I started writing seven years ago.  God showed me what to write.  Everything I wrote has come to pass.  No one in the beginning believed anything I wrote.  Now none of it can be denied.  It took seven years for all to see that I was telling the Truth.

Now, on this day of Freedom I begin again with new information. New data.  New things to unravel.  See if you can take less than seven years this time…

All my love


Truth is our connection to God

It is the hidden gateway to our Creator

Love is a frequency code

It blends us with our past, present, and future

Our Soul is a frequency key

It unlocks the DNA memories of time and space

Harmonics is God’s favorite Science

He uses it to hold together His Entire Creation

Music is God’s eternal message

All of Heaven sings His songs

Truth, Spirit, Prayer

Together create


Grace, Will, Intent

Inspire the Soul

Soul, Love, Sound

Equal Perfect Knowledge





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