Our power is unlimited.  The Dark Magicians are terrified of us and of what we can do to them if we finally remember who we are and what our power truly is.  They have worked very hard for thousands of years to hide this from us.  They have done horrid and monstrous things in order to hide this from us.

Now, at this late stage they are absolutely terrified of us.

Their punishment (yes there will be severe consequences) is coming closer and closer, and they can see the “Handwriting on the Wall”.

This TIME in history was very important to them.  They knew this was the time that they could lose it all.  They spared “no expense” and “pulled no punches” in using every single dark trick in the book to keep us enslaved.

They broke every single rule that God ever laid down in order to avoid punishment, and by doing so all they did was to INSURE PUNISHMENT.

Furthermore, in their desperation to avoid punishment, they not only risked the entire Earth by destroying as much as they could, but their tactics and methods were so very dark that the horror and destruction they were creating here – moved out into the Galaxy and the Entire Universe and started destroying everything there as well.

All in an INSANE attempt to keep us enslaved – just so that we would not punish them for what they did to us over thousands of years.

Rather than allow us to simply win the game and beat them honorably – they decided that it was better to DESTROY THE ENTIRE GAME BOARD than risk losing and facing any consequences.

There is no “New Ager” living anywhere on the Earth who honestly understands what the Dark actually did here – the rules that they broke – and why God had to get involved and simply CHANGED EVERYTHING. 

The LIGHT/DARK contrast paradigm has absolutely nothing to do with what was being done here on the Earth in the last 100 years.  To think that this is how God intended it to be, and was “okay” with all of this – is being willfully BLIND and willfully IGNORANT of what was actually happening here.

This is why EMISSARIES from very high levels had to be sent.  Not just from the higher dimensions, but actual THRONE OF GOD AMBASSADORS had to be called into action.



There are very “strict” rules that those of the DARK CONTRAST must follow IF they are going to play that role.  They MUST follow these rules no matter what – and this very important RULE-BOOK was cast out the window long ago by these recalcitrant parasites.

Free Will must be recognized and must be HONORED once a choice is made by those souls who would choose the LIGHT.  A choice for good and for the light can NOT just be ignored, disregarded and pretended away as the DARK MAGICIANS have done here on the Earth.

They effectively told every soul that came to the Earth – we WIN no matter what you choose! 

This is a direct and very serious violation of their “right” to even play the dark role.  It is a breech of trust AND it immediately nullifies totally any and all protections they might have for playing that role.  Their “protections” not to be punished – are thus surrendered away by their OWN HANDS.


I don’t care what New Ager out there in New Age Land tells the entire world that they FORGIVE these monsters for what they did here – GOD DOES NOT!

The New Agers can scream from the highest mountains all day long until they are blue in the face that they “they forgive all of this” – but the millions of Volunteer Souls who came here to help free the Earth and the Galaxy from total tyranny – may have a very different opinion.

These Dark Souls WILL face Consequences for breaking these sacred rules –  so start getting used to that idea!

I will give just one simple example of how God’s rules are being broken in this way, and that is in the Satanic Court System – which is a dark and Satanic Con Game.

This “system” drags living people into these courts as “THINGS” which are not human.  The RULE is that if a man or a woman actually figures this out – AND SAYS SO IN THE COURT – then they must be released immediately – and must be compensated by the dark ones who failed to con or fool them.

Why – because the LESSON has been learned!  God saw it.

Instead – what the dark has done in Earth’s Courts is even when Souls figure out what is being done to them – is to PRETEND that they don’t hear them – and to pretend that the TRUTH has not been told right in front of them – and to pretend that the Soul who figured this out and learned the lesson – has not made their claim properly.

These Judges and these Clerks in the example given above have just cast their OWN SOULS directly in the pit of truly severe consequences – because they have now MOCKED GOD and have MOCKED THE TRUTH – and have MOCKED the purpose of life.

No one – No one – No one – living here on the Earth – even those who claim to be working for the “Dark Contrast” – has the “right” to MOCK GOD!


This is a direct VIOLATION of every rule set down for the Dark, and this comes directly from the THRONE OF GOD – so get over yourselves and your New Age belief systems – which are just as flawed as the countless religious systems that are everywhere here on the Earth.


There are only a few moves left on the game board.  These moves however are the darkest ones.

Up until now, the Globalist Cabal has tried many moves to get humanity to bow down and to submit to their technological slavery and mind control.  Their most important weapons to be used against us have now been exposed, and those who are awake have seen them!

They were hoping that these weapons mixed with our ignorant compliance would have enslaved us already.

The biggest weapons they had were all biological!

mRNA gene therapy was meant to permanently alter our DNA genetic codes, and to turn us into something that was not even human.

In addition to the mRNA gene therapy, they had planned to use the 5-G Internet against us which would very literally “mind-control” each of us depending upon our own personal IP Address (based upon our own genetics) – and then use exotic frequency weapons from cell towers and satellites against us if we were disobedient or unruly in any way.

They had planned to take everything away from us so that we would very literally own NOTHING. 

Furthermore, the mRNA gene therapy was an especially insidious weapon because they had planned to “patent” each living human being who got their gene therapy and then to CLAIM OWNERSHIP of that modified human being.

This meant that all of their human rights would be permanently revoked by law because the modified human being was no longer a REAL HUMAN being made by God – and was now somehow the genetic property of the Corporation that designed the gene therapy.

At least – this was what they were planning to claim.

Remember how quickly the Satanists “remembered” what a WOMAN was when it came down to Abortion and Abortion Rights?

When it was all about being TRANSGENDER – they had no clue what a “woman” really was – but when it comes to co-called Abortion Rights – they suddenly know exactly what a “woman” is.

Well, I am going to explain something very serious to all of you and you really NEED to understand this:

Once everyone on Earth had gotten their gene therapy – and could be “patented” – the Satanists were suddenly going to remember that YES – GOD REALLY DOES EXIST.

GOD IS VERY REAL – they were going to say, but you are no longer the human being that God originally created – and so you are NOT a true Creation of God.  You willingly accepted to be genetically modified and therefore you have no rights.

This is how sick and twisted these monsters really are. 

They lie to you until its time to change back to the truth because at certain times – the truth fits their agenda better.

All of the ABOVE has now all been exposed to some extent, meaning that a good portion of humanity knows about this stuff.  Not everyone, but enough of us know about it to put up one hell of a fight.



Voice to Skull and Remote Neural Monitoring has now also been exposed.  Not exposed to the same extent as the 5-G and mRNA gene therapy have been exposed mind you, but that is only because the military STILL wants to use this technology as a weapon – and so therefore they refuse to admit to even having it – or to telling us that it exists.

By NOT admitting to this technology – they are putting the entire world in great danger because anything that remains unexposed during this awakening can be used against all human beings in the future if it falls into the wrong hands.

Voice to Skull and Remote Neural Monitoring were their BACK UPS to the Mind Control Technology and to the mRNA Gene Therapy.  It was to be used on anyone who could not be programmed and mind controlled properly, or anyone who got out of line.

It was (and still basically is) a hidden PUNISHMENT and TORTURE Technology that can be used remotely and secretly on anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Without millions of Police worldwide (yea they were going to enslave all of them as well) – they were going to use V2K (Voice to Skull) and RNM – (Remote Neural Monitoring) – along with huge Quantum A.I. Computers (that were possessed by Demons – KINDRED and Gordy Rose) to “punish” any would be rebels who still stood against the New World Order.

But, to the extent that I – and a few others have been able to do – V2K and RNM have now been exposed as well, and have been put out into the Truth Movement for everyone to see if they care to look hard enough.



The Dark Magicians really can’t put the entire world back into lock downs again because of a Pandemic. If they do, only the most stupid people among us are going to go for that con a second time – and the rest of us are on to it. 

Therefore, their Vaccine Travel Passports are not going to work either.

So, they only have a few pieces left on the game board to play.  But these are very dark pieces indeed, and are moves done in “desperation” not cleverness and logic.

It starts with destroying the Global Food Supply (which is already under way) in order to starve everyone into compliance with their New World Order.  This then will be followed up with a Global Energy Shortage – where people can’t travel and can’t get supplies.

They will probably roll it out in the Winter – when it will do the most damage.

In addition to these last few moves – they will use a technology that is already very old – but something they still control and that technology is Global Weather Manipulation.

They will cause fires, floods, earthquakes, winds, tornadoes and hurricanes everywhere in an attempt to cause as much damage to crops, people, and homes as possible.

If we collectively can hold on and can work through all of this and beat them again – as we did when they rolled out Covid 19 – then there is only one move left on the game board to play!



Their Advanced Holographic Technologies have been hidden away for decades just for this one move alone. 

They can “project” hundreds of craft flying in the air over various cities around the world and make it look very real. Along with this World-Wide Holographic Projection – they plan to use real weapons to bring down buildings and even some cities so people will see smoke and buildings on fire all over the place.

After this – they will CALL for a world government to solve the Alien Invasion Problem – and will demand that anyone who resists this call be arrested as a traitor to the Earth.

This is their final move – and after this last move – they are out of ammunition.

If we can survive this final move – and NOT give in to their demands for a World Government and a One World Order…, then we will have beaten them and we will have escaped their Global Technological Enslavement of the human species.



  • They are trying to get WW III started with Russia – (it’s not working).
  • They are trying to use CERN to open up dimensional Gateways and flood the Earth with Demonic Entitles.   (CERN has been taken over by the White Hats)
  • They are trying to use Suitcase Mini-Nukes to cause Tsunami’s and Tidal Waves all over the world – (Monks from Hidden Monasteries in Tibet and from other places are using the power of Spirit and the power of Thought to stop these Tsunami’s from happening).


These moves are going on right now – and are being successfully stopped by the White Hats.

We just have to hold on and to HOLD THE LINE.

We can’t give in to them, and we can’t give in to their plots and their schemes to micro-chip us all and to force us into their planned Technological Tyranny.  Once we give in to this – they will use it against us almost immediately.

We have to maintain our right to be FREE and we must continue to have our FREEWILL. 

If we simply give up and hand our Freewill over to them willingly – we will NEVER get our freedoms back. 


All my love.


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