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In the original series of Star Trek, one of the episodes dealt with a certain beautiful planet that looked just like Earth. There appeared to be no people on it, and the crew was thinking of taking shore leave there until it was discovered that ANYTHING a person thought about was instantly created. The situation turned quite deadly very soon since whatever fear or scary thought a crew-member might have immediately became reality along with any good or happy thoughts they had.

The captain finally ordered the small landing party to attention and told them to empty their minds and think of NOTHING!

It was at this point an elderly man appeared with a smile and told them to relax because nothing they were seeing was real.

He said they were actually on a “magical” planet that was quite aware of their thoughts and was creating all of these experiences for their viewing pleasure.

All of the good and bad creations were only holograms – and could only hurt them temporarily. (Since if any damage occurred, like death, the planet would correct that).

In my first e-book, I have described a similar scenario happening here on Earth. Only on our planet, reality is both individually and COLLECTIVELY created. Which is much closer to how our Magnetic Hologram really works.

Max Spiers (a former Super Soldier who was recently “taken out” in order to silence him) talked at length in an interview about how the MILITARY knows full well that all of our thoughts collectively CREATE WHAT WE SEE!


Now speculate, or imagine what would happen if a very nefarious band of space pirates (that no one really liked) managed to find a planet like ours, and find out that the reality here could be “changed” if ALL of the thoughts of the people living on the planet could be “directed”, or guided, so that they were always thinking the same things, AND most importantly that what they were usually thinking was far from positive, but instead was always quite negative.

Let’s speculate that these space pirates had a “god” complex, and liked to be worshipped. Let’s further speculate that they discovered that the planet Earth, much like the planet in this “Star Trek Episode”, really could be turned into any type of place they desired to create, and would magically manifest any reality, either good or bad, as long as ENOUGH of the people living on the planet held the thoughts necessary to create it.

What do you suppose the first and most basic NEED of these pirates would become?


Here is an article that I just posted which 100 percent supports this assertion:



In the above Video…, Max Spiers talks about how the DARK ORION GROUP (Reptillain Queens) leased the Earth to the Anunnaki/Draco.

Let’s say that these space pirates were not just evil, but were masters at mind control, and were well known as Dark Magicians throughout the galaxy.

Let’s also say that because of their antics, they were not very well liked anywhere they went. Let’s also say that most of the galaxy was filled with human beings who were actually very mentally advanced – and were collectively able to punish these magical pirates whenever they came to town, and that this happened often enough so that pirates developed a severe hatred for humans!

Now, let’s say that these pirates, while trying to hide out, found a small planet way out in the middle of nowhere, with humans living on it who were quite young as a species and NOT very mentally advanced. In addition, they were living on the very type of magical planet that I’ve described above. It was truly a paradise, and far from the reality that we see it as today.

Speculate for a moment about the type of Dr. Evil thinking these space pirates would have gone through when faced with the possibility of a REVENGE on a scale they’d never thought possible!

They were faced with possibilities about not only “taking” this special planet, because it WAS MAGICAL, but also enslaving these humans – which represented everything they hated.

If any of this makes sense to you, you’ve now described in your mind what’s happening here on our Earth!

The pirates realized that the reality of this Earth Planet could be changed if enough of the people living on it were to believe in the new reality. So they designed and thought up a very controlling and very dark reality called the New World Order, and came up with a very long-term plan, which when slowly implemented over a long period of time, would actually assure that this DARK REALITY MANIFESTED as the reality of Earth.

They quarantined the planet, and were keeping any rescue attempts from other more advanced humans from succeeding. They claimed Earth as theirs, and told anyone who questioned them – that they “stole” the planet fair and square from the stupid humans living here (by the humans own consent) — whenever challenged by higher beings.

Earth was designed to be a paradise! And just like the planet Kirk and crew visited it was beautiful, happy and lovely, until they introduced very bad thoughts into the holographic projections.

This is possible because the Earth itself is a Magnetic Hologram, and works differently than other planets.

Here is a link to that episode on YouTube. It is called simply: Shoreleave.

[This video…, which was freely available, has been removed from YouTube as a result of “copyright” claims. You can however still find it if you look hard]

To see how these strange space pirates have been controlling our thoughts and changing over time not only history, but the reality of Earth, one only needs to look at what they are doing today, and have been doing for some time.

As I’ve told you, these pirates are called Anunnaki, as well as DRACO – and they are Reptilian/Human hybrids that no one really likes. They are masters at mind control, and are they are incredibly Dark Magicians.

After the fall of Atlantis, and the severe genetic alteration of the Earth human, all they needed to do was to mind control the stupid human animal into doing everything they wished.

This did not happen as easily as expected however, because on this planet, humans were used to their planets reality being a very dream-like and happy one, and thus they kept trying to wake up from the dream if it got too ugly and too nasty.

Not to be defeated, the pirates set up a much more “long term goal” in order to TRAIN the populations to get used to a very ugly and nasty reality around them, and to thus “accept” the ugly dream that they were trying to forcefully install as the permanent Earth reality.

They (The Magicians) did this covertly, secretly, over a very long period of time. They cast their magic slowly, and got people USED to it. They got people used to having less and less freedoms, and having less and less choices, all the while distracting them with the “gladiator games” of the modern day.

They also did this also by using corrupted Music, Television, Pornography, Gambling, and Perversions of every kind. They used incorrect teachings within both school and religion. They created WARS, which were designed by the bankers to create financial wealth for their members, while taking away all wealth of the people who fought in the wars and died. They created modern day “gladiator games” which distracted and kept the peoples attention off of ALL OTHER important things. These games, called football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc., are all controlled and owned by members of the ruling elite, and used as nothing more than distractions, to keep the people on Earth both endlessly occupied and incredibly stupid.


It has taken the Synagogue of Satan (Space Pirates) almost 200 years just to take down the Republic Of America. Why did it take so long?

They needed to “energetically” defile it first, on an UNSEEN LEVEL! They had to do this first – which took an awful long time to achieve. They did this in order to remove Prime Creator’s Cosmic Protection to what used to be one of the most loving and free areas of the planet.

However, before you start praising the pilgrims for this, It was NOT the white man who had blessed the lands of North America, and thus created Prime Creator’s “cosmic” protection over this soil, but it was the Native Americans who did this over many thousands of years of living in harmony with nature and spirit. If not for their “right living”, the “energy” of the North American lands would have been defiled far sooner. And the Dark Magicians would have succeeded far more quickly.

See this video of what is happening AS WE SPEAK in North Dakota with the Standing Rock Souix!


The idea of having personal freedom as a “reality” …., is now hanging on only by a thread.    I Dare YOU to argue this point!

And very few living human beings can say they did nothing to ADD to their own enslavement, while living here, and did nothing to add to the enslavement of others by their incorrect choices, and most importantly their incorrect THINKING!

What we need to know is that it is our “thinking” that is creating the Reality around us! However, since the Satanist/magicians took such a very, very long time to install these ugly, nasty thoughts into the populations of the world, very few, if any, wish any longer to think differently. And thus their New World Order reality is at the very verge of its Satanic Birth.

The ONLY “protection” America has left at the moment is Prime Creator’s emissaries – otherwise known as The Star Seeds! These beings – he has sent directly into physical incarnation (from outside of the quarantine) to help humans save their own planet.

Only, unlike in the time of Jesus, where only one man showed up, this time a few million – all over the planet are now here, living on the planet. They are all very much Freedom Lovers, who like the fabled Paul Revere, are riding the keys of the internet like a very faithful steed, and screaming at the masses with the written word that “the Magicians and the Satanists (Globalists) are coming!”

Much to their amazement and sadness however, way too few are even listening to them. No one wants to believe that they are living on a prison planet inside of a quarantine. Or that their Earth Reality has been hijacked and changed from what it once was which was very loving and beautiful.

Please be aware that these loving souls, who Prime Creator has sent to help us, are being horribly tormented by the Magicians as we speak. They are the Targets of the Satanists. Their great LOVE for humanity (which is why they came here) is being used against them at every moment of every day because they have been the ONLY ones who continuously refuse to “sellout” into hurting their fellow man, and refuse follow the NWO rules and agenda.

They live cleanly, and purely. They DO NO HARM upon the Earth, and they speak real truth wherever they go. They are, however, also horribly maligned by the ignorant masses that they have come to wake up, by being told daily to: shut up, quit rocking the boat, and stop trying to change things on the planet.

Also…, I would like you to be very aware…, that these DARK MAGICIANS now know that there is an “INFILTRATION” of very loving beings coming into the planetary system!  And they have “countered” this massive infiltration by creating something called: THE NEW AGE!

They used a lady named HELENA BLAVATSKY who created something called: The Theosophical Society along with the JESUITS and a host of high level FREEMASONS!

It has been their goal to STEER all those who found THE NEW AGE back into the “program” of NOT CARING…, and NOT USING THEIR HEARTS…, by means of Channeled Messages and Channeled Books which teach them very deceptive ideas.

The Main Message that does this, is the FALSE LIGHT idea that somehow everyone who came to the EARTH “contracted”  (A Banking Term) for everything that happens to them here!  Therefore…, whether they are young children that are being RITUALLY RAPED, KILLED, EATEN or otherwise TORTURED…, the message says not to “worry” about this…, because these young souls ASKED for that!

Millioins of good and loving people are therefore STANDING DOWN, sitting on their hands, and DOING NOTHING…, in the face of GREAT EVIL!

This is the most DAMAGING and SATANIC idea to ever be launched upon the human heart!

And sadly…, (very sadly) it is WORKING on so many gullible human beings, who are so very desperate to BELIEVE in Channeled Messages that they will turn a blind eye to almost ANY LEVEL OF EVIL being done!

Here is one such example of a fake Channeled Message (just one out of millions of fake messages put out on the internet weekly)!  This particular one says that ALL humans were going to ASCEND on November 6th, 2016!  The very day that this post is being published!

AA Anafiel/schedule Toward Ascension
31 October, 2016
Channeled by Taki Chino

Dear reincarnated souls on the Earth, I am Archangel Anafiel in a position to lead you toward Ascension. Today, I would like to make a definite time schedule clear for you toward Ascension anticipated to occur on 6 November, 2016.

Let me classify the souls into three categories, high frequency souls, middle frequency souls and low frequency souls. Here, frequency means the highest frequency at which a soul can resonate with.

High frequency souls are those souls with frequency index of 300~500, where it is the exponent number n at Frequency=a×10n

Middle frequency souls are whose with wave index of 25 ascending to 8 dimension, souls said to move to the inner Earth. In the universe no planets are inhabited by any soul in the inside of the planet and the information about the inner Earth was distraction by the dark organization.

Low frequency souls are those with wave index of 11 and 12 ascending to the 5 dimension.

The below following events are expected to occur until the Ascension from now.

November 2 (Wed)

From around 6 AM conversation with higher dimensional souls become possible for those with wave index 450 and 500.

November 3 (Thu)

From around 6 AM for those with wave index of 450 and 500, higher dimensional world will be visible when they raise vibration within an isolated room or in the nature.

November 4 (Fri)

From around 6 AM, for the souls with wave index 350, conversation with higher dimensional souls will become possible.

November 5 (Sat)

From around 6 AM, for the souls with wave index 300, conversation with higher dimensional souls will become possible. For the souls with wave index 350, higher dimensional world will become visible.

At around 3 PM, for the low frequency souls visibility of the souls with wave index 450 and 500 become unclear by about 20% and lowers by 5 % for the souls with wave index 350.

November 6 (Sun)

From around 6 AM, for the souls with wave index 300, higher dimensional world will become visible.

Clarity of the sight of the high and middle frequency souls for the low frequency souls will become less by the rate as below.

The souls with wave index

450 and 500 350 300

3 AM 3    50%

1 PM 80 10

6 PM 100 60

8PM 100 90

9 PM 100 100 100

At 0 PM , all the souls will ascend to the higher dimensions. Wave index of the low frequency souls will become 17 for the young souls of less than 5 or lower cosmic age and 18 for 6 cosmic age and they will ascend to the 5 dimension.. The wave index of the middle frequency souls will be 26 and they will ascend to 8 dimension and high frequency souls will ascend to 10, 18, 24 and 28 dimension with corresponding wave index 300, 350, 450 and 500.

So few of us are really searching for the TRUTH any longer, instead of just taking what is spoon fed from somewhere outside of us.

Be assured, however, that the reward for loving souls who do NOT give in to such NONSENSE….., is beyond imagining, and those military people and ET entities that are their allies…, who torment loving beings EVEN IN IGNORANCE will endlessly reap the sorrows of what they did.     The Universe will see to it.

For those souls who go to church every Sunday…, and claim that they “pray” for the good of the world, BUT THEN DO NOTHING to educate themselves as to what is really and truly happening around them, sadly, they are mostly the blind, being led by the blind.

To put it bluntly: YOU will not find truth inside any Church!

They may be good people at heart, but they are being horribly lied to by their pastors and all the others, who it is clear have no idea what’s really going on in those higher frequency levels being used by the Dark Magicians and the Satanists.

At this time, there is only one answer left. Use your power of Consent, and STOP consenting to the world as it is. This reality – that we are on the very verge of seeing come into manifestation – is the one that the space pirates want for us.

It is DARK…, SATANIC…, and one where Child Sacrifice, Pedophilia, and Magic are done freely and out in the open!

Before this can happen…, however, they NEED our collective agreement, or at least TACIT CONSENT to do this.   Only our collective NON-CONSENT will stop them.

If we do not come together as a species…., and kick them off the planet…, they will win, because they are already so very close to succeeding.

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