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Ultimately this commentary would not be possible without the work of Mark Passio!  So, I want to personally thank him for his work…, and give a quick nod to his website:  WhatonEarthisHappening, located here:

The video I am reviewing is this one:

So without further ado…

Here is where Mark starts his important revelations:

0:00 – 16:00  Introduction, and then the following…


Mark starts his talk with the simple idea that ALL REAL KNOWLEDGE of any importance has been hidden or (occulted) from the public.  He divides this knowledge into two groups called: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, or more simply put:

Microcosm and Macrocosm.

He tells us that ALL KNOWLEDGE of both the physical laws of the Universe…, and the spiritual laws of the Universe are contained within this “real knowledge” …, and that this knowledge… (ALL OF IT) has been hidden from the public on purpose, and with a GOAL in mind!

Mark makes no apologies for saying this…, and asks that those who are listening to what he has to say, really take to heart how deep and how significant it is that ALL REAL KNOWLEDGE would or could be hidden away…, and WHY such a thing would be done!


Next, Mark gets into the “idea” that many “Religions” have maintained for centuries…, and to a lesser extent even the NEW AGE has supported this idea…, and that idea is that “WE” should never look into the hidden behaviors and the hidden knowledge of the Satanists…, and find out how they operate!

He says that the KNOWLEDGE that they are hiding from us…, is the REAL KNOWLEDGE of the Universe…, and that we should all very much WANT TO KNOW about this stuff…, because by using it constantly against us…, they are able to control both us and the reality around us…, AND…, that they have already BEEN doing that for thousands of years!

He finishes by saying that KNOWLEGE is only a tool…, and that it can be “used” for either good OR for bad.


Mark then talks about “how deep the rabbit hole goes”…, by saying that FAR from what most people believe…, DARK OCCULTISTS/SORCERERS have permeated and infiltrated EVERY position of power and influence on the planet!  He basically says THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

(This is in direct opposition to what the Channelers and the New Agers would have you believe…, who are continuing to propagate the very FALSE NOTION that there are NO EVIL PEOPLE out there…, or…, that the number “dark players” is “just a few” or “in the thousands only!”)

The next “BIG” revelation (at least for me) is that the REASON they control all of these institutions in the world…, is that “THEY” set them up in the first place!

Whether Government, Banking, Religion, Media, Education, Police, Military or otherwise…, Mark states that these INSTITUTIONS are in fact PART of the Satanic Control System worldwide.., and BECAUSE of that…, there is no real way to transform them into doing “good” because their very purpose IS TO ENSLAVE!

CONTROLLING all of humanity (Enslaving humanity) under their rule, has always been the goal.  And it is through their own created INSTITUTIONS that they have gotten the ball rolling.



Satanism is a “mind set”!  It is a system of beliefs!

Mark claims that most of the population of the world actually HOLDS onto Satanic belief systems… (Even the NEW AGER’S)!!

Mark says that the “more” accurate image of a real Satanist…, is a Banker in a Business Suit…, than someone dressed up in costume and performing a Ritual Killing.  He states that ANYONE who wants to CONTROL others…, and uses their time, effort and energy toward that endeavor, subscribes to SATANIC IDEOLOGY!

He gets into the why’s and how’s…, but states that at it’s CORE…, it becomes clear that HIDING KNOWLEDGE is what Satanism is really about!  And that according to Satanism, all knowledge “should” be controlled by only a few people in the entire world!  Therefore the rest of the people worldwide…, can be CONTROLLED and ENSLAVED under the few who hold such knowledge!


It is far more psychological…, and intricately connected to MIND CONTROL!


Everything that I have written in the last two years is in support of what Mark is saying!  I have tried to show people in each and every article that I write that there is FAR MORE going on behind the scenes that they have been led to believe!

I have tried to tell them that there “really is” an EVIL AGENDA at play here…, and that there is an actual INFO WAR (Thanks Alex Jones) going on at this time in history…, to try to put the “rabbit back in the hat” …, or to try to put the “cat back into the bag” so to speak!

Whether we “want” to be involved in this “war” or not…, we ARE IN IT!  It is just that simple…, and any New Ager who thinks that they can just go off into the corner and “ooommm” for a few hours and “escape” the war…, is not only kidding themselves but are actually HOLDING BACK the entire world wide awakening process which they are integrally a part of…, whether they know it or not!

WE are ALL connected.., and therefore…, WE ALL have to participate in becoming 100 percent AWARE of what has been happening and going on on this planet!  We are REQUIRED to become aware of what these men and women (SATANISTS) have been doing to us…., and how they have been doing it!

(So that we can “SEE” how it all works…, and so that we will “collectively” NEVER ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN…., ANYWHERE!)

This can not happen if you are still attached to “sacred cows” (beliefs) and are unwilling to delve into the depths of what really happened here on EARTH!

As I’ve said many times…, REAL SPIRITUALITY is not for the timid…, the faint of heart…, or the “super sensitive” who only want to hear nice things and loving things!

These people are the FOOLS that the Satanists mock the most.., and will always be able to “control” with their KNOWLEGE of MIND CONTROL!

The “events” that you see happening in the world around you…, the “false flags”, the taking of your freedoms, and the lies and deceptions coming out of the media…, are ALL PLANNED AND RUN by the Satanists!

If you are unwilling to admit that there really is a huge, over arching AGENDA to take over the entire planet…, and all human beings living on it…, then YOU are still the ostrich that is sticking your head in the sand…, and are doing the world collectively NO FAVORS and NO REAL GOOD!

Only through “uncovering” ALL OF IT…, will we be able to know and see how it all works!

Ignoring ANY OF IT…, is not only ill advised, but EXACTLY what the Satanists and the Luciferians are HOPING you will do.

Finally…, in the hopes that YOU WOULD continue to listen to “others”…, instead of listening to your own self…, thousands of CHANNELERS have been “set loose” to CON the human mind, (Mind Control) and to keep it from looking and seeking in the ways that it needs to in order to fully AWAKEN!

I’m not saying that ALL channeling is bad or wrong!  Far from it…, because I do know it is a real phenomenon!  However…, BY FAR…, the largest amount of channelers are dupes and fakes!

Only a few really have ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE…, and are leading human beings toward TRUTH…, instead of toward further enslavement!

WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH…, and WHO IS NOT…, is one of your most important tasks…, and is NOT to be taken lightly!  YOU must question every single thing these channelers say…, and HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE OF TRUTH!

You must NEVER blindly accept anything they say or hold ANY ONE OF THEM above reproach or place them on a pedalstal that can not be argued with.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM who told you Barack Obama was a high soul…, and had the best interest of the world at heart…, WAS A LIAR!

These channelers should be OFF YOUR LIST FOREVER!  And the very fact that you would go back to them and listen once again…, (after they have been proven to be frauds) tells you personally just how much you’ve turned these “beings” into GODS…, and how much your attention to their words has gone from mere interest…, to WORSHIP!!

Sacred cows…, sacred beliefs…, sacred channeled entities and sacred channelers!  This is where much of the NEW AGE has gone.

It makes me want to vomit!

However…, this is exactly where the SATANISTS want you to be!  Sitting at the feet of someone OUTSIDE of yourself…, and taking direction and orders from them!

I can’t put it any more clearly!

More coming in part Two!





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