By: Bradley Loves


You know, everything I really needed to know about life, I learned in Kindergarten!

Long ago…, everything that is happening as we speak, was SHOWN TO US, in one way or another.

To see this clearly, you simply have to get out of your own way!


This is a Hollywood Movie that was specifically made for “our times”!

If you do not think so, then you are fooling yourself.

It was instructive, on point, and ultimately predictive of what was soon to come in this reality.

The huge FLOATING HEAD that at first everyone thought was in fact “THE GREAT WIZARD” was nothing more than a CON JOB!

It was a fabrication/deception being created by a “man behind the curtain”!

The man “behind the curtain” as we saw in the movie HAD NO REAL POWER!

It was only other peoples “perception” of him, and their willingness to BE AFRAID that gave him “power”.

And who were the 4 people who ultimatly had to deal with the “GREAT WIZARD”?

  • The “cowardly lion” – which is every man and women who has no “courage”.
  • The “tin man” – which is every man and woman in the world who has not got a “heart”.
  • The “scarecrow” – which is every man and woman who does NOT THINK, and therefore has not got a “brain”.
  • And finally “Dorothy”, which is someone who is “lost” and seemingly “locked inside of a dream” and needs to find her way “home”.

And yet…, each of them had to face the GREAT FLOATING HEAD ABOVE THE ALTER!

Not that this scarey floating head was the GREAT WIZARD, because in truth it was only a “projection” and a “con job” being created by a very sad, poor, and silly Magician who was “hiding” behind a curtain the entire time.

But still, the GREAT HEAD scared the crap out of all of them!

And so…, instead of giving them the answers to all of their questions, the WIZARD forced them to face up to their OWN FEARS by sending them after the wicked witch of the West!

For the only way for the LION to get COURAGE, the TIM MAN to get a HEART, and the SCARECROW to start THINKING and USING his brain, was to force them to stop being afraid!


And yet…, as wonderful as this movie was in actually SHOWING US what we were going to be facing  in the near future…, here we are…, and still NO ONE IS ACTUALLY GETTING IT!

You see…, the great “talking head” that is floating above the ALTER is the Main Stream Media!

It is the “ILLUSION” of something scarey, but is not really even there!

And the only reason men and women can not see this is that they still have not got any:

  • and they are LOST!

This next video is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I am talking about!  Please watch it!

The MSM (Main Stream Media) is acting exactly like the GREAT FLOATING HEAD ABOVE THE ALTER, that is being controlled by the “men” behind the curtain!

Please watch ALL of it, so that you can see (and prove to yourself) that these people are CON ARTISTS…, and are pulling a CON JOB on you!


Do you (as we speak) have the:


To see that this is a CON JOB…, and then tell everyone else that it is just a  ‘MAJIC’  SHOW?


If so…, they WHY have you NOT DONE SO?

Why are you not telling EVERYONE??

If you can not get over your FEARS of mommy and daddy government, and mommy and daddy religion, and all the “scareyness” that is out there…, then you will never be brave enough to look behind the curtain in order to find out that the GREAT FLOATING HEAD is nothing more than a CON JOB!

You know when I learned all of this?

The first time I saw the WIZARD OF OZ!

(I was only seven years old!)

But if I can learn it…, so can you!

Watch the video!

All my love…..









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  1. herb4brad

    Bradley you could call this contribution: A LETTER FROM THE COSMOS by Herb I got this in 1997 and it’s hard to say if it was telepathic or some other method. I was not fully conscious as I was writing this. Some of the observations here are maybe a little contentious especially as we at this time are fighting the scourge of pedophilia. There may be some mis-interpretation. So as per your intuition and discretion I am totally open to whatever you might want to do here. Thank you and much love…

  2. herb4brad

    The very first action of a newborn infant to another human the mother is to suckle the breast. This brings nourishment, comfort and thus begins the bonding process. Until puberty when sexual energy rushes in headlong the new human grows stronger, learns to communicate, finds its bearings in the universe. In the meantime the behaviour of adults around it serves as a model for when the taps of sexual energy are open. Other energy including love of protectors and siblings prevails. Affection, even love of animals, nature, music and song nourish and replenish the human battery. Indeed the song of the boy was at a time considered to be so sweet that some elders selfishly sought to keep it as long as they could, so they robbed the youth of his full potential in sexual energy by castration and thus keeping this beautiful song as long as they could. Robbery of sexual energy did not end there. The main conduit of sexual energy in the man is the penis. The worship of the phallus is not a new thing. Ancient civilisations celebrated it by exposing it in art. Sport of all kinds was conducted in nakedness. Architecture used columns profusely. Language used phallic terms frequently. Even in current times language talks of a male or female plug or screw thread. Psychologists talk of penis envy. A man however educated still feels inadequate if he considers himself too small and will often rush in to investigate promises by those who claim they can increase size. When the first stirrings of sexuality happen in a boy much comparing and experimenting takes place. Masturbation in solitude or with a friend. The comparing of notes on how to get the best orgasm. These are the first tastings of ecstasy, the turning on of the tap to the cosmos. Envious elders resentful of this pure joy long since dissipated in themselves devised ways to rob even then the youth of this natural celebration. Old wives tales and edicts of religion threatening dire consequences were imposed and GUILT the currency of the resentful went always to finish the job. In early Greek times when puberty arrived the youth was willing to trade his surplus energy with an older and wiser man for continued affection, knowledge and experience for truly he was not at a stage to procreate and the attentions of the mother were on younger siblings. Energies sexual are not for mother to son and vice versa. The older man in the role of teacher and mentor was rewarded handsomely with the companionship and at times the surplus sexual energy of the youth. In society in general the community was also rewarded. In periods when these practices were stopped the surplus energies and frustrations of youth resulted in rebellion, violence, disregard of elders and authority. Is there a familiar ring to this? Eventually the maturing of the young man arrived at the focusing of sex energy to the female by which time he was ready to part company with his teacher and sing the song of love to the women who now would be competing for his attention. The spirit is free and the cosmic balance enables inspiration and intuition. The channels are open and unclogged. Sadly the idyllic scenario was compromised. The elderly clerics and others under guise of religion devised cruel and inhuman punishment. Total celibacy from pre-puberty time till death was imposed resulting in those elder ones who had learned too late that they were robbed becoming the diligent perpetrators of this cruelty. Piety had created monsters. Happily many monks and priests succumbed to the “sins of the flesh” and thus became wise to this folly. The quest for learning so freely given in Greek times was a prize worth the deception in the monasteries. For in those times education was the exclusive preserve of noblemen and priests. Even great knowledge unlocking the mysteries of the universe was sanctioned under pain of death. It had to conform to prevailing dogma. BEES: A lesson is to be learned when observing the bee. The collective at the hive is one entity and each bee diligently and unselfishly strives to work for the common good. The bee that does not is left to die and the sacrifice of a few bees for the survival of the hive is an unhesitating practice. But man is not a bee for he has independent will. When the devices that serve to enslave man are discarded a relieving harmony between the family of man prevails. When the collective of man is able to vibrate tunefully with each other the further long awaited unlocking of the windows of wisdom will herald in a new age of understanding. The commerce of knowledge between the dimensions and the cosmos will be so joyous that selfish conflict will cease and the millennia of lost contact will at last be restored and the exciting threshold of the new times will be upon the species. The wake up call has sounded. Congratulations!

  3. herb4brad

    All living things on the planet vibrate and are in synch with the world and even the universe. This serves to validate its existence and to feed on and to have feed from vibrations of others. As the vibration changes as it does in some cases, the living thing adapts to the new vibrations and flourishes. If it cannot or is prevented somehow it begins to die and finally become extinct. Man is the only resilient one in this. For if his vibration is impeded or subverted he begins to die slowly. But he will not allow himself to die so he will endure this subversion for as long as it takes. Centuries even. When the Great One created Man he put some of himself into his creation. The use of the masculine: He sounds as if the feminine is being excluded. It is not. The Great One is neither masculine nor feminine. You see it is indivisible. Only for purposes of procreation and also many other lessons are humans divided by the sum of their parts. The Divine has no gender. The spirit has no gender. Sexual energy is what keeps it all together. Sexual energy is what helps create, inspire, procreate. From Man’s earliest writings come poetry of love. Praise of love. From Man’s earliest art come artwork celebrating the beauty of Man and helped him through the dark times. The tonic of laughter has eased the pain. In the time of the present he or she who can make laughter is prized, is rewarded. The magnetic fields and other yet to be discovered fields are the maps, are the highway, are the channel through which energies of all kinds travel. Places of energy in the human body are many and varied and learned ones have studied and written books. But the energy of main concern as far as this letter is concerned is sexual energy. Thinkers and scholars have talked of it. No other stronger motivating factor exists for the human than sexual energy. The only time this energy takes a back seat is in brief periods of danger where oblivion is imminent or perceived to be imminent. A mother fearing for her child will be possessed of strength and fearlessness amazing to behold. These cases are spoken of in Man who is free, who is not enslaved. A soldier fighting for his country is not empowered by his own concern but the will of foolish and selfish old men who of course never wear battle dress. Never carry a spear. Often they are the sole survivors of a conflict of foolishness of their own making. War returnees being broken in body and temporarily in spirit. TO BE CONTINUED… (Bradley please let me know if this material is panning out and I can then do the final installment.

    • Herb,

      As I said, I will most certainly post the entire article for you once I have it all. Please pick a title for your article, and tell me what you want your “author name” to be, and I will post it as a guest post.

      All my love Herb.

  4. herb4brad

    Part 2: Yet this sabotage has been happening for as long as man’s first spark of intelligence was ignited. The ancients knew of some of this energy and wisely kept this awesome secret to a select few and devised an elaborate way of disguising this truth from all except to those who could understand it and perhaps could use it wisely. Such a person would stumble upon these truths when they were ready for them. Only when they could use it to the universal good. But what happened? It is clear that early enlightened ones were betrayed by some in their midst. These personalities wanted for their selfish motives the monopoly of this power. Thus the enslavement of the gifted and special race of MAN. Since recorded history this subversion has been in place. A few notable exceptions, brief in history are there. Like a jump start of life power brought about civilisations that are studied and still envied today. Peace between the brothers of the species prevailed in areas where these civilisations flourished. Sadly the saboteurs gained the upper hand and in time those civilisations tumbled. From a time of enlightenment. From a time of philosophy, poetry, art, grand buildings, medicine, recreation and the flowering of all intellectual studies. Debate and government. The worship of motherhood. The emancipation of Women. Indeed in some regions women were elevated to leaders of Men. Helen of Troy and Cleopatra to name a couple whose legacy survives today. Which are these early civilisations referred to? What Earth history calls ancient Greek history. Also the histories of the Romans and Egyptians. Others existed but interpretation of early archeological artifacts, so few that survived, was not sufficient to paint the picture. Remember that those who sought to monopolise this energy could not leave clues of this ancient wisdom for the new minds to decipher. And decipher they would surely have done, hundreds of years ago if not farther back. Who were the culprits? Who craved to enslave the minds and hearts of people so badly that they would commit such an injustice to the children of this planet? Many and varied fought for this prize and are still fighting for this prize. But the sounds of the battle cry came so many generations ago that few today if any know what they are tampering with. The libraries of the ancients were destroyed lest any hint were to be found by scholars. Even in modern times this dimming of the light of truth still continues. But the time has come. The wake up call has sounded. The ages old slumber is over and when you are fully awake the dawn of the new age will be glorious and sublime. The very last desperate struggle of the enslavers is seen all too clearly in your media. Battles fought. Genocide. Killing of the innocents and a final vicious recklessness with the environment and nature. But those who have heard the wake up call slumber no more. The numbers are increasing. And the outrage can no longer be ignored. TO BE CONTINUED.

  5. herb4brad

    In 1997 I received this message: I include just a few sections of it as it is too long for a post here. In the early hours of one August morning I woke up and while still in a kind of trance-like state went to my new 486 PC and seem to be guided to type. Here is part one. Perhaps Bradley your intuition can tell me if this is astral and should be ignored: This is not a story. This is not a fiction but a universal and cosmic truth. Your species is endowed with a powerful and rejuvenating energy. From whence it comes is not known precisely by yourselves. Suffice it to say that it’s abundance is awesome. It was designed in such a way that even with a huge wastage factor, enough of it still emanates as is needed for your physical selves to vibrate in harmony with the cosmos, the grand intuition and with each other. A few generations of a collective vibration would unlock higher and higher frequencies of existence as to make spontaneously born new and even more unheard of vibrations from elsewhere. A very powerful radio as you call it is capable of a much wider range of frequencies to receive. This being possible the operator of the device has access to a staggering selection of frequencies imparting knowledge far and beyond a lifetime to absorb, digest and to implement. The human brain is such a device only not as primitive. It is light years more advanced than a simple radio. Yet know you of how much power this device has, primitive as it is has brought to those who seek to control it. The human’s brain is a much greater prize. MUCH much greater I tell you and the power immeasurable. How much power and energy to derive from one human enslaved? Then think how much power from an army of humans enslaved? More still how much power from a domination of nations and peoples and even whole worlds. END OF PART 1

    • Herb,

      This is exactly “right on the nail” as far as I’m concerned. Yes, you should listen to this.

      I have done enough Astral Traveling in order to know this is a correct assessment.

      This is the very reason why those men and women who worship LUCIFER have taken to using MIND CONTROL in almost every single form they can think of to keep the rest of humanity down.

      This is also why they created RELIGIONS to control us. This is also why ALL of the super advanced knowledge of our past is being HIDDEN under the streets of ROME in the Vatican Library.

      If you wish to post the rest…, please do so. I will pull it out of the comment section and put it up as an aritcle.

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