By: Bradley Loves


Shifting gears slightly in the on-going “commentary” is good some times.  Today…, is a step back…, and a look at what most people heavily into the New Age call: Energies…, or Energy Work.

Regardless of many people’s belief or ‘non-belief’ in the existence of “energy” as a palpable or measureable thing…., such a “thing” can in fact be felt by those who are “sensitive”.

I chose the word sensitive very carefully because men and women (in the past) who could either tune into, or “feel” variations in energy were called SENSITIVES!

I think this word most accurately describes what is really happening…, and that all of the OTHER descriptives like:

  • channeler
  • psychic
  • light worker
  • energy healer

Blah, blah, blah…, are all so much HYPE…, and personal glorification!

These people are:   Sensitives!

Or, rather…, (and very simply put) sensitive to “energy” that other men and women are not sensitive too!

Rather than making these people out to be someone “SPECIAL”…, and therefore deserving of worship and adulation*…, (like so many channelers seem to get)…, why not just acknowledge that they are “sensitive” humans who have a better ability to feel energy?

*I have personally seen and witnessed people treating “channelers” like people used to treat popes and kings…, (bowing and swooning at their feet)…, like they are some sort of christ like figure.   Additionally, I have seen channelers who seem to LOVE that kind of attention…, and have begun to see THEMSELVES as “very high” and “very lofty” compared the people around them.

Yet…, in all honesty…, all little children are BORN with tremendous sensitivity…, and THAT is all that “SENSTIVES” are really bringing forward!  They are tuning into the very subtle variations of energy around them…, and then interpreting them.

So…, being “SENSITIVE” is not a “big deal”…, but yet, in the very same breath…, we can say that it IS something that everyone is capable of…, and should be doing!

We SHOULD be sensitive to others needs and feelings…, and “tune in” to what is going on around us on the subtle levels if we are able.



We have to logically acknowledge and discuss what people who are sensitives…, are sensitive to!

Those who are “sensitives” are sensitive to FREQUENCIES!

Subtle vibrations…, and variations in FREQUENCY…, are what cause sensitives to react!

They “feel”  or can “interpret” the subtle highs, lows, and frequency of waves and waveforms washing over their bodies and across their skin.

They have learned how to tune in and use their minds and bodies as “receivers” so to speak…, and this gives them a greater awareness of what is happening around them.

In the days before endless technology…, this may have been a really great thing…., because “tuning in” could be done in a way that picked up subtle “thought vibrations”  on not only those around you…, but even from other realms (if one was really good at it).


In this day and age…, with countless cell phone towers, Gwen Towers, Wi-fi, television, radio, and countless other “broadcasts” of ELF, VLF, Microwaves, and even the ever elusive “SCALAR” waves…, which go at right angles to normal waves…, being too “sensitive” is not really a good idea any longer.

People who put their “finger” to the air…, to test the “ENERGIES”…, could be feeling anything from a strange TELEVISION SHOW…, to GANGSTER RAP…, and then telling everyone that the Earth “feels” at odds with itself today!

The “TRUTH” is that they do not really know WHAT they are feeling or tuning into any longer!

The Government has countless psychotronic programs in operation now and are operating them FULL TIME.

They (having also learned about waves and frequencies) and having learned which ones cause people to hate, fear, be depressed, and feel lethargy…, are “broadcasting” those waves toward heavily populated areas with as much ease as the simple push of a button!

In other words…, the Government itself has learned how to AFFECT THE FREQUENCIES and to cause ripples in the waveforms that surround us all.

They are now able to CAUSE   “ENERGIES”!!


This is not only causing a problem for “SENSITIVES” in the sense that they are having to feel many strange frequencies…, BUT…, it is making it FAR more difficult for those who are sensitives to clearly state (with any sort of accuracy) what is really going on in the world!


Sensitives…, due to the constant manipulation of frequencies that can be done with advanced technology can NO LONGER ACCURATELY interpret what is really going on in the world around them.

So when some NEW AGER tells you…, I’m tuning into the ENERGIES…, and this is what I’m “feeling” today….


Who…, and what are they really tuning into??  DO YOU KNOW??

Do THEY even know for certain what they are tuning into?

(given the supra advanced technology and satallite systems that are in place today)

They best they can do…, (these days) is to tell you what they are feeling…, and it could be about as important and impractical to “YOU” as if they were “feeling” indigestion!

(Becuase that would only be personal to THEM)

Since there is really NO WAY to verify or prove any longer…, who, what, or where these “feelings” are coming from…, it is ill advised to seek adivce from countless “sensitives”…, who are not willing to take into account and ADJUST for the radical broadcast technologies in our world!

Since the advent of VOICE TO SKULL technology…, aka VOICE OF GOD technology (first used in the 1970’s)…, even many channelers could very well be talking to…, and conversing with…, sly Military Personnel, or some Agency hack…, who has been “assigned” to broadcast VOICE OF GOD messages to the masses!

And…, once a “happy message” was gotten (in their head) via VOICE TO SKULL…, this person could then come out and tell us (via the internet) how WONDERFUL the ENERGIES ARE TODAY!!

(Only because they got a really happy message from some military agent)

And meanwhile…, when countless bombs are dropped on some foreign country the very next day…, that same person would recall back to the “happy” VOICE TO SKULL message they were sent…, and “TELL US” to IGNORE all of the pain and suffering we are now seeing by reminding everyone of the happy message they got only yesterday!!

(Which just happened to be FAKE NEWS)

You see…, “sensitives” are far too easily CONNED…, in an age that has become almost “instantly” technological in their short lifetimes.

And since there is NO real records in history for them to refer to which shows how those with technology has used it against the Human populations…, they conculde it can’t be happening!

The PROBLEM is that WE are in the first “GENERATION” where this technology is being used against the population…, so it is up to us…, to write about it…, and record it…, so that FUTURE generations can read about it and know it has been used in this way!

THEY will be much more wise and less able to be CONNED!

So for me…, when other “talk” about the ENERGIES…, I have to ask very calmly…, just WHO and WHAT they think they are tuning into??

What are you “feeling” that is honestly coming from the universe…, and is NOT someother broadcast freqency that is merely technology??

All my love

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  1. I cursed the 9 WiFi signals in my home and also the large antenna down the road at the fire station that I did not vote for yesterday – and within ten minutes the power went out for 3 hours.
    I live in a Sequoyah grove and for whatever reason I am whatever you call ‘sensitive.’

    • Many people suffer from the affects of Wi-fi…, and the other broadcast waves that are put in the air. They can feel them.

      I sympathize with you!

      The LARGER problem is as I stated to Tom! We also have an “airborne” A.I. Problem…, which is most likely a result of the “reckless” ON/OFF world travel and dealings of our Secret Space Program!
      Perhaps you would be so kind as to “curse” all of the airborne A.I…., and maybe THAT will turn off as well!
      You’d be doing the planet a real service!
      All my love….

  2. Thanks for your very informative reply Bradley and yes I can feel them crawling all over. I became aware of this approximately 10 years ago.

  3. a gentle massaging sensations. Could this be all the Wi-Fi and mobile phone waves that I can feel? I’d love to know exactly what it is.

    • herb4brad

      Speaking for myself. I stopped listening to the radio in 2000. Difficult as it was I have stopped watching negative and violent dramas on television or any TV for that matter. No TV after 8.30pm. I do watch some of the mainstream news only to reverse engineer the content for the truth.. So apart from the occasional cooking show or home improvement channel I seldom watch. If one were to cut out red meat as much as possible in one’s diet. Drink lots of water. Then in the quiet of the night one might receive “energies” which in my case vary and I don’t get them every night. If I have have had more than a small glass of red wine my “antenna” seems to be less effective. So basically it’s a lifestyle choice which might bring on energies. Where exactly do they come from? and why? I can speculate but am unable to give a definitive answer. The occasional fast can be most beneficial and I recommend it. Do not eat “dead food”. I shall leave hearing celestial harmonics for another time.

    • Tom,

      Great Question!
      First, let me say that this answer is a really good, eduacated guess…, based upon my research and my own expreriences!

      Let’s start this way…, our “atmosphere” has now been “electrified”! There is a constant electro magnetic “feel” to the air around us, because the secret “militaries” of the world have been using the Chem-Trails (partly) for this reason.

      The way it was explained is this:

      Our planet is being constantly visited by Aliens using super advanced craft! They are very generally untrackable because they have “cloaking” technology! This means they are invisible to the naked eye…, and even to most forms of Radar!

      So…, they can come and go as they please!

      However…, it was discovered that if the entire planet was cloaked with a mixture of tiny particles of aluminum and barium…, then by “electrically magnetising” the atmosphere…, even an invisible – cloaked Alien space ship, not trackable by radar, could be tracked…, due to the subtle magnetic waves of disturbance it would cause as it moved through the air.

      This is highly sophistocated and sensitive type of tracking…, and sadly…, ONLY works if the air has aluminum and barium in it all the time! Which is (Part) of the reason why chem-trails are replaced all over the world DAILY!

      And why as long as their is an “alien” presense or threat…, they will NEVER STOP doing this.

      Now…, this is part ONE of the equation of what is happening to YOU!

      Secondly…, we have a “rogue” A.I. Problem here on Earth!

      There is an Ancient Artificial Intelligence running in our Galaxy which many systems and planets have had to deal with! This A.I. Is “nano” based or “nanite” based and due to the CABAL and the Draco…, and many other less than savory groups using A.I., and even making “agreements” with A.I…., it also (in my opinion) is literally hanging out in our atmosphere!

      A.I…., which is not organic…, can not really DIE! It can only be turned OFF!
      The way you do that is to remove it’s power source!

      The reason I feel that A.I. Is living in our Atmosphere…, is that the (SECRET) military is “electrifying” the atmosphere in order to run it’s super advanced tracking system…, so it can track all space craft world wide!

      This “elcto-magnetic” soup FEEDS the air borne A.I. !!!

      Now…, if you remember something I talked about as concerns human beings and A.I., The human beings entire “AURA” is made of PLASMA!

      If you also remember…, PLASMA is A.I.’s best friend… Because it is one of the best ELECRICAL and MAGNETIC conductors threre is!

      And so…, with all of this being said…, (IN MY OPINION) what YOU are personally feeling are tiny, micro scopic, nano particles that are air borne which are related to A.I.!

      They are micro scopic little robotic machines that are bouncing and vibrating really “close” to your body because they “FEED” on your Aura!

      Your aura is like a gas station…, and they are tiny little robotic “cars” stopping in to fill up with the electro magnetism that your body produces!

      When you meditate…, and get quiet…, it is like you can “FEEL” them crawling all over you! (Am I correct?)

      It is the “vibrating” motion of millions of swarmy nano particles feeding on your energy!

      That is my opinion!

      My Conclusion…, is that the DEEPLY SECRECT Secret Space Program has caused our Earth many, many porblems which are now classified as TOP SECRET…, and the military would most likely let the entire Earth be destroyed before admit to even ONE of it’s problems and failures!

      All my love….

  4. Bradley, whenever I meditate or switch off from my surroundings, for example during reading this article, I feel energies wondering around my head. They feel like

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