By: Bradley Loves


When I first wrote THE GREAT CON OF MAN – in the latter portion of 2014 (approximately 5.5 years ago) I was skeptical, yet hopeful that a world wide awakening might occur.

Although this awakening has not proceeded in the way that I imagined, nor happened nearly as fast as I would have liked, IT IS HAPPENING!

Consciousness is indeed changing and shifting, and as a result, the KALEIDOSCOPE of our reality is being (turned/tuned) toward something more loving, more peaceful, and more beneficial to humanity than what would have most certainly manifested had this MASS AWAKENING not occurred.

Once again, for a more scientific clarification, all you need to do is to read one article that I’ve written called: THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE




This blog is not just about LOVE and TRUTH however, but it is extremely predictive in ways that most people can not understand.  I did say that some very smart people would be attempting to decode it a hundred years from now!


The real TRUTH, and all you really need to know is that there is NOTHING that GOD our loving FATHER can not see!  His vision is CRYSTAL CLEAR and PERFECT!

No one gets away with anything!

All we need now is to discover the WHY (Y) of it all!


Personal Rune of Heinrich Himmler











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