By: Bradley Loves


You know, everything I really needed to know about life, I learned in Kindergarten!

Long ago…, everything that is happening as we speak, was SHOWN TO US, in one way or another.

To see this clearly, you simply have to get out of your own way!


This is a Hollywood Movie that was specifically made for “our times”!

If you do not think so, then you are fooling yourself.

It was instructive, on point, and ultimately predictive of what was soon to come in this reality.

The huge FLOATING HEAD that at first everyone thought was in fact “THE GREAT WIZARD” was nothing more than a CON JOB!

It was a fabrication/deception being created by a “man behind the curtain”!

The man “behind the curtain” as we saw in the movie HAD NO REAL POWER!

It was only other peoples “perception” of him, and their willingness to BE AFRAID that gave him “power”.

And who were the 4 people who ultimatly had to deal with the “GREAT WIZARD”?

  • The “cowardly lion” – which is every man and women who has no “courage”.
  • The “tin man” – which is every man and woman in the world who has not got a “heart”.
  • The “scarecrow” – which is every man and woman who does NOT THINK, and therefore has not got a “brain”.
  • And finally “Dorothy”, which is someone who is “lost” and seemingly “locked inside of a dream” and needs to find her way “home”.

And yet…, each of them had to face the GREAT FLOATING HEAD ABOVE THE ALTER!

Not that this scarey floating head was the GREAT WIZARD, because in truth it was only a “projection” and a “con job” being created by a very sad, poor, and silly Magician who was “hiding” behind a curtain the entire time.

But still, the GREAT HEAD scared the crap out of all of them!

And so…, instead of giving them the answers to all of their questions, the WIZARD forced them to face up to their OWN FEARS by sending them after the wicked witch of the West!

For the only way for the LION to get COURAGE, the TIM MAN to get a HEART, and the SCARECROW to start THINKING and USING his brain, was to force them to stop being afraid!


And yet…, as wonderful as this movie was in actually SHOWING US what we were going to be facing  in the near future…, here we are…, and still NO ONE IS ACTUALLY GETTING IT!

You see…, the great “talking head” that is floating above the ALTER is the Main Stream Media!

It is the “ILLUSION” of something scarey, but is not really even there!

And the only reason men and women can not see this is that they still have not got any:

  • and they are LOST!

This next video is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I am talking about!  Please watch it!

The MSM (Main Stream Media) is acting exactly like the GREAT FLOATING HEAD ABOVE THE ALTER, that is being controlled by the “men” behind the curtain!

Please watch ALL of it, so that you can see (and prove to yourself) that these people are CON ARTISTS…, and are pulling a CON JOB on you!


Do you (as we speak) have the:


To see that this is a CON JOB…, and then tell everyone else that it is just a  ‘MAJIC’  SHOW?


If so…, they WHY have you NOT DONE SO?

Why are you not telling EVERYONE??

If you can not get over your FEARS of mommy and daddy government, and mommy and daddy religion, and all the “scareyness” that is out there…, then you will never be brave enough to look behind the curtain in order to find out that the GREAT FLOATING HEAD is nothing more than a CON JOB!

You know when I learned all of this?

The first time I saw the WIZARD OF OZ!

(I was only seven years old!)

But if I can learn it…, so can you!

Watch the video!

All my love…..









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