By: Bradley Loves

Time to take matters into your own hands people!  It is quite apparent that those who work in DC have “NO CLUE” as to the kinds of “weapons” the DEEP STATE have in their arsenal…, and what kind of pain and suffering the DEEP STATE is planning on unleashing upon the American Public!

The “total inaction” coming out of Washington DC in the face of a full frontal attack on:

  • Free Speech
  • The Second Amendment
  • The Southern Border
  • Human Liberty
  • Equal Justice under the Law

…is Mind Blowing.   It is as if the entire Government has transformed itself into a deer staring stupidly into the headlights of an on coming Truck!

The Liberal/Progressive/Globalist Agenda is moving forward at a lighting pace…, almost like a BLITZKRIEG…, and the turtles and snails working in the halls of Washington DC are having circles run around them on a daily basis!

They are appearing helpless and useless to everyday Americans who are appalled at the speed at which they are losing their rights and their freedoms!

As Americans…, we can and we do have the ability to PROTECT OURSELVES from a Government that refuses to protect us, and stand up for us!

A Civil War is coming, and it is coming VERY fast!

And it is totally avoidable…, if only Washington would ACT on behalf of the people who are being walked all over by BIG TECH and the Globalists.

The machinery of the TECH MONOPOLY is being used to silence fully half or more of America in favor of WHOLLY INSANE HUMAN BEINGS who would throw America in the dust bin of history in favor of a Satanic New World Order, One World Luciferian Government!

Who are these people that are so radical?

  • LGBTQP people…, who think that that “sex” is the most important thing in all of life…, and that NOTHING, repeat NOTHING is more important in the entire Universe than their SEXUAL freedom!
  • Not free speech, not liberty, not voting rights, not borders…, NOTHING.  And, if they had their way…, they would probably spend all day long in bed having sex with whom ever they choose, and skipping the rest of what life has to offer them.
  • The Globalists who are incredibly rich businessmen (but at the same time total psychopaths) who know that they will make billions of dollars a year MORE if only all borders were simply erased.
  • They could care less if human beings are starving or poor as a result of their policies because they no longer NEED human beings!  Machine technology has come far enough along now where they can start replacing human workers with machines to DO IT ALL!  People don’t matter any more.
  • The Satanists who are tired of hiding their “religion” of blood rituals, sacrifice, and black magic in the shadows and want to bring it out in the open and do it in front of everyone!
  • Abortion Activists and Feminists who have gone so far over the cliff that they are now saying that “men” are evil, insane, and are wholly unnecessary to life itself and that both men and babies are 100 percent expendable to the world as we know it.
  • Anti gun people and Anti Free Speech people (same as above) – who know they can NEVER get their way because all Americans are so well armed, and so the guns must be taken from Americans and Free Speech must be completely taken away first before the LGBTQP people, the feminists, the Satanists, and the Globalists can force their Agenda on the rest of us.

This in a nut shell are the people (identity groups) who are the MOST VOCAL about turning America into a Socialist/Communist Gulag with no freedoms left but the freedom of SEX ABOVE ALL THINGS!

Who are the “targets” of these insane groups??

  • Christians!
  • Conservatives!
  • People who love telling the TRUTH
  • People who love traditional lifestyles
  • People who love GOD

These are the people standing in the way…, and these are the ones who will be (if the liberals/Globalists ever get back into power) STOMPED OUT OF EXISTENCE WITH EXTREME FORCE!

The next step is up to you people…, ignore my warnings AT YOUR OWN PERIL!  

Stay meek and docile while these groups are working VERY HARD to erase you and your children from existence…, and see what happens to YOU in the next decade!

You will not like what is coming down the road!!

Here is my simple question?

At what point do you get up and try save your family from a burning house??  Or are you all just going to sit there stupidly and LET IT BURN down around you???


Time will tell….


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