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ONLY – “non consent” will work for us now!


Isn’t there a better way to fight these Satanists (Magicians/Pirates) at this late point in the time-line?



Over the last fifty years, with the help of the Dark Magicians, and other negatively oriented space beings, the worlds governmental leaders (the controlling puppets), have developed technologies so advanced that fighting them with guns and technology is virtually impossible.

Anti-gravity drive craft, teleportation, plasma beam weapons, large inter-galactic space ships, as well as colonies on the Moon, Mars, and other places leave them pretty much in charge of any physical battle that we may wish to wage.

The biggest weapon that they use against us constantly is called Quantum Access or “time travel”.

They have been gathering information on all time lines and future events since the late 1960’s…, and then bringing that information back into the past where they could then “PLAN” what they want to do with that information and how to further enslave humanity!

Even HOLLYWOOD knows that this is going on…, which is why so much FUTURE information about the Twin Towers coming down on Sept. 11th was placed into a Movie called: BACK TO THE FUTURE – which was made as far back in time as 1985!


Far more nefarious than most people who work in these black budget programs could possibly have understood, they (people who work in these programs) are helping to ENSLAVE the planet with their efforts at collecting and transporting future data – because it is all being delivered into the hands of those who would use, and ARE using it for PURE EVIL.

This is as SERIOUS as it gets my friends…, and I just wish that I could somehow make you see HOW deep this really goes!

Phil Corso Jr. – told us years ago already that the BIGGEST SECRET is not Aliens or UFO’s…, but that TIME ITSELF had been compromised!

This is the ONE SECRET that they are desperate to keep at ALL COSTS, and it will NEVER EVER be willingly disclosed!

The reason for this is that the Satanists/Dark Magicians at a certain point in some previous TIME-LINE realized that Prime Creator had sent numerous Star-Seed Souls into the Earth Realm to liberate it.

So in a pre-meditated retaliation to this move – much of their quantum activities (even though they profusely DENY it), is aimed at IDENTIFYING these very souls — almost at birth, (by using time travel and quantum access) and then maliciously and savagely targeting these souls with every secret technological weapon they have…, even tormenting them as helpless children and also targeting their families by literally declaring a SILENT WAR on them!

ONLY A DIRTY, DANK, STANK, USELESS, EVIL SATANIST and a TOTAL PSYCHOPATH could ever declare WAR on a mere child!

Sadly, those who work in these secret programs are never told the truth about what they are really doing – or what the “agenda” of their superiors really is.

They are told that these human beings– even as little children – whom they are being paid to target are:

  • future terrorists,
  • communists,
  • serial killers
  • Etc.

…and that as “Top Secret Black Ops” participants – they are the vanguard of some sort of real version of Tom Cruise’s “future crime division”, where they get to target, torment, and arrest people long before they’ve ever done anything wrong!

“The LIE is different at every level”

…is a phrase that I believe was coined by a man named Richard Hoagland.

He has put out dozens of very informative videos saying that due to compartmentalization (a mind control tactic) – that the lie being told – is different at every level for those who work in these black projects.

Generally good men and women are told only enough truth, and just enough lies, to get them to do what they are told to do and the follow the diabolical agenda of the Satanists.

I would like to add my own “catch phrase” here – one that has not gotten as much attention as Hoagland’s “the lie is different at every level”

That phrase is this:



Many military and government officials who are still on the good side, believe (falsely) that there is a limit beyond which all dark projects, and all top level secret experiments will never pass.

They believe that when something very hideous and depraved is suggested as being a part or all of a certain project – that when 95 out of 100 generals refuse to do it, then the issue is simply dropped as going nowhere!


The five generals out of 100 who “will do it” are sequestered, transferred, and given access to unlimited money, while the cover story for everyone else is simply “We are not going to do that – because it is too evil”.

The thing to remember here about the military, is that just because one general, or 95 generals out of 100 – would never think of doing some really hideous things, there are always five who will — and usually for the promise of advancement, position, or money – they just don’t care.

The very same goes for the countless civilians who work with the military!

Here are two video interviews with Colonel (now General) Micheal Acquino…, a known SATANIST and the founder of the Temple of Set!

Fair warning…, this is “dark stuff”…, so  be prepared!  

I’m only posting this so you can see how they – just like David Wilcock says with his stupid “Law of One Material” –  seriously claim that there is actually a “left handed path of EVIL – that leads people directly to GOD the PRIME CREATOR!




Compartmentalization takes away your ability to know for sure just WHO is doing WHAT…, and thus the Dark Magicians are still able to do horrendous and EVIL things which certain parts of the Military have no knowledge of even taking place.

What the Military really needs to understand is this:

If it can be done, it is being done!

Right under their noses, and they’ve lost control. It’s All due to SECRECY…, and it’s ridiculous partner – NATIONAL SECURITY!


The most powerful weapon that these Dark Magicians, Satanists, and Secret Society Members are using against us as a planet and as a people is: SECRECY.

Those average human beings, who support secrecy, still thinking we need it, and that it “protects us” are unknowingly supporting the basest EVIL known to man.

There are many “whistle blowers” who have talked about the use of teleportation, and time travel within the military these days.

However, NO ONE has EVER come forward, except off the record, to talk about the “targeting” of very loving souls who are trying to help the planet from it’s enslavement.

This serious ISSUE has been labeled beyond top secret, and will never be discussed.

Few people, if any, realize that the secret military has access to what are called Astral Implants, which are not even physical or tangible things, and can be literally implanted within a person’s Astral Body so that they are not even seen.

These IMPLANTS can still have a very noticeable affects upon a human beings frequency and energy field as well as their sanity and their over all health!

Just like in the movie the Matrix, where NEO was implanted with a device he thought was only part of a dream, innocent beings really ARE as we speak…, being implanted with similar devices that operate on a level that can’t even be seen or accessed physically.

Welcome to the world of the Break-Away Civilization! Where things like Zero Point Energy, Holographic Computers, and Astral Implants are commonplace.

Deep under ground, there are over one hundred secret military bases called: DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). According to a man named Phil Schneider, who actually built some of these bases, the technology that they have is far beyond what’s available to us here on the surface. Yet, it is all a secret, and more importantly ALL still under the control of the military.

Here is Phil Schnieder (murdered for what he told the public) talking about Deep Underground Military Bases:


Not knowing this fact, however, does not save our planet from enslavement. It only hastens the potential day when the New World Order can succeed.

The choice however is still up for grabs, but time is growing very short.

You may ask what can you do?

Please Write Your Own Personal Declaration of Independence and Non Consent. Undo every spell or contract you’ve ever given consent to!

The Dark Magicians need our consent in order not to take a very hard hit and be punished by Prime Creator. Stealing a planet and enslaving the people living on it is AGAINST COSMIC LAW!

It brings huge punishment with it. This is why they must get us to want this of our own free will.

  • Secrecy is the only way they’ve been able to move forward.
  • Stop allowing ANY SECRECY!
  • Stop believing that we need this secrecy!
  • Stop thinking that it’s good to have secret bases and secret weapons!
  • These things do not benefit us, because all too soon, they will be used against the very people they were supposedly developed to protect and to save.

As I have stated before, Quantum Access is being as a weapon and used daily to target very good people in ways that most can’t imagine. There are agents who are being sent back in time, and who actually interact with and then try to corrupt loving beings in any way possible.

A lovely lady by the name of Laura Magdelane Eisenhower, (President Dwight Eisenhower’s own great-granddaughter), is just one such person, who has come forward telling her own story, where her boyfriend turned out to be a CIA agent who was actually “assigned to her” and supposed to get her to move to Mars, and join the Mars Colony Project.

She was told that she had been identified through the use of “quantum access” and that a certain group of people were desperate to get her to “join up with an alternative agenda”.

Don’t you wonder what that “alternative agenda” was, and more importantly WHAT she had done in the future (a future they had already seen, by using quantum access), and were desperately now trying to change.

What she was not told was that (most likely), those who were directing the CIA agent that was working with her, were, in fact, themselves coming from other parts of time and space.

I highly recommend everyone seeking out her story on YouTube and in other places, since just one case proves proves my point.

So why then will simply removing “consent” by DECLARATION work?

Remember that these beings KNOW, they KNOW, that they must have your consent – on record – because not getting first, it is breaking your free will.

The punishment for this is truly severe.


What stops most people from thinking something this simple has teeth, is that they don’t understand, or realize that there truly is a supernatural side to this.

When I wrote my Formal Declaration of Independence and spoke it out loud, nullifying and voiding every contract I’d ever signed, I could not sleep that night because several Invisible Energy Beings were in my room begging me to “sign a new contract with them” immediately.

Over and over again they begged for my “consent”, and my signature, which I refused to give.

They KNEW they could not proceed against me without it!

Even though I appeared to be talking to blank space, I was not imagining it, and could easily hear these things speaking at me.

Each time I refused, they got angrier and angrier.

Finally I started to laugh at them. What is so damn important about having my signature on Cosmic Record I asked them?

They refused to respond, and finally left!

The next day, (per my Declaration) other beings, (I could not see them, but could easily hear them) began showing up at my home and desperately begging for forgiveness for what they had done to me all my life.

You see – their Cosmic “permission slip” had been removed – and apparently they were now LEGALLY on the hook for tormenting me!

There was a certain clause within the 25 pages, where I wrote that if any being who severely harmed me came to ask for forgiveness, I would not ask Prime Creator to punish them.

Boy did they come!

Finally I stopped because I was totally unsure of what these beings had done, or who they were. I finally resolved to take care of this in my Ascended State, in order to more clearly understand what was happening, who these beings were, and what they had done.

To this very day however – they are still showing up and literally BEGGING ME to please overlook the torment they aimed at me.  Many “claim” to have been ORDERED to do it by others!

What I learned from this experience, however, is that Every Being living on the Earth, from the very time they are born, is being fooled into consenting to contracts which bind them — if not by religion, then by government, and if not by government, then in some other way.

Even the Buddhists, and the Hindus are not immune to contracts in their religions.

Guru’s only take on students by Consent and by verbal contract!

The Catholic Church has always claimed that Baptism was a magical and mysterious rite an agreement with their “god”.

It’s magical all right!



You see, even there they did not lie, they tell you that you are entering into a soul agreement with the Church, which (wink, wink, nod, nod) you want, don’t you?

Without that contract in place, far less torment can come to you from the magical realms.

Here’s another thought. Many who enjoy Christianity, believe that their church has nothing to do with the Vatican.

Well that’s blatantly WRONG!

Here’s the proof you can’t ignore!

Each year – Easter Sunday is celebrated on a different day. It can be anywhere from late February to the middle of April. Why the huge distance between the possible days of the year?

The Vatican has huge Astronomy Telescopes, several of them, allowing them to watch the movement of the heavens, which they claim is necessary to calculate the correct date each year.

However, if this were true, the date would only vary by a day or so each way, not by a month.

What they are looking for is a certain alignment of planets and planetary bodies that will allow for the most beneficial casting of dark spells for that year.

And, when they decide what day that is – (get ready for it) – Every other Christian Religion takes the day that the Catholics decide on, and then they celebrate it as Easter Sunday!

Why don’t they pick their own day?

All the other Christian denominations just do as their told – the Vatican Controls them by CORPORATE CONTRACT!

Even the Mormon Church celebrates Easter on the very day the Vatican specifies. So, as I’ve said, the Vatican is trying to run the world, and no matter what religion you say is yours, at the top, they take orders from the Vatican.


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