It is not going too far to say that this election tomorrow will basically determine the fate of the entire planet.  If the election goes for the “Democratic side” – which at this point has clearly turned toward the Satanic and aligned itself with the agenda of the Globalists – then America will fall soon after. 

It will be slowly torn apart and ripped to shreds by Globalists who have no use for Freedom, no use for Free Speech, no use for a middle class, and certainly no use for anyone who does not agree with them.

America is hanging on by a tiny thread that could very easily be cut tomorrow!

Going even further – the only thing that is keeping the entire world from falling into the hands of the Globalists as we speak is America (WHICH IS MADE UP OF WE THE PEOPLE) and not the fake government.

WE THE PEOPLE still value freedom, and because we still stand – we are solidly standing in the way of the New World Order.

So, as insane as it sounds – this single election may indeed determine the fate of the entire world.  If the election is fair (which it is almost guaranteed not to be) then simply by voting in a new group of people – the system could start to clear itself of all of the corruption and all of the evil. (Maybe)

But if the vote is not fair and is stolen yet again – then there is no hope of getting any of the corruption removed simply by voting it out, and it would fall to the military to come forth and to do something before America is lost forever.

The question is – WILL THEY?

The absolutely corrupt courts and judges here in America have not been forcibly STOOD DOWN – which should have happen already two years ago.  Therefore, over the last 2 years, injustice and not justice is being done daily unto anyone who does not wish to go along with the Globalist Agenda called the New World Order.

“THEY”  (The Deep State) told us in the movies exactly how this would happen.  They told us how liberty would die!   They showed us that no one would care – and everyone would simply applaud the end of the Republic in favor of a ruthless EMPIRE!

So stay tuned to see if tomorrow is the beginning of the end of all life on Earth as we know it – or there are still some people left alive who (like me) value FREEDOM ABOVE ALL ELSE.

I will keep you posted.

All my love

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