By: Bradley Loves

Wow…, Okay!  So after taking many uncomfortable twists and turns…, my life is finally settled enough to focus on some serious writing…, so without any further ado, let’s get started, and here goes.

WE (as in YOU, ME, and the rest of my readers together) are going to dive deeply into what you think is reality, and pull apart the fabric of this illusion once and for all!


Oh yea…, let me start by saying this:


Let me rephrase that a little bit to make it even more clear:


Okay…, now…, for those readers who may not have really grasped the gist of what I wrote in the last line above…, lets look at it in another way!


That about sums it up!

And I guess that I really can’t say it any more clearly…, and yet…, we have hardly scratched the surface of what I mean.

What I am telling each of you is that EVERY (that means every) part of YOUR LIFE…, and the way that you are currently living it, and ALL (that means all) of the systems that are in support of the way you are living it, are in fact ONE GIGANTIC FRAUD!

Whether it is the school system, the religious system, the monetary system, the medical system, the communication system, the political system, the industrial system, the media system, the police system, the legal system, the military system, or…, ANY OTHER SYSTEM that you can name…, for almost ALL OF YOUR LIFE…, YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED!

Let’s repeat once again, so that finally it just might sink in…, YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED!

For those who don’t know what “con” means…, it means that you have been LIED TO!  It means that you have been deceived, fooled, hoodwinked, bamboozled, and “taken for a ride”.

Now…, if this revelation (which is the absolute truth) does not sit well with you…, then just know this:  I AM ONLY THE MESSENGER!

I am not the one who perpetrated this CON upon mankind.  I am the one who is telling you that the CON is happening to you!  So please try to refrain from throwing stones and tomatoes my way.

But how deep does the “CON” really go?  How BIG is it? Is it just some of our lives…, or it is as I’ve said above…, EVERYTHING?


The world…, or rather this “reality” is not what you “think” it is.  It is NOT what you were taught that it was while you were going to school! Remember…, the school “system” is, and was, set up to deceive you!

Millions of teachers working inside the school system know absolutely NOTHING of what this world really is…, and they are only regurgitating what they were told years ago…, when they themselves were in school…, which unfortunately was nothing but a bunch of LIES even then!

So, tell me this…, how can YOU possibly have learned any of the truth, (any at all) from someone who was only subjected to LIES all of their lives themselves?  You can’t!  What you did learn…, and learned very well thank-you very much, was all of the lies that your teachers were told, so that you could then pass on those lies to your own children!



(for there are many, many versions of the Earth) is a completely inter-active, self creating, and self sustaining reality that WE “collectively” create as we go along!

It is more like a “holographic room” in space, that can be changed, molded, torn apart, and rebuilt over and over again…, based upon our own thoughts, desires, free-will, and inter-action with it!  This is happening “both” on an individual level…, and on a collective level…, but for the most part, it happens in the AGGREGATE!

Our reality CHANGES based upon our own individual and collective INTER-ACTION with the reality!

Like a piano…, that plays any note of the keyboard that is struck and gives you a tone (or frequency) to listen to…, our “reality” will “play” any note that is struck by enough of us…, and then “reflect” that note back to us so that we can both see…, and hear that note!

There is plenty of real science to back this up by the way…, this is not just some sort of fantastical dream that is being made up here in the moment!  But let’s get to the science of this later…, when “we” can better understand the theory of it.

The problem with understanding the “theory” of this, is that “we” have all been TAUGHT incorrectly!

Once again…, the school SYSTEM…, did you no favors at all!  YOU WERE CONNED!


Instead of saying you were conned…, why don’t I just say that we in the collective didn’t learn any of this until now?

I don’t say that…, because THAT IS IN-CORRECT!  It would be false…, and it would be a lie…, and I won’t LIE!

There were people living…, and are people living…, in this reality that both KNEW (AND DO NOW KNOW) ALL OF THIS! 

They knew EXACTLY what kind of reality this was…, AND, they knew exactly how it worked!

“They” are the very ones who set up this CON in the first place!  They are the ones who set up the SYSTEMS that would lie to us and deceive all of us so that “we” would never understand the hows, the whys, and the whats of the VERY REALITY that we were born into!

THEY “collectively” (those who knew) have committed treason against their own kind, and against their own species…, AND by doing so…,  have committed a Cosmic Level Crime…, for which they will…, (make no mistake about this…) be made to face up, to and pay for!

(This is the truth…, Regardless of what your local neighborhood “Channeler” tells you).

But before we get into the who…, (I don’t wish to rush into that) we are still (most likely for several chapters) going to look ONLY at the WHY!


As I’ve said…, “reality” is not a static thing…, in fact, reality is just as transient as a persons emotions from one day to the next.  Reality can change just like the weather changes from one moment to the next!

Reality can be ANGELIC!  We collectively could (and some might even argue should) be living right now in a very ANGELIC REALM or SOCIETY…, which far from being fanciful thinking, is a very real possibility for us living here on the Earth!

Reality could also be (as bad as) HELL!   It could be a living nightmare of endless wars, rape, torture, slavery, and mayhem!

Or…, reality could be anything in between, depending upon our personal and collective input and participation happening IN REAL TIME!

So what makes “reality” shift or change!   WE DO!

We are the ones who personally and collectively “input” the necessary data into the holographic “reality buffers” which then shift the scenery here inside the “playroom” to match what it is that MOST OF US are asking for!

So then…, what are most of us “ASKING FOR?”

Well…, look around you!  What you “see” as the reality that YOU and your family are living in…, is EXACTLY the reality that most of us are ASKING FOR!

It’s that simple!

Yet…, if I were to interview a million people (and if I could somehow do it in just one day) I would find that ALL of those people were unhappy with the reality they were seeing manifesting and unfolding around them.

Let’s look at an ANALOGY HERE…

Let’s say that once upon a time…, you were given the best food and the best dessert you’d ever tasted!  And even though you didn’t know HOW to cook…, you wanted to make that tasty dessert for yourself.

So…, someone comes to you (in this case…, it’s the “THEY” of our article…, the deceivers…)  and THEY tell you exactly HOW to make that cake you liked so well.

Here’s what you do…, they say:

First you take a clump of mud and place it in a bowl…, and then add some frogs legs to it.  Then you sprinkle a little bit of twigs and tree bark on top of that…, and stir it in with some sewage water. Finally you add an old shoe for taste and leave it out in the sun to dry.

This is the recipe for the wonderful dessert you liked so well…, they say…

So now YOU…, “trusting” that THEY have your best interest in their minds and hearts, BELIEVE what they told you, and you go about doing  exactly as they said…, only when the so called dessert is finally done…, it is NOTHING like what they told you it would be.  You however, are totally mystified thinking you made a slight mistake in the recipe.  What you are NOT prepared to look at is this:


Look around you…, everywhere you look in this world…, we are living in a very nightmarish reality, which is only getting darker and darker by the day.

What you DON’T understand about this is the WHY of it!!

The WHY…, is exactly as was written above!  YOU are following a bad recipe, given to you by THEY or THEM…, a recipe THEY are telling you each and everyday that will bring us all peace, abundance and prosperity to the world (our REALITY), when in fact it will do nothing of the sort!  And also in fact…, it will bring us exactly the opposite…, which is what they really WANTED all along.

You are “doing” “thinking” and “acting” exactly as THEY SUGGEST in their schools, in their religions, in their police and legal systems, in their governments and in their military systems…, also in their medical and communication systems… BUT YOU ARE NOT GETTING what they are telling you that you would get.



Please see the recipe in quotes above!

Let’s get clear here about what “WE” are dealing with and repeat some stuff and cover some already covered territory.

How much of what they are telling us is a CON?  How much of it is misleading and untrue?


There isn’t a system OR a way of doing things that we have in our world that will take you to where you really want to go!  Therefore…, it ALL HAS TO GO! 

It all needs to be scrapped!

Now…, I KNOW very well, that there are plenty of CHANNELED ENTITIES who will disagree with this and say that is not necessary…, but forgive me for having to be so brutally honest with all of you…


They are “living” off of the energy that is being created here on this level of “reality” …, so their livelihood and existence depends upon things staying the SAME!   (Maybe with a few minor changes).

But now is not the time for this subject either…, I will get to that later on down the road in later chapters.


Our holographic reality produces ENERGY!  We, who are born into this “reality” are in fact “creator souls” who have the power of creation within us.  The RESIDUE, or the “waste material” rather, of our constant creating is ENERGY that is given off.  To build and take down creations of ours releases great energy into the areas around our reality which are NOT PART OF  our reality.

There are beings who live in these parts of space and time…, beings which we can not see…, who have lives and existences to live out in these other parts of the cosmos.


They have their OWN LIVES to live and supposed to be doing that.

However…, just like lazy and parasitic birds…, who do not wish to go and catch worms on their own…,  and be who the creator made them to be, they will stand around all day next to human beings and just wait to bed “fed” by them…, there are also UNSEEN BEINGS hanging around our reality…, that have learned how to FEED OFF OF the energy that this reality is giving off.

Now…, these beings have discovered that the more violent and crazy this reality gets…, the MORE FOOD ENERGY of a substantial kind that they like to eat is given off.

They have also learned that, the more calm and peaceful our reality gets…, the “lighter” and less tasty the food gets.

So “THEY” see it in their interest to keep us (as creator souls) always making the most dense and most tasty food possible by STIMULATING and FORCING the people in our reality to create as many violent energies as can be made!



Those who dabbled in DARK MAGIC…, and those who were schooled in the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS from long ago…, have kept the knowledge of these beings a secret!

The reason is very simple!  These beings have learned how to interact with some of us in this reality if the right conditions are present.

Since all of creation is a matter of SOUND…, and VIBRATION…., the use of certain words, symbols, tones, chants, and other methods…, can gain the person who knows how to use these things ACCESS to “other realms” or “other dimensions” of space and time.

By the use of such methods…, those men and women who dabble in DARK MAGIC have made contact with these “beings” who live outside of our reality.

Because these men and women are generally quite sick…, and quite bereft of any ethics and morals…, (they are generally sociopaths who don’t like other people) they have no real limits to their behavior, or in what they are willing to do in order to come to some sort of personal GAIN.

IN CONCERT with these “other beings” whose ONLY DESIRE is to continue to FEED OFF OF our reality, those men and women who dabble in Dark Magic…, those who are members of Secret Societies…, and those who are the current SATAN WORSHIPERS or so called:  LUCIFERIANS, have made DEALS with these beings in exchange for EARTHLY POWER.


In exchange for great Earthly wealth and power…, in exchange for “favors” of getting their enemies and their opponents out of the way (a level of assistance that these beings outside our reality can apparently give)…,

In exchange for “helping” to see that these men and women get into positions of great power on the Earth…,

….these so called Luciferians are willing to see that there is nothing but war, strife, challange, rape, torture and mayhem created daily upon the planet…, or in this REALITY…, rather.

This is of course fulfilling their part of the bargain!

In order to do this…, they must be perfectly able to LIE CONSTANTLY…, and beg for the power (from the people) to do one thing…, while all along knowing they will use that power for the exact opposite!

Of course…, the REAL MAGICIANS  (those men and women who do Dark Magic) are never really in positions of power any longer (the murder of many Kings and Queens taught them to work from behind the scenes).

So now…, the place stooges, or proxies, or puppets into the positions of POWER…, and then tell them what to do from behind the scenes.

All presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, ministers, and the like are the puppets…, who are beings groomed, bribed, mind controlled, and tricked into doing the bidding of those men and women behind the scenes!


It all has to do with how REALITY is created here on the EARTH…, and what the results of that creation is:

Those who are the “THEY” of this article know exactly what they are doing…, how reality works and what gets created by what they do!

Since the “DEALS” with these unseen beings were made possibly thousands of years ago…, all of the TRUTH of what this planet or this reality is has been REMOVED from your ability to know or learn it.

TRUTH has been replaced with ONLY LIES…, and thus we are now clearly in the middle of:



Part Two…, coming soon…….


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