By: Bradley Loves


More and more, people with good hearts and minds are falling for the CON of the NEW AGE.

Self absorbtion, self indulgence, and self pity seem to be the “new order” of the day!

No matter where you look in the world, especially on TV, or within the Main Stream Media, or even in the Blogosphere, this is happening!

However, all of these things are very cleverly covered up in a thick FOG!  It is really hard to see them for what they really are due to this haze that covers up most of what is there, and all you can see are shadows!

This “fog” actually has a name…, and it’s name is EXTREME TOLERANCE!

Under the NEW AGE banner of “accept everything” and “tolerate anything”…, countless EVILS are now hiding in plain sight, but are simply in disguise!

Satanic in their nature, and ultimately divisive and destructive in the end, it is difficult to see many things for what they REALLY ARE, when they are covered up in such a thick FOG!

This is where you need the fog cutting knife of WISDOM and GRACE to “see” hidden things that are otherwise difficult to see!


People’s continued OBSESSION with changing their genitals is ALL ABOUT SELF!

How can a man, or a woman think clearly about “serving others” when they are ONLY worried about what is located between their legs?

This is, and ALWAYS WAS going to be a huge CON…, and the very “idea” that one needs to “change things” sexually is a huge part of the LUCIFERIAN AGENDA.


Because when you are 100 percent absorbed in your OWN problems and your OWN difficulties, it is absolutely impossible to think clearly about the larger problems of the world, or the difficulties of OTHERS!

Thus…, those who focus on sex changes and transgender things are on the left handed path of SERVICE TO SELF!   PERIOD!

It is “self-indulgent”, and “self-absorbing” and “self-defeating” in the end.

It is all about me, me, me, me, me!

And…, thus, here is the where the FOG comes in!

“Bad things” are being hidden behind a huge “smoke screen” of  “LOVE AND TOLERANCE”.

Naturally, the NEW AGE is supporting this delusion 100 percent…, because those who practice and participate in the NEW AGE RELIGION do not know that their own religion was created by LUCIFERIANS in the first place.

So what we see here (as just one small example) is a huge roll out of “sympathy this”, and “sympathy that”…, and “tolerate this” and “tolerate that”…, all under the disguise of being more NEW AGEY, or more loving and tollerant when in TRUTH…, those who embark upon this journey are embarking on the SERVICE TO SELF BOAT and are joyfully traveling to SERVICE TO SELF ISLAND!



Well, who even read my post from yesterday about confusion?

Where does this Confusion come from?


So, we could say that ILLUSION leads to CONFUSION which then leads to DELUSION!

Countless New Agers are now stuck in a quagmire of DELUSION thinking that their EXTREME TOLERANCE for all things (whether evil or not) is the right thing to do!

This however, will only lead the entire world into the PIT OF HELL!

What, You don’t think so?  It is ALREADY HAPPENING!  Those of us who have eyes to see, can see it as plain as day!  “WE” have the gift of foresight, which is the gift of being able to SEE things coming long before they happen!

Did anyone even WATCH the video that I posted from Paul Joseph Watson?  I called it a “must see” for a very good reason!

Sweden (under the “dis” – guise of RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE) has started arresting people who are telling the TRUTH, and putting them in JAIL!


Because “telling the truth” might be seen as hurting someones FEELINGS or be seen as being INTOLERANT!


You could call this simply MASS INSANITY, but it is really not insanity as much as it is: DELUSION!

NEW AGERS are deluding themselves when they think and say that TOLERATING EVERYTING (NOT JUDGING ANYTHING) will lead the entire world to a better place!!

What it will lead the world into is a MASSIVE WORLD WAR as those who try to “defend themselves” from and against the ever encroaching SELF ABSORPTION of men and women who no longer think it appropriate to SERVE GOD IN OTHERS…, and think it ONLY prudent to SERVE GOD IN THEMSELVES!

Remember this:


So what happens when an entire country, which is bending over backwards to be more “tolerant” (ie more loving) starts JAILING men and women for telling the TRUTH??

You don’t see the problem?  You don’t see the “disconnect”?  You don’t see how this is actually SATANISM masquerading around as NEW AGE LOVE?

There is only ONE WAY that this ends!

Those who have not yet “lost their minds” to the NEW AGE DELUSION and craziness will ultimately take up arms to defend themselves against the INSANE political correctness that is hiding under the cloak (a wolf in sheeps clothing) of LOVE AND TOLERANCE, but is anything…, and everything but!

You don’t put people in JAIL for telling the TRUTH or calling it like it is!

And yet…, those who are at the farthest LEFT FRINGE of the NEW AGE (SWEDEN) thinks that this is exactly what must happen, in order to FORCE EVERYONE to be less racist and more tolerant!

Yep…, if this kind of insanity continues…, a WORLD WAR THREE is certain!

But…, surprisingly, it will have been the NEW AGE EXTREMISTS who were responsible for it!

All one needs to do is look at SWEDEN!









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