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This was always going to be their final move!

Remember my dearest brothers and sisters…, GOD said that we all have FREE-WILL!  There is no way that HE who is the FATHER OF US ALL…, would ever let the Dark Magicians/Black Sun Worshipers/Luciferians…. simply “take the Earth” without honoring his promise that his precious gift of Freewill would never be denied to the rest of us!


For thousands of years…, they have “hidden” this TRUTH behind doors of absolute secrecy!

Dark Brotherhoods, Secret Societies, and Death Pledges have kept it hidden.

The LUCIFERIANS and SATANISTS have already been told (by GOD) that their goals and plans will NEVER be allowed to succeed unless they TELL (openly) everyone on Earth that they worship LUCIFER!

This was told to them LONG AGO!

They knew (as a result of being told this) that this would have to be their last and “final” move!   

This is a move that they could NOT afford to make until the very last minute, because it was a move that could only be made once they were certain they had control of MOST of the world’s BANKS – GOVERNMENTS – WORLD LEADERS – MILITARY and INFRASTRUCTURE!

Before the FINAL move…, everything was hidden behind a pile of LIES – DECEPTIONS – CONS – and ILLUSIONS!

This was and IS a move so important, that they can not afford to mess it up because their ENTIRE PLAN depends upon it!

Therefore…, the TRUTH had to remain hidden from the masses until the very last second!

However, David Wilcock’s sudden very “dark” predicament tells me that they are actually getting ready to MAKE THIS FINAL MOVE!

The Ancient Civilizations Episode he is talking about – demonstrates that THIS is the year they were planning on making that MOVE!

This means that the END OF THE GAME is very close my dearest readers!


Before they can declare a New World Order…, the world has got to be informed of just who they are…, and what they are all about!


Then everyone alive will have to CHOOSE!

Make no mistake about it…, a CHOICE will have to be made!

And…, the sheer irony here is that David Wilcock…, a man who has claimed over and over again that in the “NEW AGE” there was no such thing as evil…, that we would never really have to make a choice between good and bad/light and dark…, is now himself being FORCED (by the Universe) in front of everyone on Earth who knows about him…, to make a serious CHOICE between good and evil!

You just can’t make this stuff up!

Do you see how GOD our LOVING FATHER WORKS???

He will give you just enough rope to HANG YOURSELF right in front of everyone that you’ve lied to.

And in his defense…, I will admit that David did not lie knowingly…, it was simply that he was “taken in” by the Channeling Community!  He deeply believed in Channeling so blindly…, that he adopted a totally channeled book called: THE LAW OF ONE as the very basis of his entire spiritual point of view!

He did not THINK DEEPER!  

He did not dig way down to find out what “cons” or “lies” could have been buried behind the message that he took as the “TRUTH”.

This being said, because of what he is currently going through…, I’ll bet you a “cookie” he wishes desperately that he HAD!!!

That’s all for now…, all my love to my dearest friends (all my readers) and my brothers and sisters in the love of CHRIST.


As Q says:   WINNING!


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  1. anonymous

    This conversation has vanished from the internet but I’ve kept a copy. It’s between Lucia Rene and Inelia Benz on 11 February [2010? 2011?]. I’ve transcribed part of it. I don’t know if it’s true but it sounds plausible. It’s certainly what I expect clemency to mean. The ladies talked about dealing with one of the Illuminati kingpins whom they referred to as the ‘Red Cardinal’.

    • Anonymous,

      Inelia Benz relies very HEAVILY on CHANNELING for her information. I have watched some of her Youtube videos. Her sources are NOT RELIABLE! She has also admitted (ON OCCASION) that she was WRONG!
      That what she supposed or thought to be the TRUTH was in fact NOT CORRECT!

      It is VERY risky to put such adoration and faith into a single human being WHO IS STILL LEARNING!

      “Just because you WANT it to be true…, does not MAKE IT TRUE”


        My information always has a HUMAN (living here on Earth) SOURCE!

      • anonymous

        You shouldn’t project so much of your emotions on to me. I never said anything about adoring Inelia Benz and I did point out that I have no idea of whether what conversation described was true or not. I don’t even know much about Inelia’s work.

        We are all learning here and elsewhere. You hold many prejudices which colour your reasoning. We all make mistakes and I have more respect for someone who admits when she finds out at a later date that she was wrong. This world is full of misinformation and disinformation. I doubt there’s anyone here who hasn’t been deceived by the cabal – those paragons do not exist.

        Just look at your recommendation of Veronica Keen a few years ago. The cabal’s crapped all over her and the last time I looked, her website displayed the all seeing eye and some rubbish explanation from ‘Monty’.

        You are looking for perfection, Bradley. Doesn’t exist here nor elsewhere. For to be perfect means that the being has reached the end of its evolution – there can be no more improvement. Do not seek to be perfect, only to improve.

        My mentor expressed her sadness a few years ago at the time when you took your blog private. She felt you have wandered a bit off the path, like so many other volunteers. My feeling (and I am not being disparaging here, truly i am not) is that you need healing. That’s where so many volunteers have gone wrong. It’s to do with the nature of this place which is another very long story.

        I would also point out a favourite modus operandi of the cabal – examine carefully who your best friends and confidantes are. The cabal sends their agents to befriend targeted individuals. I’ve seen this time and time again. Hell, they’ve done this to me too but luckily, I escaped that sucker’s clutches.

        BTW, u wrote
        “Just because you WANT it to be true…, does not MAKE IT TRUE”
        I recommend you listen to Tanaath’s video on Saturn and Black magic.

        Best wishes with your mission, Bradley. I’m sure I’ve blotted my copybook here now. Please delete this msg 4 I doubt u want it polluting this website. I’ll leave you in peace.

  2. anonymous

    For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, that last paragraph is from me and not a quotation from the book

  3. anonymous

    LOL! They have to tell us that they worship Lucifer? Hahaha! He jumped ship over 2 yrs ago – asked God for clemency and forgiveness and he was healed under the usual conditions (ie he has to clean up the mess he caused). That’s the standard package on offer to all these miscreants.

    • anonymous

      correction pls, not quite 2 yrs ago
      call it about 1½ yrs

    • Anonymous,

      Don’t “push it”. I posted your comments because you offered some information that I knew was legit! The idea that Lucifer “jumped ship” is just silly…, and your statement of “fact” (without any proof) that his punishment is only to “clean up his mess” is ludicrous!

      Even an idiot CIA agent could have come up with something better than that!

      Do you have proof you wish to share? [email protected]


      • anonymous

        Silly boy. It’s not something I can prove. I ‘heard’ him. It’s actually even less believable than that but if I tell the whole story, you will most definitely castigate me for making up fairy tales.

        Don’t be so harsh on these guys. They are lost souls and we should show them the way home if they let us.. Have I recommended Shakuntala Modi’s Remarkable Healings to you?

        You talk of love. Is this conditional? Suppose a beautiful soul falls sick and goes loco. It goes on to do terrible things; unspeakable crimes; horrible, horrible acts. He was not created that way. It’s the sickness that caused him to do those things. Do you hate the sickness or the one who fell sick? The sick individual is as much a victim as those he has harmed. They say God’s love is unconditional. Do you expect God to punish this sick soul mercilessly? God knows the soul. He knows it’s the sickness that caused him to behave so reprehensively. God cannot heal the individual without its consent. So when consent is given and the soul is healed, should God then go on to punish it for what it has done? What should God do? What should a loving and compassionate entity do?

      • anonymous

        You are a bit big on the hellfire, brimstone and punishment and a tad light on the unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. I’m not criticising you – it’s just an observation. The ideal state is balance. I suggest you read the 2nd book of the Venus Trilogy – Reconstructing Reality. I think the writer calls it fiction but it seems to be more autobiographical. Read the story of Nubnoset.

        Pg 81:
        “You must now learn to view that darkness not as an enemy with whom you must do battle, but as a component of yourself that is always present in the lower worlds. Light and dark are not just ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as they are experienced in the lower worlds……

        Darkness and light are only opposite extremes on a spectrum. Light represents unity and darkness represents separation. If you deny your darkness to know only your light, you allow one portion of yourself to become ‘unconscious’ to your total awareness.”

        You incarnated into 3D for lessons to aid your soul evolution. You have to experience lives of both polarities in order to achieve balance. I once saw someone comment on the internet that she recognised a drug dealer as her spiritual mentor in another life and she was most shocked at this discovery. She knew him as a highly evolved and very spiritual, very loving individual and yet here he is, a low life pond scum drug dealer!

  4. nateyad

    Hey Brad
    Not sure if this has come across your radar yet but it is epically huge! The “celebrities ” are finally being exposed for what they really are , generational illuminati satanist’s. Nothing is what it seems, but the truth is being shown to those who are awake at 100 mph now. Buckle up this is wild!

  5. Bradley you are an Amazing Soul.

    Sometimes we humans are lazy and want to just believe someone because they have a large following of People without asking ourselves : ” What are their intentions behind this and how does this affect this Reality and the People living here”

    Yours is Really Exposing the Truth no matter how bad or shocking it is and Waking the Rest of the World too…. I thank you for this and everything you continue doing to Awaken the WORLD.

    The Truth is out there we need to use our Heart connection and Gut instinct to find it…… and work together to save Each other Other.

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