By: Bradley Loves



Reality is not etched into stone but in truth is something very fluid!

And, just like moldable clay, reality can be “fashioned” to suit the needs of the people who are currently living here on Earth!

Since the masses are functionally illiterate (by design)…, the future that they are creating (in their thoughts, words, and deeds) is not the future that they truly want…, but is instead a “designer future” that is wanted desperately by the SATANISTS!

I can not make it any more clear than this.

If you are reading this…, then YOU are one of the very lucky few that know that WE ALL create and invent “reality” together in an on going and step by step basis and that it can be CHANGED!

This FACT has been known by the monsters running the Catholic Church for the last 2000 years!   Before that it was the Caesar’s, and before that it was the Pharaohs of Egypt…, and before that it was the Kings of Babylon!

The Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools (a place where even Jesus himself managed to learn from) taught MAGNETICS (magic) to selected men and women who had the ability to understand the dynamics of power, energy, electrics, and how they could all be controlled by the human MIND!

This was well known back then…, so why is it not well known today and “WHO” is hiding this fact??


Can anyone say:  Deep Underground Vatican Library???

How many super advanced books are actually hidden down there?

  • Millions?
  • Billions?

So why are they HIDING all of this knowledge??

Answer:   Because they do not want to see any more “Jesuses” walking around the planet healing and helping people…, that’s why!!

Very soon after Jesus did what he did…, they BURNED the LIBRARY of ALEXANDRIA and confiscated every book on MAGIC and HID ALL OF IT!

The ROMAN UNIVERSAL CHURCH had to make sure that anyone who wanted to learn “magic” was already on the “dark side” and had taken an OATH to the LUCIFERIAN side of the equation!

It is that simple!

The greatest “CON” ever perpetrated upon mankind is in effect as we speak…, and the “CHURCH” is the perpetrator!  You’ve got to “GET THIS”!!

The men wearing “fancy dresses” and “strange hats” who are living behind VERY TALL protective walls and who are guarded by an army (The Swiss Guard) that is armed to the teeth with automatic machine guns are the people behind the GREAT CON!

See this article about the SWISS GUARD

Ironically…, it is these same men who are protected by VERY TALL WALLS and guarded by an army that is armed to the teeth with machine guns that tells America that “WALLS” are evil…, and “GUNS” should be confiscated!

It is the classic DO AS I SAY…, and not as I do!

When…, oh when will the sleeping masses of the world finally wake up and see that they have been CONNED?   When will they finally learn how easy it is for these people to LIE to them??

PRETENSE…, that is all that it is!

And now…, here comes CARDINAL PELL (A Pedophile) back into the Catholic Fold…, fresh from being convicted in Australia…, but somehow will not serve any time in prison!

Wednesday’s Shocking Papal Audience Message in preparation for the Return of Cardinal Pell

Wednesday’s Shocking Papal Audience Message in preparation for the Return of Cardinal Pell

Because of sinfulness human projects will always fail, but the Church remains steadfast even in times of scandal because it is sustained by the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis said only a few hours ago, on Wednesday 18th, 2019 in preparation of the imminent return of Cardinal Pell who will publically repent and be allowed back to Rome.

The Pope said: “Let us think of the history of Christians, including the history of the Church, with so many sins, with so many scandals, with so many bad things in these two millennia. And why did it not collapse? Because God is there.”

“We are sinners, and so often we even give scandal. But God is with us,” he added. “But the Lord always saves. Strength is ‘God with us.’”

Pope Francis noted in contrast, human projects always fail, pointing to the many political projects of history, including the empires and dictatorships of the last century.

 “They felt very powerful, they thought they dominated the world. And then they all collapsed,”he stated. “Even today, think of today’s empires: they will collapse, if God is not with them, because the strength that men have in themselves is not lasting. Only the strength of God endures.”

During his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles with a reflection on the importance of the Holy Spirit.

In the fifth chapter of Acts, the Apostles are facing opposition from Jews, but they “respond with courage,” showing they possess the “obedience of faith,” Francis said.

They have this courage, he said, because from Pentecost they are no longer alone, but the Holy Spirit is working through them.

They feel they cannot say, ‘I’ alone,”he added. “Strengthened by this covenant, the Apostles do not let themselves be intimidated by anyone. They had an impressive courage!”

 Pope Francis noted that at Jesus’ arrest, the disciples ran away like cowards. “But, from cowards they have become so brave. Why? Because the Holy Spirit was with them.”

“The same happens to us: if we have the Holy Spirit inside, we will have the courage to move forward, the courage to win many struggles, not for ourselves but for the Spirit that is with us,”he said, pointing to the martyrs, who gave their lives and never hid their Christian identity.


The Catholic Church…, which claims to be guided by the “HOLY SPIRIT”…., (always symbolized by a white Dove) is really a SATANIC (not virtuous) organization.

But…, how many of you are AWARE…, that the word: DOV = is an Ancient word for “DRAGON”…


And…, perhaps you are now hopefully aware…, that “White Dragons” are quite real!

So just “WHO” is it that you think is hiding behind the men who wear the crazy dresses with the strange looking hats??  (And who love to have sex with and sacrifice young children??)

Who is it that want’s to ENSLAVE mankind??

Look people…, I just can’t make this any more simple for you!  I’m drawing you a real picture…, but for the life of me…, I have never seen a species more willing to be lied to than mankind!

Also…, I am getting tired!

I’ve been at this for FIVE LONG YEARS…, and my readership does not grow…, and even though I have a core of loyal readers…, no one (except a dozen or so of you) seems to really take to heart the fact that this stuff needs TO BE SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD!!

I get almost “no money” to do this except a few donations from about 15 loyal readers who send me about 20 dollars a month.  That pays my electric bill and buys a few cups of coffee!

I really NEED more help!!   I need more people to start taking this to heart and to work with me to secure more readers and MORE donations!

This is not just “my world”.., but YOUR WORLD too!


But how can the world be set free if every human being living here is a coward??

Newsflash…, I can’t do this alone!!

The “accident” that I had this summer was a definite move by the CABAL to take me out…, and it failed only because GOD our loving Father said NO to their plans!

They “mind controlled” the driver of a massive truck to run a red light and plow into my much smaller car (hopefully killing me in the process).

Well …, it did NOT WORK…, and here I still am!

So the real question is this:


Do you want an ENSLAVED FUTURE?   Or do you want a future where all of mankind is FREE??

The “choice” as it has always been…, is up to YOU!

GOD our loving Father will support the choice you make, but choose wisely…, because an enslaved future may be coming sooner than you think if you make the “choice” to turn away from FREEDOM!


As Always…

All my love…….


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