By: Bradley Loves


All of the world is a stage! 

You’ve heard this before, I’m sure!  But did you ever stop to think that this was EXACTLY what was going on?

Many things you will see in this article will be things I’ve said over the past two years!  However…, you will know that only if you’ve read absolutely EVERYTHING I’ve ever written!

If you have…, then this article is the final piece of the puzzle that makes ALL OF IT come in perfect clarity!

I’ve said things like:  It’s all a CON!   And…, you are being had!  But now…, I will add one last piece of the puzzle.   You are watching a world wide “stage show”…, complete with MAGICIANS, and props…, and distractions!

Look…, look over here…, the magician calls…., while meanwhile…, he is busy shifting and changing things that you are not paying attention to…


That is the magicians ONLY real trick!   But in order to create the perfect “illusion”…, he must first get you to Believe!   

A magic act…, (and that is all that is going on here, trust me) needs the audience to believe in it…, and to believe in it’s possibility, before it can FOOL THEM.

Where do we start?

Let’s start here:


Are they Banksters?   Are they Mafia?   Are they Elite inbred families?


I’ve told you this before…, they are MAGICIANS!   They are DARK MAGICIANS using:  Ancient Babylonian Magic on the entire planet.

And, they want something from you!

What they want is your “belief” in their Magic Stage Show! 

You see…, NO magic act can be pulled off, if the audience does not believe that it is real!

Let’s pull back the curtain together shall we…, and for the first time really see the man standing behind it!

In the USA…, there was an “event” called 9/11.   Yes…, people died…, however…, the “event” was orchestrated!   Sick…, I know…, but these “Magicians” needed to create a little chaos on the stage in order to make you BELIEVE…, that our country was being attacked.   The “stage” that we are talking about…, naturally is the “world stage”.

Once you “believed” that the “trick” or the “illusion” that had been pulled off in front of your eyes was REAL…, then they could fool you some more.

They were then soon able to pass the PATRIOT ACT.  It was only an “act” after all…, since the “stage” had already been set.  The “Partriot Act” had been written LONG before 9/11.

Then they were off to WAR…, in Afghanistan…, and then Iraq!  Yes…, these things were also part of the MAGIC ACT.

And you…, YES YOU…, as the audience, were and still are participating!   You see…, no stage show…, especially a MAGIC SHOW can be a success without an audience that is willing to BELIEVE.

No man (or woman) would have ever gone off to WAR…, if they had not “believed”.   Humans…, actually killing other humans…, is the result of believing in the CON.

Now…, if all of this is too much for you to handle…, let’s break it down a little here.




It’s always been about your Freewill!   I’ve told you that right from the beginning…, on day one…, and right from my very first article!

I’ve repeated it over, and over and over again!  And no one hears it, because it sounds so strange!   So now…, I going to finally explain it in detail.

In this crazy and messed up reality…, where DARK MAGICIANS have set up a “stage show” for you to watch…, the one and only thing they can never take from you, while you watch is your FREEWILL!

Freewill is a gift that was given to each and every one of you directly from GOD…, our PRIME CREATOR.., our SOURCE!

They know this!  Oh yes…, very much so…, the ones who are really in charge of the Earth…, the ones who are really behind the DARK CABAL…, the “MAGICIANS” know this, like they know the back of their hands.

They can NOT do anything to you…, EVER…, without your willing consent!  However…, this is where it gets very complicated!   They have made up an illusionary world…, the world that you see all around you…, where almost EVERYTHING that you do…, is geared and designed to get one single thing from you!


They have designed it this way on purpose!  And, I am not joking when I say that “everything” is designed to get you to hand over your consent willingly!

From the day your were born…, and, in the training you got from your parents…, and the training from the school systems you were put in…, and the religion ideals you were taught…, you were trained and programmed to always GIVE CONSENT TO AUTHORITY.



I’ve told you this before!  No one heard…, and no one believed.  So terribly mind controlled are the masses…, that to think that PRIME CREATOR is actually watching this ILLUSION…, is not believable any longer.


If these dark magicians were to do ANYTHING…, to you…, without somehow gaining, tricking, fooling, or even “intimidating” your consent out of you first, even from the day you are born…, then, OUR LOVING SOURCE would throw lighting bolts directly through their bodies.

I KNOW THIS…, sadly…, you do not…, because you don’t BELIEVE IT.

So let’s take this apart…, and really look deeply.

Sandy Hook was a MAGIC SHOW!  It’s already been proven.  No one died…, and the school was abandoned at the time.  It was a drill…,  complete with crises actors…, who were well paid…, and cops who willingly lied…, (they were in on it) and many families homes were paid off as part of their take in the deal.

(The entire area around Newtown, Connecticut is deeply Satanic, and many people have said this).

However…, the Sandy Hook “stage show”…, was nothing more than a stage show “distraction”.  It wasn’t the main event!  The payoff and main event was attempting to take away the guns!

You see…, all good magicians need to create ILLUSIONS, for their magic to work.   So they created the illusion of “disaster” for you…, and all they needed was an audience that was willing to BELIEVE.  Once that happened…, they hoped everyone would willingly GIVE UP their freewill.

Just like in the Wizard of Oz…, as long as Dorothy, the Lion, the Tinman, and the Scarecrow…, BELIEVED that the “Wizard” was very powerful…, and were afraid of him…, they were WILLING  (make note of the word please) to do what they were told.

So IF after becoming afraid, they were willing to do as they were told…, what is that?


The Wizard (magician) tricked them into giving up their FREEWILL…, and into doing his bidding, by sending them for the broomstick of the witch.

That my friends…, is the entire purpose of a MAGIC TRICK.

Do you think that this is still being done to you as we speak?

You bet it is Dorothy!

So, let’s keep going!   The Boston Bombing was also a Magic Show… complete with crises actors.  Now, I’m not saying that every “false flag” the magicians pull on us has no injuries.   Not at all.  What happened on 9/11 had lots of injuries…, but that does not change the fact that what was done…, was done to create an ILLUSION. 

Multiple injuries or even deaths, does not change the fact that it is a MAGIC SHOW.

Why were these things being done again?


How can they “trick you” into giving up your FREEWILL…, if you do not believe first.

So, then we had the San Bernardino thing…, and now the Orlando thing…, and all of these up and coming “things” yet to happen…, ALL…, ALL…, ALL…, of them are perpetrated in order to do only one thing.



To get you to believe!  To get you to believe in the “act”!  To get you to believe in the “stage show”!  To get you to believe that the MAGIC ACT is real!


Here’s the next step AFTER you “believe”.

Once you BELIEVE…, now you have become “suggestible”!

That’s right.    Once you “believe” or “buy into”  the first part of the Magic Trick…, which is really only a “distraction/illusion”…, then you become what Magicians call:


In other words…, you are ready to “take action” that you never thought you would.

Wake up LUKE…, it’s an “old Jedi Mind Trick”

So, in all of these cases…, after all of them are over…, and everyone has BELIEVED and become very suggestible…, it is then “suggested” by the Magicians that:


This suggestion, is then repeated by all of the “helpers” in the stage show.

How many of you realize that every good magician has dozens of helpers on and off the stage?


A MAGICIAN can not pull off a good trick without having many helpers!

So every magic act played upon the unsuspecting public has:

  • Crises Actors
  • Politicians
  • Police
  • Doctors

And especially, the NEWS MEDIA…, who are all “helping” the stage show along.


Because they are being PAID TO!   

Anyone who is part of the stage show, is in the employ of the DARK MAGICIANS…, even if they don’t know it.

So these “helpers” are there to assist in the creation of the GRAND ILLUSION!

But, that is not the end goal…, you see…, the ILLUSION is only a means to an end.  And that end…, is always…, and every time…, getting you to give up YOUR FREEWILL.

They’ve got to get it from you!

Remember however…, it can’t be TAKEN from you!

Prime Creator will NOT allow that!

You have to willingly give it up!


Now…, “they” (the magicians) know this.   God (Source) knows this!   I know this!

Only you…, don’t seem to know this!   Nothing can be done to you…, if you absolutely refuse to comply…, or give consent…, or give in.

Now…, as I’ve said…, and many of you have found out…, that these “darkies” are very willing to use endless “intimidation”!

Which means they will use police as hired thugs!

These thugs will do everything in their power (they are trained for this) to get you…, to SUBMIT to their authority.   The goal in doing this…, once again…, (there is only one goal) is to get you to surrender your freewill by “agreeing” to their authority.

Only…, when you yourself have given up your freewill, can they DO anything to you!

And…, I’m sorry to say…, PRIME CREATOR will not do anything to stop them.


Because YOU fell for the trick!  You fell for the ridiculous idea that someone else has power and authority over you!   Prime Creator, or GOD is all you will ever need.  He is the one and only authority!   There is no other!


Source GAVE YOU freewill!

It is your only protection…, and it is your only gift that can’t ever be taken!

This is why…, on this Earth…, and at this time…, literally millions of men and women who have joined together as “THE DARK”…, are working so very hard to create the ILLUSIONS that you see happening around  you everywhere.

They are desperate to get you to surrender to them…, and your ONLY PROTECTION is your FREEWILL.

Remember, that if you refuse…, there is NO WAY…, they can take it, and no way they can “harm you”.

However…, even the slightest HINT OF DOUBT in your mind…, and one wrong thing said to them…, could be taken AS CONSENT.  So, You have to be as solid as a ROCK!

They may even try to “intimidate you”…, they may do everything to make you very uncomfortable…, they may even attempt to put you in jail for a few days…, BUT…, they can NEVER hold you…, if you continue to refuse to comply.

I’ve also told you how they “trick” you with words…, and try to get you to “agree” simply by saying the wrong thing.   However…..


That is why I wrote my DECLARATION!


One of the main tools being used in the Magic Show, is a simple tool known as:


The contract is one of the most evil things ever devised by man!    It is really a SATANIC THING! 

I’ve told you this before…, and no one listens.

There is only one purpose to a contract…, and that is to “hand over” freewill in the form of a LIMITATION, that has been put upon you on “RECORD” and then “signed” (agreed to) by you.

And…, surprise, surprise…, contracts are being used for everything…, everywhere…, all day…, and all night long.

You sign Contracts for:

  • Phone service
  • Life Insurance
  • ‘Health Insurance
  • To Buy a Car
  • To Register a Car
  • To Buy a Home
  • To rent a Home
  • To get Married
  • To have Children
  • To enter into a Hospital
  • To get Healthcare in a Hospital
  • To lease a car for a year
  • To rent a car for a day
  • To Open a Bank Account
  • To get a Driver’s License

Every one of these “contracts” require you to have and use an:  ALL CAPS NAME.

The reason for this is clear…, a “contract” is a form of BINDING!


Have you ever heard of the term:  Legally Binding Contract?  Do you think that is an accident?

Do you think I’m making this stuff up?   So far…, I’m probably the ONLY person in the entire world who has actually told the entire TRUTH!

Sadly…, again…, no one listens.

Even when you download a program or an App for your computer you are faced with a CONTRACT and an “agreement” button that you must push.


Because every piece of software is there to take your information and collect it.

This would be a crime against you, unless you push the agreement button.

You can’t even go into a Starbucks and get on the internet without “agreeing” to a CONTRACT first.  That contract…, most likely says they can collect any kind of information about you or your computer that they want.

That’s why you CAN’T even gain access until you push the button.

Please tell me you are finally getting this!  CONTRACTS ARE THERE FOR A REASON!  They “bind” you.

Now.., the dark magicians can NOT BIND A LIVING MAN/WOMAN.   That is a “crime” against GOD!  (Unless he or she of course agrees)

(That is where the SATANIC CONTRACTS for those in the Movie and Music Industries come in.   Those men and women sign willingly, and in blood.)

The rest of us can’t be bound like that!  So…, instead…, it is the ALL CAPS NAME which is being bound by Dark Magic, because the ALL CAPS NAME is the curse that they put on every single new born child.

The trick is this.  All they need to do…, is to get you (TRICK YOU) into saying, thinking, or believing that you are the ALL CAPS NAME.

Another Jedi Mind Trick….


And…, from my first hand experience, and the experience of many other men and women, the police and the courts are EXPERTS at doing everything in their power to GET YOU…, to say that you are the ALL CAPS NAME.

This is called:  BAIT AND SWITCH

What they are trying to do is to “bait you” into “agreeing” (consenting) to their MAGIC.

Now before we go any further, let me say this:


But almost all of the men and women who are working for the DARK MAGICIANS are SATANISTS!  I’ve told you this.

Jay Parker has told you this!  Mark Passio has told you this!  The number of generational Satan Worshipers is huge.

Jay Parker has said that his mother told him that 12 percent of the entire population of the world are generational SATANISTS (aka Luciferians).

Out of the 300 million people living in the US…, this means that over 30 million people are generational satanists.  And only now…, are you starting to understand why so many people could actually be “in on the scam or in on the act!”

Only now…, are you starting to understand how the MAGICIANS are able to have so many “helpers” everywhere you go…, and everywhere you look…, because they really ARE EVERYWHERE!

If there are 7 Billion people living on the planet (and I can’t prove that there are, because that number could easily be a total lie…)  then that means that over 700 million people are Satanists if we keep to the 12 percent rule.

All I know…, is that these people LIE through their teeth!  They LIE…, like you and I breath air, and therefore, NOTHING they say can be trusted.

What I also know is this!

I OWN MY FREEWILL.    It is the only thing that can save me!  I know that I will NEVER surrender, or give it over to anyone…, EVER!     That is the key!

Now…, lately the “stage show” has gotten far more interesting!

Lots and lots of ancient and new technology has been introduced!  However…, all of these technologies being used on us…, are just PROPS in the show.

They are there to do only one thing!  What is that one thing?  By now you should know!


First, we had Religions!  Then we got Books!  Next we got Newspapers and Magazines.  Then we got radio!  Then we got movies, and then we got television!

All of these things were put there to do only one thing!


To train us…, to program us, that life was a certain way.  That reality was a certain way.  That there was something called authority, and that that authority was outside of us, and that we had to obey it.

This happened very slowly…, over many generations and even centuries!  It was done carefully and methodically…., with slight changes being constantly added…, and tiny “freedoms” taken away…, but only because “we asked for it”…, after being tricked into it.

It was done by huge connected families who are “generational Satanic families” who pass down this knowledge of the agenda…, and the belief that it is their JOB to enslave humanity.

And yet…, they also know…, that any man or woman…, who refuses to give consent…, must ultimately be left alone!  THEY KNOW THIS!

Naturally…, they will never tell you…, and that is why…, I’m telling you.

There is so much more…, and I am trying not to sound too simplistic!  It is a simple concept…, but it really goes very deep!

And by that, I mean that this “stage show”…, also has helpers on many other unseen levels that you don’t even know about…, and can’t even see.

They are demons, dark forces, djinn, archons, discarnate spirits and entities… ALL OF THEM FALLEN…, and all of them working toward the same goal…, which is to fool you into giving over your FREEWILL.

You must be constantly vigilant!

They come to you in dreams…, in visions…, and can shape shift.  They pretend to be your friend…, only to fool you into trusting them.  Everything they do is geared toward getting your AGREEMENT or to surrender your will.

A man…, or woman must be a VERY PURE being indeed…, not to be fooled.  Any weakness in your character, will be a hook that they can use against you.  Only when you “purify” yourself…, and cleanse your energies, can you see how what they do…, is all part of the same Satanic Plot.

It is all done to get you to BELIEVE in certain lies…, and ultimately to get you to GIVE UP your FREEWILL!

Now recently…., instead of television…, we have “implants”.., both physical and astral.  We also have nano-tech floating in the very air we are breathing.

We have towers all over the world which are broadcasting signals…, and we have “VOICE TO SKULL” technology that can literally talk to us inside of our heads…, while by passing the ears completely.



If we do not believe…, then we are not “suggestible”!   If we are not “suggestible”…, then we will not surrender our FREEWILL…, and we will not comply.

The NEW AGE…, and most CHANNELED MESSAGES floating around out there, are simply another form of the use of “slight of hand”.   They are part of the MAGIC SHOW…, AND PART OF THE ACT.

All being done…, (most likely) through very advanced technological means…, with the use of advanced broadcasting methods and “implants”.

The goals of course are the same!   Get us to BELIEVE…, and then get us to be very “suggestible”.  Once this occurs, we are ripe to hand over our FREEWILL to someone else.

No one deserves your surrender!  NO ONE!


What can you do about all of this?

You have to start over again!  You have to first realize, and then willingly admit that you’ve been had!

You have to start there.  Then, you have to re-educate yourself about these “LEGAL” versus “LAWFUL” things.  You have to know who and what you are, and what you are NOT.

You must come to realize how everything that we consider to be a “normal way of life” has actually been “created” for us…, to ENTRAP and ENSLAVE us.

Then you need to start unlearning it all.

You need to stop using and signing CONTRACTS unless they are absolutely essential to your life.

Each time you sign one…, you are BINDING yourself magically.

I have found hundreds of ways around using them, but you have to be willing to make sacrifices.

I almost never sign anything.

Some things…, you do need to sign…, but, I keep it down to only the very bare essentials.  This means, of course that you may have to do without a lot of “nice things in life”…, but then…, that’s the trap isn’t it!

Nice things…, do not equal FREEDOM.


You must keep it at all costs.

In the end…, I can not make you “SEE” what I can see.  Some people are not ready, or able to see how clearly this all fits together.  A lifetime of programming is hard to over come by the reading of a single article.  And just as a hypnotized man will do things that he does not even know he’s doing, a programmed person will also do absurd things that they think are totally reasonable.

Now, you may say:  “Does this all really matter?”

I say it does!


Because the Satanists are coming for the planet!   They want the Earth…, without us on it!

That affects every living thing, including all plants, animals, trees, and humans!   We cant afford to surrender our consent any longer!

No…, I do NOT consent to that!

Should be our most frequently used response.

Reality is collectively created in the aggregate.  They can not do anything here without our help in doing it.

For now…, just remember that the world is a stage…, and there is a MAGIC SHOW happening everywhere you look.  The “show” is there to get you to BELIEVE that it is real.

The ONLY real thing is LOVE!


































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