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Backwards and forwards, sideways, and mirrored, the mind sees absolutely everything!

It is a great holographic computer, which, when left to operate normally, really does contain both the POWER and the unlimited INFORMATION of the cosmos within it.

However, with “dis”- connected DNA, (thanks to certain ET groups who came to our world long ago) our ability to “perceive” subtle vibrations, and their many faceted effects within our multi-dimensional reality, has been quite interfered with.

With fully connected DNA, a spoken word will actually cause a vibration that can actually be SEEN by the human being speaking it and the ones hearing it. They will see either the harmony, or the discord, within that vibration, as well as a corresponding color and geometric “shape” to that spoken vibration, which will then “tell them” if that vibration will do good things or bad things on the Earth!

They will know whether that vibration is helpful, or harmful to them or the other things around them.

As they watch the vibration propagate around them, they will also see the affect that this vibration has upon other levels, as it is propagated into the ethereal and astral planes from the physical planes where it started. Such is the nature of a totally connected human being with fully operational DNA!

They will see the color and texture of the vibration as it is spoken, along with the feeling of the harmony, or the disharmony. They will see all of this as one complete knowing.

A fully connected human is aware on multiple levels of reality. The reason for “disconnecting” our DNA, was very specific in that those who did this, did NOT want human beings to be able to see the effects of their own spoken words, or the “magic” that those words held within them, or the sacred geometry those words would create.

It was done so that they could not see the subtle vibrations, and thus protect themselves from the harm that their own word spell-ings would invariably to those around them and other levels.

It was malicious, it was intentional, it was a Cosmic Crime!

It was done to render our ancestors defenseless. The plan was always to enslave these poor human beings who had been genetically altered, and genetically manipulated. This will become more clear to you as you read on from here.

For now however, I will simply refer to these beings or this group as DARK MAGICIANS – Later, you will both be able to see, and understand better, who they are, and why they did what they did.

Word Magic is both tremendously vast and complex. To understand only a small fraction of it takes a lot of time. So, let’s start really small, and take only one or two sacred sounds out of many hundreds. We will look at what they both indicate and cause.

Each spoken (cast) word or phrase, is a magic spell (magic spelling) that carries power, color, vibration, will, intent, and most importantly is “magnetically charged”.

If we look at a few “word-magic spells”, or “magic spell-ings” that people cast into the ethers around them almost daily, we should first consider them, and then observe what is similar within these 10 words.


Apart from the fact, they all rhyme, (sound the same), which is due to the “ust” sound, every one of these magical words tend to indicate a “presence of decay”!

  • Rust is a decay of metal
  • Lust is a decay of the mind
  • Musty is a smell associated with decay
  • Disgust is the decay of reverence for another

So, if we look closely at the similarity of these words, all of them seem to hold an indication of “decay” within them.  So, if we look at words that are not nearly as obvious, we can only decipher them if we already know what we are looking for.

When we look at the word “must”, as in – “you must do this” or, “you must do that”, the word “must” due to the “ust” sound has to indicate decay.

It then is not so difficult to see where the decay is, once you realize that “ust” always means decay! MUST indicates the decay of your spiritual FREEWILL, since no living being, according to Prime Creator, “must” do anything.

By using words with similar sounds, and then grouping them together, we are able to deduce that those magicians who gave us our language are giving us hidden “clues” as to what those words actually mean, (as opposed to what we THINK they mean.)

If someone comes to you and uses the word “Must” in a sentence, (as in – You MUST do this) that very word indicates to you a real time decay of your freedom as the magic spell-ing of the word is being cast at you from the one doing the casting.

Can anyone find fault with this?    Let’s look at an example:

If you are a kid sitting on the couch watching your favorite television “program”, and your mother comes to say, “Timmy, you MUST, do your homework!” Timmy’s freewill, (in real time) has just experienced DECAY!

The actual experience of Timmy’s loss of freewill, and thus his freedom, will be determined by the tone, the timbre, the will, and the intent of his mother, who is casting the word spell at him!

If Timmy’s personal shields are up, (shields made of pure love), he can deflect the power of this word spell and most likely negotiate his freedom back to a certain extent! If he has not generated his own shields of love, the word spell will take effect and his freedom is gone!

The commonality of all of these words above, as said, earlier is the ‘ust’ sound!

The “ust” sound, when added to different leading symbols of sacred geometry, (each of which has a special meaning), and then “cast” into the ethers really does create vibrational “decay” in various ways, due to the nature of the leading geometry, and the vibration of the sound being propagated.

Recapping old territory here: The spoken word has both vibration and color. The color of the ‘ust’ sound is not pretty to look at.

So again, when we look at the word “must” – There has to be “decay” somewhere in this word, because the whole purpose of the “ust” sound is to indicate a presence of decay.

Following along with this line of thinking, if a sacred sound “indicates decay”, then also by natural law, it will also have to “CREATE” that decay in real time, if it is used or “magically “CAST” as a spell-ing at someone.

This happens (because in the higher realms or frequencies), there is NO DIFFERENCE between the “intent” of a word, and what the physical SOUND of the word will actually “create”.

Remember this:  Sound creates Geometry!


In the “higher frequencies” there is no time lag what so ever between “thought” and the “manifestation of thought”. They are one and the same. Intent is literally “creation’s engine” which forms the geometric patterns!  However…, even INTENT is based in “SOUND”…, because it has a vibration!

In order to create GEOMETRY…, SOUND has to be involved (even if we can’t hear it).

Therefore, if one repeats a ‘spell’ or ‘spell-ing’  (thats words to you and me) enough times by speaking it, it actually creates the vibration (geometry) of what ever you are casting.  (See the video above).

THAT and ONLY THAT…, is why our enslavers GAVE US language in the first place, (after they maliciously disconnected our ability to communicate telepathically with one another).

They did this so that we would have to make “sounds” to communicate…, and those “sounds” we were making would actually ENSLAVE US in an unseen frequency prison.

They taught us as little children (in things called schools) both the sacred geometry (letters of the alphabet)  — and the specific sounds that go with that geometry, so that when we cast these ‘spell-ings’ out into the ethers through the use of our speech, we would then – by using them constantly – be creating for ourselves our own entrapment and enslavement!

They knew that what anyone “repeats often enough in their speech”, would get “created” by us without ever knowing what we were doing.

Remember this from scripture – when the “word” goes forth, that is when “creation” begins!

So in conclusion – The very words that we are using daily in our languages actually creating what we use them for.

The trouble here is that “WE” do not really know the meaning of our words!

We are in trouble because our languages were “given” to us by our so-called ‘gods’…, (small g, thank you very much) and those ‘gods’ were intent upon ENSLAVING US.

So WE, (as very powerful beings, which are actually ETERNAL, and formed from pure love and light), were forced by our vicious enslavers, to use our OWN UNLIMITED POWER of creation force…, to assist THEM in keeping us enslaved.

The method here is simple:

You take a great power or force, and then turn it BACK ON ITSELF!  This “crime” by the way – is 100 percent totally against COSMIC LAW.

So, knowing what you know now, consider this next word: Trust!

People think that the word “trust” is a very good word, but is it really?

It has the “ust” sound which indicates decay. Interestingly, “Trust” (is also a Banking Term) and can mean a place or construct where these “Dark Magicians” I spoke of earlier…, hide monetary value.

They hide Monetary Value into a “TRUST”.  Why would they put it there if the very word “trust” indicates decay?   They put it there because once money is tied up in a “TRUST”…, it can not circulate or be “used” for good purposes.  It becomes “bound” and “tied up”!  It ceases to be FREE…, and that is where the DECAY IS!

Which is why ALL BANKS tell us to place our TRUST in them.

If we place our “trust” in another human being, or some other institution like a Government for instance, or the Police, or the Courts, or especially Judges for instance, to always do what’s “right”, without first learning what they really stand for…, you can now see that the very word “trust” becomes a DECAY of ones own Wisdom!

So here is where the “decay” can be found within this word: Too much “trust” is the decay of personal power, personal growth, and the knowledge and wisdom that comes from learning things for one’s own self!

If we “trust” all of our politicians to always do what’s right, without watching them closely – then that is not wise. “Trust” finally, indicates a strong decay in our very ability to know what we are getting into — if we do NOT do our homework!

As I also mentioned, a “Trust” is a kind of financial haven for many people with money. People put their money into “Trusts”, but when that money is in a Trust, it is not doing anything useful for the planet, so then it’s creative possibility for POSITIVE USE is “decaying” in real time while it sits there doing nothing.

Now that you are getting the hang of it —

Consider the words “just” and “justice”, realizing these very words were given to us to use by our enslavers.

These words indicate decay, because of the “ust” sound being cast out of your very own mouth!

Justice (in our world) is the continuous decay of our freedoms, simply because “to bring someone to Justice”, almost always means it will end with their incarceration.

We now have MORE PEOPLE in jail in the United States of Corporate America than every other country of the world put together! We don’t need more Justice/Incarceration in the world…, but instead, we need BALANCE.

So we can see that we certainly have lots of “Justice” going on in America; however, we also have less and less people who are free. If the truth were really faced and dealt with – we would be appalled to know that millions of millions of young adults have been incarcerated for holding a “plant” in their hands.

Maybe those of us who know better should be casting a different “spelling” into the ethers to achieve a better result.

Remember, that our language was given to literally entrap us by those who think they OWN us.

Isn’t it interesting that the head of the Supreme Court in Corporate America, is called the “Chief Justice”, or more correctly, the chief reason for all of the vicious decay happening here in America.

So to repeat then — what we really want to do is not bring people into Justice, but instead to bring them into BALANCE, or into unity, or into love. If we cast these “spellings” all the time, then we as a group will create far better results for both ourselves and our world. But we would need to know which words to use and how to use them properly.

Now consider these words:


These words indicate something missing or lacking

Frost is the lack of warmth
-Lost is the lack of direction
-Cost is the lack of knowledge (as in: not knowing the truth really cost him dearly)

So the “ost” sound indicates lack. (With me so far?)

For comparison, We have these two words which look similar but sound different than cost and lost.


But notice that these words, even though “spelled” the same, don’t sound the same as frost and lost, why not? Who decided that “host” and “lost” should not rhyme, or have the same sacred sound? This is not accidental. There are no accidents.

Here you have two magic “spellings” that have similar geometry, “ost”, but they sound differently. So it stands to reason that in certain magic spell-ings, it was determined by the enslavers that you need to place a slightly different sound onto the very same geometry, to get a “slightly” different desired effect in the creative vibration that it would then manifest by the person using that spelling.

The most important thing you can know from all of this however, is that BOTH sound and vibration, projected into the ethers, are creative in different ways. So please be careful of the words that you use, because each word “spell” casts a very different vibration! What you need to know is that sound and vibration are all part of the magical creation of our planetary “reality” which I am going to say is A MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM!

This will be explained in deeper detail as we move along.

The work of the now very Famous Japanese Scientist who recently passed away – Masaru Emoto, was invaluable in showing us the deep truth that word vibration actually affecting living things and living tissue on a microscopic level. He took pictures of frozen water crystals “after talking to them” and found that those tiny molecules of water that were spoken to lovingly were exceedingly beautiful, and those water molecules which were hated and verbally abused, were totally ugly and dis formed!

Here is a link to his website, complete with pictures!


Finally, this should truly help you to understand that reality IS ALWAYS CHANGEABLE!  Because EVERYTHING currently in manifestation is due to SOUND!   You really need to understand this!

Right in front of us, the very words that we are casting, as proved beyond any doubt by Emoto’s scientific research, are actually CREATING CHANGES IN REALITY!

By the very words we speak daily, we cast vibrational changes into the fabric of the magnetic hologram, which will then reflect changes in the REALITY that we are seeing right in front of our faces!


Casting “spellings” are actually using magic powers! Which is why the spoken word is always used in all occult magic spells in the first place.

Now let’s go back to “ust”. What about “bust”?

If you “bust” something, it’s broken. Then it can decay. But lately, a women’s breasts have also come to be labeled “her bust.” Do you think this was accidental?

If the NWO intends to get rid of the divine feminine as a part of their over-all take over the world agenda, then her breasts (as a sacred symbol) would need to get “busted”, in order to “supernaturally” get rid of the symbol of femininity within the construct, so these days, breasts have suddenly became known as busts in common or slang vernacular.

In this way, magically, the symbol of her femininity gets broken, by casting a serious “spell” of DECAY at them.

Behind all of these machinations of “world control” are dark magicians who really do understand the OCCULT and HIDDEN knowledge of both frequency and vibration! It is they who cast a dark “spelling” on all females by putting a new slang word into our vocabulary, so that we are then using that word for her breasts. “Bust” both indicates and creates “decay” due to the “ust” sound.

How many women especially in the US (where this word is very prevalent) are now experiencing breast cancer?

And, most probably, many of them refer to their breasts as busts.

(They should simply say breast instead.)

Now, before I get ANY PROTESTS about how this could happen, (inserting a new slang word into our vocabulary) just know that these master magicians have huge amounts of the population of our world ALREADY under mind control. Doing something like this is far easier than you think. Adding a new slang term into the mass consciousness for them is actually quite easy. It’s as easy as a corny TV show in prime time. Or, a popular radio show on the long drive home, or a large road side advertising sign in just the right place to change how we as a group think.

Also notice that those who call themselves the elites – always use different words than the ones “the commoners” are TAUGHT to use.

They pride themselves on their far more expanded vocabulary. But is it just pride, OR, are they avoiding using certain words that they know are only for “the commoners” to use?

Finally, let’s stay with “ust” and look at one more word – dust.

Here again, “ust” is used to indicate decay. Dust is “decayed matter” in micro-particles.

In the Catholic Church, during their long holiday called “lent”, which in and of itself is an interesting word, they have a day called Ash Wednesday.

[In “banking terms” when someone gets loaned some money – we say that the bank “lent” that person some money – or better still “energy”.]

So, let’s look at what happens on the day they call “ash” Wednesday.

Everyone goes up to the front of the church and listens to a certain phrase, and then gets ashes placed on their forehead in the form of a cross.

But what does it all mean?

The phrase is this: Remember man that you ARE DUST, and into DUST, you shall return.

This is a magic spell! It is both a spell, and a curse!

What this “spelling” being cast at you indicates, and then creates – (because of “ust”) – is decay: The quick decay of your body, due to the use of the word DUST!

What the practitioner is actually saying to you is a magic spell, and he is “casting” it directly AT YOU. You are DUST! You are DECAY! Through the magical power of frequency-sound and vibration – this is what he is saying to you and thus, he is creating it.

As this spell is being cast at you, it is magically “creating” that outcome through vibration, by use of both sacred geometry and sound.

The priest places a cross of ashes — (again indicating decay due to the use of ashes) — not on your forehead, but on the area associated with Cosmic “site”, or a personal connection to the higher frequencies of the divine — otherwise known as the Third-Eye by the Eastern Religions!

The cross that he makes there is a hex, (a cross is an inverted “X”) or a block, to CLOSE that area, so as to deprive you of your own connection to the cosmos.

So he is both casting a spell of death and decay at you, while at the very same time, cursing or “hexing” your infinite and immortal cosmic connection by placing a “symbol” of decay at that very spot.

Guess what? People are lining up like sheep in every church on the planet to get this done – and people tell me THERE IS NO MASSIVE MIND CONTROL ON THE PLANET!

Now, If you think that those who go to church are not sheep, then WHY do priests call their parishioners their “flock”?

They are are not talking about a flock of geese here, of that I’m quite sure. They literally are calling them a flock of sheep.

Maybe it’s time to re-examine the word “trust”



The Great “CON” of man is not found within some secret society, or cleverly hidden inside of a picture, as many would have you believe. Instead, it is the CON that is hidden within just one tiny word – CONSENT

To explains how this works, notice that “Con” indicates something negative!

Pro is positive and Con is negative. Thus the words: pros and cons.

Are you with me so far?

Following this idea a little more deeply, we get words in the English language like: Contrary, Contraband, Control, Condescending, Convoluted, Con-man, and finally the word Consent standing right beside its evil twin – Contract.

Knowing what we now know about word “magic” is it easy to both see and understand just how these two words, and many more like them, are all parts of the Great CON of man, which has certainly led to his downfall. Allow me to explain.

Cosmic Law states that all SOULS when originally created were given complete Free Will by their CREATOR.  It also states that no created SOUL was ever given more free will than any other created soul.

PRIME CREATOR, the original CREATOR of SOULS, enforces every one of HIS Cosmic Laws to the letter!  Thusly, those who trespass upon HIS Cosmic Laws (Natural Laws – if you watch Mark Passio’s stuff)  get “spanked” by the “Universal Justice System” — in a very unpleasant way. This fact is very well known by those that work closely with Cosmic Law.

So then, if this is true, how can life on Planet Earth look the way that it does? Surely it seems as if there is NO JUSTICE here at all.

Two of the most misunderstood words that exist in our entire “world” are:

Contract and Consent.

They are misunderstood because they do not mean what we think they mean. They are magical words, and they are being used in ways that most human beings could barely fathom.

What if I were to say that the concepts that these two words describe just happen to be the main line “operating system” of the occult world’s biggest CON!

Many enlightened people, myself included, do not really like to use “contracts” if it can at all be avoided!

Now WHY would I ever say that?

The truth of the matter is quite simple, really. The reason that enlightened people do not like to use contracts when inter-acting with others human beings is that Contracts are in matter of fact: Magic Spells, or,  MAGICAL BINDINGS!

As I pointed out earlier, the word CON, defines a negative.

Therefore, a contract, is a negative way to place restrictions and a “limit” upon another living human beings options and choices, shrinking down their domain of FREE WILL CHOICE and then “supernaturally” BINDING them to that limit, by getting a signature from them, which is the “mark” of their consent to that super natural binding!

Let me repeat that. A signature (signet) is the “Mark” of your consent to a supernatural binding! Your signature is the biblical “mark of the beast”, because it imprisons and enslaves the one who uses it in a way they don’t understand. (See definition below)

signet. [sig-nit]


1. a small seal, as on a finger ring.

2. a small official seal for legal documents, contracts, etc.

3. an impression made by or as if by a signet.

The most vitally IMPORTANT thing to remember is that ALL MAGIC SPELLS work on levels that are non-physical. Those men and women who are operating secretly, and behind the scenes on the world stage, and whom we call the “ILLUMINATI”  are in truth:

Black Occult Magicians!    And what’s more…, they will not deny this!

Some call them the CABAL, and others call them the Illuminati. Whatever they are called, they are very well trained in such matters and know the deepest levels and secrets about this type of Esoteric and hidden knowledge, which was originally taught in the ancient mystery schools as a form of dark magic!

Most human beings can not physically see the “elemental level”, but the Elementals (who are invisible beings just outside of our frequency range) are there to support language, word communication, vibration, and do all sorts of things on an “energetic” and “frequency” level to hold up the fabric of physical reality which (as I said earlier) is a MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM!

Those who are born into Multi-generational Satanic families (like Jay Parker) are very aware that “elemental beings” can be both “conjured” and “summoned”…, and are “fed” by blood ritual and blood sacrifice!

Within this unseen frequency range, there are also very negative beings who are “used” by these Dark Occultists to magically ENFORCE all of the agreements or all of the many contracts that have been signed by those who do business with them.., so that those men and women that enter into these contracts – become quite powerless — and more or less enslaved to what they agreed to.


So then, there is a SUPER NATURAL and an unseen side to every contract you sign with these people!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that, did you?  So the real question is: WHY would you ever sign a contract with these MAGICIANS?

As I’ve said, ALL contracts are basically “magic spells”  because they LIMIT freedom of choice, and are serious tools of these dark magic masters! We have been tricked into thinking that we should use them everyday ourselves!

The only real purpose of a contract – the hidden or occult purpose – which you are NEVER TOLD OF – is to LIMIT and BIND the one who enters into it.  Contracts are dark tools because their main purpose besides limiting and binding, is the REMOVAL OF FREE WILL, which is a unique and sacred gift of Prime Creator himself.

Free will is a very powerful and mystical STRENGTH that has Angelic qualities of it’s own.

It is like the power of Hercules. It is a healing salve for any obstacle you may bump into, and an immediate cure for any misfortune.

Those who HATE Prime Creator, equally hate his gift of Free Will!

In the Synagogues of SATAN, FREE WILL is the main target of all of their ritualistic machinations.

However, under Cosmic Law, because it was given to YOU by our loving and eternal SOURCE, it can NEVER be taken from you — unless you willing give it away on your own!

Enter now both CONTRACT, and CONSENT.   The two evil twins that I have been talking about which make up the Dark CON of Man!


How could these dark forces which I am speaking of, ever defeat such a formidable “super being” known as the Infinite and Immortal SOUL, which is endowed with the HERCULEAN super power of FREE WILL that is actually a both a shield of protection, and a direct line to PRIME CREATOR Himself?

This one monumental problem must have kept the Dark Magicians up for many sleepless nights!  However, for anyone who wishes to BIND and to TIE UP all of the completely beautiful and loving soul creations – GODS own children, they must first Defeat and subdue the greatest power there is, FREEWILL.

Fast-forward to where we are today: we see that many mindless and robotic humans are literally running to sell, sign away, or give away – both their freedoms and their FREEWILL, somehow thinking they don’t “need” them. The Dark Wizards are literally giddy with delight! Think, for instance, about all of the men and women lining up to enter the Military today, where they “contract” by signet, and freely “consent” to give up the right to make any decisions for themselves by handing that sacred gift they had over to someone else!

With FREEWILL seemingly gone (through the tools of CONTRACT and CONSENT) -now other people can “order” that soul into battle and even to its physical death. Wow! — that soul just lost everything, including what was a most precious gift – life itself.

So then, human beings who do sign contracts, enter into a dark and binding magic spell of and BY their own free will. Thus, Prime Creator, who oversees Cosmic Justice, can NOT punish those who have cast the spell, or save someone from the spell itself, because THEIR free will was not actually taken from them! THEY GAVE IT AWAY by choice. (It may have been tricked from them, but that is another issue to discuss a little later.) The main thing to know right now is that by signing any contract, you give consent to being magically bound in a way you never imagined!

Let’s see what Kevin Shipp…, a former CIA Agent says about how all Government workers are being “BOUND” by Non Disclosure Agreements!


Let’s investigate how this works.

In all contracts, (on the elemental level), which is actually a real frequency or vibratory level, (a level which we as humans are no longer able to see) – there is WORD MAGIC and geometry taking place. There are many vibrations and sacred symbols used in ALL CONTRACTS that actually hinder beings from going against what they agreed to when they entered into the spell/contract.

How many of us realize the sacred geometry of our alphabet? How many of us understand that placing certain words and phrases in a specific order causes sacred geometry to occur on the elemental, or on the the “unseen” levels?   Hands please?

Well you see, you’d need to be a Black Occult Magician to understand this wouldn’t you? But, certainly those elites at the very top of our World’s Control Structure would never use such tricks on the entire population of the world — or would they?

There are many ways to describe this phenom, but those who use it, really do call it “word magic”, or “babble” (babel from the ancient Babylon) and the Lawyers who support the “super natural” dark magic of contracts by working with them, simply call it what they were taught to call it inside their law schools: Legalese.

It is very doubtful that ANY lawyer can claim that “deep down” they don’t know what’s happening here. They may even write contracts, and they likely negotiate contracts daily.

They KNOW the specific words to use inside of contracts because they’ve been taught how to write contracts and make them both “iron clad” and legally impossible to get out of.  They KNOW which special “words” they can use which carry double and even triple meanings, and how the arrangement of these words can be both deceptive and confusing to the reader, which is why they use them.

Now, IF the intent of the contract was NOT to bind, and to limit, and to reduce the signer into having no other choices, why would the words,

“I’ve got an Iron clad contract with him”  even exist?

Think about it.


Most Lawyers know in their hearts that certain people will be harmed, and possibly even destroyed by entering into a contract that they’ve designed, and they even talk amongst themselves about legalese, but sadly, because they think this is all normal (at least they’ve been told that it’s normal in Law School), they don’t stop to think that perhaps they are participating in very DARK MAGIC, and are helping Wizards (THE ILLUMINATI) to perform magic spells that bind and take away others FREEWILL for LUCIFER!

Since most Lawyers are many steps removed from the World’s Top Magicians, they don’t really understand that these tools are being used for a much darker purpose than they realize.

Still, they must feel in their gut that what they are doing to others with certain contracts is, at times, harmful. Yet, they simply ignore their conscience when it talks to them, because the money they get paid to assist in performing MAGIC SPELLS is very tempting.

(And only NOW do you understand why Lawyers get paid so well).

All right. Where could the magic of contracts, and the giving away of consent, which suddenly seems so dastardly, have come from?

It goes way back in history to a time no one remembers. A time when human beings lived freely before the fall and the great CON of man took hold of the Earth. The truth is, though, that there has always been a dark force of malevolent beings who feed like vampires off of others. Where these beings actually come from is only speculation; however, they live in frequencies WE DO NOT SEE with our own eyes.

Others, who are more attuned, CAN see them, and those who desire their support and service (DARK MAGICIANS) even make deals with them!

These beings are a parasite of the mind, or a mind “infection”, that first infected reptiles, and used them as hosts or servants in order to create havoc and disharmony, which these parasites then feed off of. These lower emotions are what they use as food.

Next, they began to infect humans, because humans had a far greater range of potential emotions for their use.

Those humans who actively worship Satan are deeply infected with this parasite of the mind.


A few hundred thousand years ago, Some Reptilian/Human hybrids, known as the Anunnaki, came here to the Earth, and gave certain living human beings what they said was a special DNA upgrade!

Sadly, they lied to them. It was actually a downgrade, and a process that began to disconnect them from their natural connection to the Great Cosmic Intelligence!

Far later on, after that Cosmic Connection was mostly lost, they then gave those severely limited humans (our ancestors) a legal system known as:

The Ancient Law of Contracts – a system that we still use on Earth today.

The real purpose of giving our human ancestors the “Law of Contracts” was to create a “safety bypass” that would help “them” get around Cosmic Law, in order to make certain that they would not take a huge “hit” from the Universal Justice System for what they planned to do next to these severely disconnected human beings!

Remember, NO ONE can take your FREEWILL from you…, not ANY SOUL or ANY BEING…, on any level in time or space!  It is against all rules and Cosmic Law!

Therefore…, YOU must give it up willingly, or those players and those agents who make the mistake of over-stepping Cosmic Law are in very deep doodoo with Prime Creator. This is a fact!

Thus, a device (THE CONTRACT) became very necessary to have in place, in order to both record, and to facilitate all of the billions and trillions of dark magical “limits” and “bindings” that these now unsuspecting individuals were actually “consenting” to.

(Now you know why “paperwork” is so vitally important within this Dark Magicaly System or this Holographic Construct.)

Real nice of those Anunnaki Reptillians, eh?

These Reptilian/Human Hybrids, who were/are Ancient, have been around for millions of years, and they are Masters at MIND CONTROL!    They are the “original” Black Magicians, who taught in the mystery schools the art of Dark Magic.   As stated before, their very best magic tool is the “contract”, and the depth of it’s EVIL can not be overstated!

It is being used to control all of the people on Earth to this very day!  If you don’t believe me…, then please re-watch the video with former CIA Agent Kevin Shipp!

He will tell you first hand!!

Getting back to their Master Plan – Why would these Reptillian/Fallen Angels absolutely HAVE TO HAVE the “contract” as a device of trickery in place on the Earth?

Well, you see, their “not so simple” goal is and always was, to ENSLAVE human beings on EARTH for all eternity, and to keep them both as slave laborers and as pets, and finally, to use them as a food source — both physically and energetically!

This is the TRUTH!

However…,  this “type” of plan is directly opposed to Cosmic Law.

And therefore, it is opposed to Prime Creator!  If done incorrectly, it means PUNISHMENT of a kind that could barely be described.    So then, what to do?

A long term plan was set up, ( a very long term plan ) in the thousands of years scale, that would first “disconnect” a small group of human beings from the Cosmic Intelligence. Then, they would be freely allowed to breed, and then finally, at the appropriate moment in time, to either kill off, or buy off, any remaining human beings living on the Earth who still had a sacred connection to the Cosmic Intelligence.

The result would be that ANY newly re-incarnating souls wishing to come to the Planet would HAVE to use the limited and DNA disconnected human body to incarnate into, (because there were no others available).

This type of body was both limited in its ability to connect to the higher frequency, and was also designed to be VERY susceptible to mind control – which the Anunnaki/Reptillians were quite good at doing.

Again, these guys were real fun to hang out with – I’m sure.

Adam, was actually the first man created who (by genetic Alteration) was able to survive the fully discombobulated human body, as opposed to the partially discombobulated human body, that the Ancient Atlantean’s were using.

The “Adamu” was created to be nothing more than a “worker” or a “slave” in the mining operations that were going on in the ABZU (Lower Africa).

See these videos:



Adam’s creators, the Reptilian/Human Hybrids, were quite fond of Adam and were glad that he had survived the process of disconnecting almost all of the DNA strands that made up the normal Universal Human form. A form that is Universal!

Once his genetic Matrix was established, a mate was made for him using his own DNA and flesh.

Afterward, many hundreds more were made, and they all lived in the care of these Annanaki Hybrids who, it just so happens, had a “god complex” and were quite looking forward to being worshipped and adored by their new pets.

Sadly, Adam’s mate (after speaking with one of the Genesis Scientists), a Hybrid named Enki, and whose symbol was the serpent, was told that they had been genetically created, and that their so-called gods were not really “gods” at all, (He felt sorry for the humans). She ran immediately to tell this to Adam, and soon the whole group was suddenly not “adoring” their Anunnaki creators any longer.

(I mean, would you?)

So, all of the pets (now that they’re totally ruined) get banished by the main Reptile Hybrid named Enlil, and are forced out of what was most likely a very advanced civilization, and out into the cold, hard wilderness, to survive on their own.

(Not very nice “gods” are they?)

According to Z. Sitchen, the city that they were banished from was named “E.din” (Sumerian spelling), and was located at the bottom of current day Iraq.

Now, let’s go back to the MASTER PLAN of the Black Occult Magicians.

So then, IF they are/were truly going to ENSLAVE the human race for eternity, (and manage to get away with it) they needed to do it very carefully, and at EVERY STEP of the process, they had to get the human SOULS involved, to both ASK FOR – and CONSENT TO – their enslavement.

Thus, Prime Creator, can’t get involved – or so they thought.

HMMM, dastardly, I’ll grant you, but that does not sound simple to me.

I mean – who in their “right mind” would EVER consent to such a thing?

Fast Forward to the present time we are now living in, and look around. The Great CON of man is in full swing.

If one looks closely and honestly, what dark and magical tools, do you see being used each and every day by those humans who are currently running the World?

Contract and Consent!

Contracts are everywhere! You cant even access the internet in STAR-BUCKS unless you push an agreement button – which is A CONTRACT!

But the use of contracts goes far deeper, and is far more subtle than ANY of you who are reading this could ever have guessed or even imagined. The level of enslavement (mostly still hidden) is both appalling and breathtaking in its total scope. Few, if any, realize how they, themselves, are actually aiding and abetting in their own eternal enslavement, by helping the Dark Wizards with their agreement.

To understand just where the enslavement of mankind stands at this time in history, we first need to look at the Vatican, which is just one faction of the New World Order.

I was raised in a Catholic tradition…, so let me tell you about the particular magic spells that little children are subjected to in that Church.


Baptism is a magic spell!   It is a Coven-ant.  The word Coven, refers to witches and warlocks. They always group in Covens. A coven-ant therefore is an agreement one makes with a Coven.

This particular agreement [Covenant (contract) ], called Baptism, promises the Body, the Mind, and the Soul of a new born child to the Coven, by way of the “Consenting” agreement of the parents. See the three helpful Definitions below.

COVENANT [kuhv-uh-nuh nt]


1. an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.

2. Law, an incidental clause in such an agreement.

3. Ecclesiastical, a solemn agreement.

4. The “conditional promises” made to humanity by God, as revealed in Scripture.

5. Law. a formal agreement of legal validity, especially one under seal.

an early English form of action in suits involving sealed contracts.

COVEN [kuhv-uh n, koh-vuh n]


1. an assembly of witches, especially a group of thirteen.


1. a suffix forming adjectives and nouns (pleasant; constant; servant) and productive in English on this model; -ant, has the general sense of being “characterized by, or serving in the capacity of” that named by the stem.

So from the Dictionary Definitions above, the word covenant means:

”that which is characterized, or serving in the capacity of a coven “, and is ” an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons.”

So, then a Covenant IS by definition of the word Covenant, AND, the words: Coven plus -ant, an agreement with a Coven.


Here we have another magic spell. At twelve, the age of speaking for one’s own self, the church must reaffirm its magical hold on your soul, or spirit, by re-gaining “Consent” – you have to ask for it – to their Coven. This must come from you personally, since your parents will soon not be able to speak for you. So, they “re-Confirm” the agreement (contract) that your parents originally made, but this time, they get YOU to “consent” (contract), to the Coven personally. Thus, the word conformation, or (confirmation).

[What you’ve just done is “agree” to your own enslavement.]

HMMM, maybe it’s more simple than I earlier thought.

Now, for those of you who will rush to defend the “Church”, and may find fault with these definitions and say: “…these things described are ‘sacraments’, they are not ‘covenants’ “.

Okay then, for those people, kindly see this definition below. Skipping all of the purely “religious” and Dogmatic meanings of the word, and getting down to the basic meaning of it originally, we end up at the 6th level down definition which is:

sacrament [sak-ruh-muh nt]


1. Skipped

2. Skipped

3. Skipped

4. Skipped

5. Skipped

6. an oath; solemn pledge, or agreement.

Further more, if one gets into the origin of the word, one finds this.

1150-1200; Middle English – Medieval Latin: sacrāmentum – obligation, oath, Late Latin: mystery, rite, equivalent to Latin sacrā (re) to devote + -mentum -men

So, in this case, the word sacrament, originally meant: obligation (debt) or oath around the 1100’s AD, and only LATER changed to reflect the idea it was a mysterious, or religious rite!

Just to be perfectly clear, whether the operative device is a Sacrament, or a Covenant, these things are still “agreements” which are: CONTRACTS! And “why” would anyone NEED to make a contract with Prime Creator?

In Baptism (baph-o-met-ism)

The parents are the ones who promise the child’s soul over to the Church. Thus, they are promising the child’s eternal soul to a black magic Coven…(unknowingly) of course, which is why those “archon infected” reptiles and humans, (Annunaki and their minions), who are currently operating the worlds governmental systems, (and are skilled black magicians) can LEGALLY claim us as their property!

In this way, Free Will has not been thwarted, and Prime Creator (Source) can not get involved. WHY? You gave your consent to being enslaved through something as simple as a CONTRACT.

Here’s something to think about!  The Native Americans do not use contracts!

For thousands of years, they lived in harmony with nature…, and they all seemed to make it to “heaven” when they died!  So why do “White Men” need CONTRACTS with their churches in order to get there when the Native Americans don’t need anything to get there???

Now, I’m going to repeat this again. Maybe it will make more sense to you as we go along.

These dastardly beings must…, they literally must, have your consent on record in order to DO ANYTHING to you. Period.

If you refuse to consent, (by using your FREEWILL) they are dead in the water, and they KNOW that!

If you’ve ever happened across any of the writings of Judge Dale, a retired Federal Court Judge, he states quite emphatically that ALL Judges get their Authority from the Vatican, not the USA Corporate Government.

Here is a link to his e-book, The Great American Adventure.


Judge Dale also states that the Vatican, through a treaty with Britain somewhere in the distant past, acquired all of Britons assets, and future holdings forever, which is why the USA Corporation, falls directly under Vatican control. This control, is naturally not overt, but is quite secret and covert! Thus, the Vatican claims to own the whole Earth, and to OWN all the people living on it, which includes your bodies and your minds, (things they see as tangible)

The only sticky part in their Master Plan of Human Enslavement, is how to get you to give over your SOUL to them, which, without your agreement, they can’t get.

At the very top level, according to Judge Dale, all judges know that their power is magical, and that IF they overstep the boundary line even just a little bit, and do anything to you without gaining your consent first, Prime Creator would immediately have their neck in a sling.

Thus, Judge Dale says in his writings that no one EVER goes to jail without their consent obtained first. How that consent is gotten from you, is the both the dastardly trick and the spell!

Parts Four to Six coming!


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