By: Bradley Loves




The “Great Awakening” is probably the most misunderstood idea being passed around the spiritual community.

Everyone has their own “idea” of what it might be like…, but the TRUTH of it is very simple.

You “wake up” out of your dream-like-sleep and you finally are able to SEE the world exactly as it is.

Now…, for those of you who are saying “hurray”…, just let me describe it in detail…, so you really get the gist of what that really means.



The first part awakening is learning how to tell “fact” from “fiction”.  This is not too difficult because almost EVERYTHING is fiction!

90 percent of everything you think you know is WRONG!

Even the Christians and the New Agers.   So the first step is the throw out everything you think you know!   This means you have no sacred cows and nothing that is not above being questioned.

As you move forward in your awakening, you are slowly able to SEE just how corrupt those who run the world really are!

Your senses become heightened!

You feel much more deeply, and it is as if the lights have been turned on and the room you thought had light in it was really very DARK!

You suddenly see what you could not see before and that is that there is TRASH everywhere – all around you – and it stinks to high heaven.

It is NOT a pretty picture.

Suddenly you are much more in tune with your emotions, sympathy and empathy.

You see, psychopaths have learned how to turn these things OFF at will.  They claim these emotions are not necessary to life, but without sympathy, empathy and compassion, you are not really a human being at all…, only an empty husk.


The more and more AWAKENED you become, the more crystal clear that every single detail of how human beings are being tormented, enslaved, herded like cattle, and abused…, dawns on you!


Every single pixel of the picture is super sharp and super in focus!  You not only see it all, you see how it all started!  You see how it progressed.  You see how it got to where it is!  You see exactly WHO is involved and why.

As more time passes your mind begins to put together the exact hows, and the whys of what is making it continue.  You began to see deeply into each and every single human being and you can see ALL of their flaws, denials, excuses, justifications, cowardice, and weak mindedness.

You see that they are ALL VERY WILLING to allow it to continue!

You see that even though they SAY they want a change, they are not willing to lift a single finger to change anything…, because that would take courage!

  • You began to see the MONSTROSITY of it all!
    You began to see the perverseness of it all.
  • You began to see very clearly the HORROR of it all!

You began to see very single detail of how each man is selling out his fellow man not just daily, but on an almost moment by moment basis…, for nothing more than a paper reward of meaningless script.

Now…, there are many “spiritual people” out there who I’ve met who have never been able to SEE at this level even a tiny bit.

So…, to be quite frank…, they are NOT AWAKE!

They are still dreaming…, only the “dream” that they are having is a “good” dream.  They are choosing to dream of roses and sugar plums and fairy tales.  That way they don’t feel they really NEED to wake up.


Dreaming is NOT an “awakening”…, it is simply being able to switch your dream from a nightmare to a happier version of your sleepy time entertainment.

Naturally, what I am really referring to here is a “waking” dream…, because that is the kind of dream that everyone who is not truly AWAKENED is having.

They are “dreaming” each day…, all day long, that they are not slaves, that they are not powerless, that they have lots of choices.

And yet…, deep in their souls they know this is not the case!

And, even though they SAY they want to wake up from this happier dream…, they really don’t!

They don’t want to wake up…, because to WAKE UP…, means exactly that…, YOU WAKE UP TOTALLY…, and then you get to look around and SEE everything exactly as it is, in all of it’s ugliness.

The “spiritual community” (neither Christian nor New Ager) wants to do this.

Subconsiously they know very well that there has been horrible, horrible things going on around them for a very long time, and they willingly fell asleep in order to FORGET about that horror.  They wanted to escape from it, so they all put themselves into a self – induced COMA.

Admittedly…, I was not awake either during the first 15 years or so of my life…, but even in those early years I was “already choosing” to dream a happy dream instead of the nightmare that most human beings were choosing to have.

I found solace in GOD our loving Father and choose a happy dream because the world seemed so completely out of wack.

Then I went to college, got a job, and had to work!

This took up much time, and did not give me any time to think deeply about the dream I was actually having.

Then a “decade” or so ago…, I was told there would be an GREAT AWAKENING or an ASCENSION…, and I instinctively commanded myself to wake up from the inside.

Now my awareness has sharpened to the point where people can’t really even LIE to me any longer.

I SEE EVERYTHING VERY CLEARLY…, and it is appalling.

As time goes by, the HD “super vision” of the awakening only keeps getting more and more refined.

What is the result?

Every single tiny bit of evil, perversity, inhumanity, and darkness comes SHARPLY into focus.  You see it all, in all of it’s horror and ugliness.  And you certainly can not deny it.

You see exactly how mankind is being played, and just how bad it really is.

Now that I have basically AWOKEN…, I know why most people are not “there yet”.

They don’t want to see what I am seeing.

If they could really see it…, (and really FEEL IT) then they would feel as if they needed to do something about it.  That is why they stay asleep.

Most do not want to get there early.  In this one instance…, they feel it is better to be LATE than early.

This is one party that everyone on the entire planet wants to be FASHIONABLY LATE FOR.

Let the early party goers do all of the heavy lifting to change these horrible things…, I’ll get there just in time to drink the beer, fill my plate…, and enjoy the benefits of what they did.


This description fits both NEW AGERS and ONE DAY A WEEK CHRISTIANS alike.

Only those people who really CARE DEEPLY about GOD and mankind are willing to “awaken” early and care to take a good hard look at what is really happening out there.

But just like the NEO character in the MATRIX MOVIE…, once you’ve been awakened, then you can’t go back and suddenly “unknow” what you now know for certain.

Like Q Anon says repeatedly…, those who KNOW can not sleep at night.


Because only those who are really AWAKE can see the HD version of what is going on out there.

By HD VERSION…, I mean you are now completely aware of how it all fits together and how it all came to be…, who was involved, how they are doing it, what they are doing to keep it going…, etc.


And just like NEO…, you can’t put yourself “back” into the MATRIX and forget what you now know.

Now…, IF THIS IS NOT YOU…, and you are not yet at this level…, then I’m sorry…, YOU ARE NOT AWAKE!

You may think you are…, but something is keeping you from shaking off the sleepiness and really OPENING YOUR EYES.

I pray daily!

Because I do, God helps me to see it all…, every bit of it…., in HIGH DEFINITION.

This is why I write every day.  I do it in the hope that  few more here and a few more there will finally take the RED PILL and fully awaken.

If you are a Christian or a New Ager and you are totally “happy” each and every day…, then you are still DREAMING!

The only difference between you and Joe Six-pack is that your dream is a happier one than his.


”AWAKE” means exactly that…, you are AWAKE!


It is my opinion that 95 percent of New Agers and Christians are not awake and are still asleep, because I READ WHAT THEY WRITE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I read the messages on their blogs and I read their channeling, and their spiritual ideas!


All of them.

If they were awake, then they would clearly SEE everything happening in the world.., all of it, and every word that they wrote would sound more like what I write…, or like what Q – Anon writes, or like what Cameron Day writes.., or Jay Parker, or Mark Passio.

They would sound like Mark Taylor does, Stephan Quayle, or like anyone else who is really raising a warning call to the masses out there.

They would NOT be still saying.., don’t worry…, it’s all good…, we all wanted this…, nothing bad is happening…, there is no evil out there.  It’s all Unicorns, super plums and fairies…..


These are the words of people who are STILL DREAMING!

Those are the words of people who are STILL ASLEEP.

Those are the words of people who really DON’T want to wake up just yet.

They want to get to the party very LATE – just so they do not have to do any heavy lifting.

They want to get to the party just in time to drink the beer and fill their plate and have a good time.

If nothing else…, this is both LAZY and SELFISH.

So…, how do you KNOW if you are awake!

Trust me…, you WILL KNOW.

  • When you too can not sleep at night thinking about how it all fits together, and you can see clearly just how EVIL these people really are, then you are awake.
  • When you feel it deeply in your bones, and want to cry out into the night for it all of the corruption to end…, then you are awake.
  • When you don’t think that the world can go one more day with all of this horror and corruption…, then you are awake.
  • When you feel deep sympathy for the entire world and you pray for GOD every day to intervene in this mess…, THEN you are awake.

Until then…, enjoy your dream!

Because that is what you are having every day…, a waking dream, nothing more.

All my love….






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