By: Bradley Loves


There is NO DESTINY, and NO FATE…, except that which we make for ourselves!

The future is completely moldable, and malleable as a PROCESS, and is never a fate or a destiny!

For thousands of years…, the men and women who have been “running the show” here on Earth,  either believed or acted upon the faulty premise that the FUTURE could never be changed!  That it was “set in stone”!

The notion of unchangeable fate, or destiny, is what drove their actions…, and those who had access to very advanced knowledge (and technology)…, including psychic or prophetic predictions, as well as astrological cycles, reoccurring solar and cosmic “events”…, and other such data…,  always felt that there was NO WAY to change any of it!

And so…, they simply took all of that knowledge that “they alone” were privy to, and “prepared” for what they felt was most certainly coming!

This has now been shown in the course of time to be completely and utterly FALSE!


“They” (those running things) know that now!

However…, it is only after many of the so-called unchangeable “events” that they were expecting to occur DID NOT OCCUR, that they had to admit they were wrong!

Now…here’s the “rub”!

What do they do NOW?

“They” (those running the show) having stolen TRILLIONS of dollars worth of assets, killed millions of people who were getting in the way…, and bribed hundreds of millions more…, IN PREPARATION for a “future” that they most certainly thought was coming…, and don’t know what to do next!

How do they even begin to “admit” such monstrous and evil acts?

The entire time from World War II until now…, has been an EPIC chain of world wide piracy, theft, outright murder and ANYTHING GOES…, because those who were running things here were CERTAIN that the future was going move along a predetermined path that they felt could not be changed and was Earth’s DESTINY!

Those who participated in all of the crimes at the middle management and lower levels were always told that they were in fact SAVING HUMANITY…, and that if they did not do what they were being told to do…, that humanity could be lost forever!


This is what was being circulated around to everyone who might have used their own conscience and morality as a check valve when thinking about what they were doing!

Don’t think…, you are saving the world from a horrible fate, and a horrible future…..

How do ALL OF THESE MEN AND WOMEN…, who now know that the “future” that they were so certain would come to pass…, and HAS NOT admit what they’ve done?

How do they “give back” the trillions of dollars they’ve stolen…, bring back to life the millions of good people they murdered…, or give back the property they’ve stolen, not to mention the lives of every living being on the planet that has been ETERNALLY AFFECTED in a negative way?

How do they REPAY every human being for the missed LIFE EXPERIENCES that they “would have had” if a core group of people had not been endlessly BUSY for the last 75 years STEALING every resource, idea, technology, and property…, ONLY because they were certain that Earth had a certain “fate” or a “destiny” that was coming and could not be stopped?

You see…, the EPIC and COSMIC level of the crimes they have committed are now legendary around the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!

All of this was done and based upon the “faulty” idea that “fate” or “destiny” was a given, and could not be changed.

As I’ve said hundreds of times before, (see my previous writings), “reality” or better yet…, what we see as our “future” is COLLECTIVELY CREATED BY ALL OF US!

There is nothing BIBLICAL about our destiny!  It is simply MATHEMATICAL!

It is an equation…, NOT a belief system!

We are…, and have always been “in charge” of the word we see around us!  There is no mystery to that!  What occurs and comes into “manifestation” is a result of our collective dreams, ideas, thoughts…, and MOST importantly ACTIONS!

The SATANISTS…, who just happened to be very well organized…, (in their secret societies) and very prone to “theft” and “deception” anyway…, thought that they had hit the “mother load” when they bumped into certain “prophecies” that they felt were certain to occur!

They had the money…, and the time to prepare!  And, that is what they did!

Their goal was to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER upon the Earth, with their own selves “in charge” so that when certain ASTROLOGICAL EVENTS occured; events that they fully expected to wreak havoc upon the planet…, they would simply GO UNDERGROUND (into deep underground military bases) that were  built with trillions of dollars of STOLEN MONEY from the very surface people who they fully intended to abandon, and after it was all over…, come back up to the surface with super advanced technology and ALREADY BE IN CHARGE…, and own everything!

They felt they could then completely remake humanity, in a way that was pleasing to their tastes…, which were based upon LUCIFERIAN doctrines!

Everywhere you look today…, whether in Hollywood, in the Music Industry.., on “tell- a – vision”, in magazines, in our public schools, and in our news media…, you can see the FALLOUT of the endless preparations they have made!

If you look just past the surface…, it’s ALL SATANIC…, and only has not been openly revealed as such…, BECAUSE the very future they had all been preparing for…, FAILED TO MANIFEST!

Now what?

Millions, and Millions of people…, men, women and children…, “joined up”…, and pledged “allegiance” to the coming NWO and the Luciferian Agenda…, feeling that the FUTURE they had been told was coming was a done deal…, and they may as well JOIN EM…, if they can’t BEAT EM!

All manner of criminality, abuse, theft, deception, injustice and intolerable activities have NOW BECOME COMMON PLACE…, in a world that was evidently preparing for a “fate” or a “destiny” that they were told could not be changed!

Do you see how messed up things can get when you DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH?

Do you see now…, that if you don’t know…, how things work on this world…, that you are in dire trouble?

My blog site is called: LOVE TRUTH for a good reason!

Only when we ALL (not just a select few) know the TRUTH…, can the world and the those living on her, experience our greatest joys and live the best lives.

Regardless of what those who claim to be in charge try to do…, they will NEVER control the entire planet AND…, this is why they have “moved on” from preparing for “FATE”…, (which did not show up) and into the complete and total CONTROL of each and every MIND on the planet!

They are now very aware that reality is collectively created…, and so…, because of their past criminal acts (which are epic) they are now willing to DOUBLE DOWN and FORCE the “destiny” they thought would happen on the Earth to “occur” anyway!


The other people living on the planet can be damned!  They don’t care…, they have come TOO FAR to quit or to fail now!

If you are even remotely awake…, you can see the desperation with which they are now moving in their global affairs and agendas!

Naturally, everything you see happening in the world has an excuse, or a reason attached to it.  A reason given to us on  “tell-a-vision” that is so blatantly absurd…., that only the most mind controlled “zom-bots” could willingly buy into it any longer!

People send me e-mails and ask me what I think about this event or that event occurring in the news…, and my answer is ALWAYS THE SAME!


Nothing happening any more is real…, or for the benefit of the world!

We are not in Kansas any more Toto….., we are now in the “dream world” of OZ…, and puppet masters are pulling the strings.

What we are seeing is deep, desperation RUN AMOK!  What we are seeing is the SATANISTS “all out efforts” to try to “steer” history toward a future that they thought was certain…, but has not happened!

These efforts are both “reckless” and “obvious” due to the fact that they now feel that all of men and women who they used in their NWO plans (and who were told that they were saving humanity) will eventually squeal and come clean with the rest of us in the near future!

Fingers will be pointed and names will be named!

There will be no escape for those who were responsible and they are “TERRIFIED”!

And, ironically, all of the truth-telling people who are trying to “expose” their crimes are the: TERRORISTS.

(They are terrorists…, because they are bringing terror and sleepless nights to an “inbred” bunch whiny ass children…, who have never worked a day in their lives…, and used to laugh about how they would survive Earth’s coming DESTINY…, and the rest of us would not…..)

What we have is a handful of wrinkled up old men and women…, and their OFF WORLD SUPPORTERS who are now in PANIC MODE…, and are using every dirty and demonic trick they know of to FORCE a “square peg into a round hole”.


And, you’d see it that way…, if you would only open your eyes…, and truly learn what their goals were…, and what they were trying to do for the past 70 to 80 years!

Only by KNOWING the TRUTH…, can you then really “SEE” what is happening around you!

Those idiot “new agers” who channel beings who say that you don’t need to know the “details” of what is happening here on Earth…, or worse…, how the world and  the universe actually work…, but instead just have to FAITH in what they are telling you…, is a bunch of utter NON SENSE!

It is ONLY when you know all of the details…, down to the very last one…, are you able and capable to SEE VERY CLEARLY how it all works.

Then and only then, are you (individually) capable of making sound and rational choices based upon ALL DATA!

I would write MORE of how our “reality” gets created…, (and I’ve tried) but there really does not seem to be much interest in it.  At least not what I’ve been able to see.

Because what I write is so UNIQUE…, and there is not ONE channeled entity that speaks in the way I do…, my writings get discarded!  Do you suppose that it is perhaps “I” who could right…, and it is “they” who could be wrong?   Think about it!

Most people don’t want to hear that THEY are actually part of how reality here gets manifested…, and part of how the EARTH moves into the future…, and also by their OWN ACTIONS…, our future can be changed!

For now…, I will leave you with these thoughts!

The FUTURE is not “set”….., There is NO DESTINY, and NO FATE…, except that which we make for ourselves!

All my love…











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