By: Bradley Loves



They just don’t know it yet!

What I, and several other souls have set into motion here on Earth can not be stopped, done away with, or outmaneuvered.

When I agreed to come to Earth on this very questionable mission, I was clear to GOD our loving Father that “this time around” anyone who took up arms and weapons against me (even silent ones) would pay dearly for the attempt.

He made a solemn promise to me that it would be SO!


THE DECLARATION OF FREEDOM AND REMOVAL OF CONSENT is not just a bunch of words written on a group of pages without meaning.

It is a fully BINDING document with ramifications that go on to have effects on multiple higher levels of creation because I have written it to be so!

Almost all souls that incarnate here on Earth have their memories erased and are not really aware of what happens to them after they leave this physical realm.

Therefore, they are also unaware that any and all of the crimes that they commit here in the physical realm FOLLOW THEM FULLY into the higher and finer realms.

This is especially true if those crimes are particularly heinous AND there is even just one single soul that is willing and able to hold them bound for these crimes and the damage that they caused to that soul.



Let me refresh your recollection of what will take place.

IF a single innocent and righteous soul  who walks the Earth while holding the hand of GOD has made any claims here on the Earth for specific damages to his or her life as they would have chosen to live it, records these crimes and declares that his or her GOD GIVEN FREEWILL has been stolen or thwarted through con, fraud, or deceit…, and then proceeds to make a FORMAL DECLARATION to the intelligent Universe that these claims must be paid and made up or those souls can NEVER move forward…,

…then immediately upon leaving their physical body vehicles, those souls who are responsible (even just tangentially) for this damage and harm are immediately apprehended in the Lower Astral Levels and taken to a waiting area where they can not leave and must wait for HIGHER COSMIC COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS to take place.

It will be like they are in a form of conscious STASIS.  They will want to move…, but can’t!

Their “freedom” of movement is fully removed from them because there is a significant claim that has been made against their souls and that claim must be addressed.

You see…, the problem we are facing is that these CABAL members erroneously believe that “only Earth” has a justice system!

And they, having spent a great deal of time and money, have taken over that justice system and so have come to believe that there can NEVER BE ANY PUNISHMENT HANDED OUT FOR ANY OF THEIR CRIMES.



As I’ve said many times before on this blog, the Universe is nothing if not absolutely precise!  The higher levels have even MORE of a Justice System than there is here…, and that higher justice system can not be bought off or tampered with.

There really are countless wretched souls who are currently doing “great evil” upon the Earth…, only because they fear their Luciferian Masters…, and falsely believe that every crime they commit while here on Earth will be forgotten and simply wiped away once they die!


I tell you this…, it is the truth, so listen up good!

The pain and suffering that these Luciferian Masters can cause to you who are doing these horrible things is merely physical…, and very temporary compared to the real pain and suffering that you will most certainly face once you have left your own physical body!

You have NO CLUE how much worse it will be for you to leave your physical body (die) and go on to the non physical realms without first having addressed and made up with those men and women that you have cheated, tormented, tortured, and abused!

The difference is like night and day!


I have put out a NOTICE on this very blog (LOVE TRUTH) to all of the members of the Dark Military, and the Luciferian Cabal (and all other souls who are hiding what these groups have done) to contact me and to make arrangements for negotiations for reparations!

These negotiations are to settle up for what has been done to me and my family and to make reparations so that they do not have to FACE THE FAR MORE DIFFICULT PROCEEDINGS ON THE NON-PHYSICAL REALMS.

I have given all souls involved the equal opportunity to settle for pennies on a dollar…, and this offering is merely a necessary formality that has to take place here on Earth so that when the Higher Council Proceedings take place on the non physical realms…, that every “i” has been dotted and every “t” has been crossed.

I can not proceed there if I have not given them all a chance to make restitution while still here!

I am doing this both for my benefit and for theirs!  

They must be given an honest chance to settle with me and to admit what they have done and to make reparations!


I am fully aware of this rule, and thus I am providing them with that opportunity.

However…, I am under no illusions as to their attitude, and it does not really matter!

Once they refuse to face up to and admit to what has been done to me and my family (since 1961) then all bets are off…, the FAR MORE EXPENSIVE AND PAINFUL PUNISHMENT will be allowed to take place on the non-physical realms…, and as the first line of this post says:  THEY ARE TOAST

It will be shown clearly in those higher realms that they were provided an honest opportunity on this level to take care of their trespass and their transgressions and they REFUSED!

Now…, as a reader of this blog…, you may wonder why or how posting a NOTICE such as this one would be sufficient.

You see, GOD OUR LOVING FATHER watches everything!

HE sees how they have compartmentalized every single aspect of their own system such that one hand does not know what the other hand is doing.   They have done this for plausible deniability, but also so that any man or woman who wants to make a legitimate claim for damages against their system…, would never know who to go to, or where to file that claim.

Any and all “claimants” would only get the bureaucratic “run around” where their paper claim gets shuffled endlessly back and forth from one place to another.  This is intentional.


Thus according to Universal Law…, a NOTICE like this one – in the eyes of those on the Higher Councils – IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Since every man, woman and child is being watched and having their data collected, and huge AI SUPER COMPUTERS are collecting everything…, then a notice like this one can be seen (and IS SEEN) by those who need to see it in the Deep State Military and the Luciferian Cabal without question.

Now…, for the most part…, they will feign ignorance and totally deny that they have seen this NOTICE.



The higher councils will have recorded that they were informed of what was written here and did in fact see the NOTICE (As well as the DECLARATION) – and simply chose to ignore them.

All the same, when they finally leave their physical bodies, they will be dragged in front of these councils just as easily as a Father picks up a terrible two year old and places it into it’s bedroom for throwing a tantrum.

They will have no say in the matter.

Remember…, in the higher non-physical realms…, the Justice System can not be bought off, bribed, or controlled.

And for your further information, those who will be charged with the greatest crimes will be those men and women who worked inside of the Earthly justice system and made a complete mockery of law and justice.

There are going to be countless Judges, Prosecutors, Attorneys, Lawyers, and Clerks of the Court who will wish they had NEVER BEEN BORN…

They knew they were perpetrating a FAKE JUSTICE SYSTEM upon their fellow souls and upon all of GODS CHILDREN and so their punishment will be FAR WORSE than those who did not “pretend” on that issue.

The Cabal has been notified they need to contact me and make reparation for what they have done.

The list of transgressions and trespasses upon my life already covers many pages!

The worst of which are the fact that they BROKE many of their own laws to do these things which caused my life harm and damage!

A fact that the Higher Councils will most certainly look at with complete disdain!

You can not hold someone else to a certain standard…, and then give your own self a free pass and act as if those Laws (Laws you made up) were not even there!

Needless to say…, THE CLOCK IS TICKING…

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