q-anon.




In this last drop, Q-anon questions the Media’s raving lunacy concerning their anonymous sources and “facts” about a story that was completly made up out of THIN AIR!!

You know…, as I write this, I just don’t know which words to use that would get people up out of their seats and come to grips with our current state of affairs.

As I go about my day, I see people moving around me as if in some kind of drunken stupor or worse, a hypnotized vapidity.

Our world is in an epic period of catastasis, and we’ve got people acting as if it’s great day to go out on a picnic.

The total disconnect from reality is mind boggling!

I wonder (at times) if there is anything at all I can really do to help or change things!

GOD knows I am trying…, but I’m just one guy with a blog, working against multitudes of liars who see any opportunity to MAKE MONEY as a good opportunity…, even if the fabric of our entire society is falling apart!

I am NOT just talking about the Main Stream Media…, but also about the now bursting at the seams Alternative Media.., who have taken to “making a living” decoding Q-Anon on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook but don’t DO anything else to try to “teach” humanity how to really CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH!

I’m also talking about the NEW AGE MEDIA (which consists of endless Blogs and Websites) that are still pushing (like a drug) a coming Ascension and endless Channeled Messages to support same…, all the while holding their hand out for donations and selling (snake) oils, perfumes, phychic readings, tarot, astrology, hair tonic etc…, just like the Gypsies once did in days gone by!

It may be of particular interest for you to know that the Gypsies are 100 percent descentants of the Khazars…, or a group of people that Ben Fulford now currently calls: The KHAZARIAN MAFIA!

I don’t know about anyone else out there…, but I am truly TIRED of the NEW AGE CHOIR singing a constant dirge of how “nothing matters” because we are all going to Ascend soon…, so just “overlook”, “tolerate”, “allow”, “forgive”, “pay no attention to”, “do nothing about” and “ignore” all of the perfectly PURE EVIL going on out there!


Says the sick, twisted, voice of the fake wizard screaming at all of the innocent people who are desperate to KNOW THE TRUTH!



And just like in the Wizard OF OZ…, so to the NEW AGE screams at all of us who yearn to know the TRUTH…, telling us to just let it go, don’t worry, pay no attention, don’t look, forgive everything in advance, nothing matters, there is no such thing as evil, it’s all good…, etc, etc, etc….

I don’t know that I can handle much more of this…, because for the life of me…, I don’t know HOW ANYONE could “dis-connect” from life or from REALITY “more” than these New Agers seem to be able to!

Mere husks, or shells have more skin in the game it seems than some of these CHANNELED MESSAGE IDOLATERS. (Devotees).

At any rate…, humanity has ENEMIES out there…, and these ENEMIES are in the MEDIA!

  • First and foremost –
  • Some of the NEW AGE MEDIA

So what’s left?

A few of us here and there who just want to tell the TRUTH!

All my love….


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