By: Bradley Loves


It has been called to my attention that even though I’ve written quite a bit about “sound” and it’s relation to Harmonics in this new series, I’ve left out anything about “magnetics”.

Naturally – after picking my jaw up off the floor and thinking to myself:

You did not just say that – where the heck is the dunce cap?

I managed to regain my usual composure.  This new series of posts is entirely about “magic” and thus is entirely about MAGNETICS!   I have used the words “magic” and “dark magic”  in almost every single paragraph that I’ve written.

“Magic” is “magnetics”  –  This is what “magic” is…

So far, in this new series, I’ve written seven full articles about nothing but the use of magnetics and harmonics is various ways.

Believe it or not, “lying” is the subtle use of both harmonics AND magnetics for a dark purpose and intent.



According to the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 – taken directly from the document itself…, Under Chapter 11 – Section I

I.  Cestui que vie after remaining beyond the sea for 7 years together and with no proof of their lives, the Judge in Action is to direct a Verdict as though Cestui que vie were DEAD.

IF such person or persons for whose life or lives such Estates have been or shall be granted as aforsaid shall remain beyond the Seas or elsewhere absent themselves in this realm by the space of seven years together and no sufficient and evident proof be made of the lives of such person or persons respectively in any such Action commenced for recovery of such Tenements by the Lessors (party of interest) or Reversioners (witnesses for testimony) in every such case the person or persons upon whose life or lives such Estate depended shall be accounted as naturally dead, And in every Action brought for the recovery of the said Tenements by the Lessors or Reversioners their Heires or Assigns, the Judges before whom such Action shall be brought shall direct the Jury to give their Verdict as if the person so remaining beyond the Sea or otherwise absenting himself were dead.

In the above legal statement, the words Cestui Que means: It is – while the word Vie means: Life.  So the complete translation of Cestui Que Vie means:  IT IS LIFE.

This is just a very wordy and hidden way to say a living human being!


What this is basically saying is that every living human being who – after 7 years of life on Earth – has not stepped forward and claimed their rightful “Estate” which was put into a group of “Legal Trusts” – and includes all property, along with their body, mind and soul, shall be assumed to be lost at sea, or lost beyond the sea! 

In all such legal cases where the living human being has been assumed to be lost at sea – even if other parties of interest or eye witnesses may come forward to testify – in front of a Judge – and say that the human being in question is not actually LOST or DEAD…, the presiding Judge in Action must still instruct the jury to give their verdict as if the person were still lost at sea or DEAD.

Parties of interest or witnesses therefore are not considered “Proof of Life” – only the “physical body” of the human being in question is proof of life.


What this single “ACT” – which was created in 1666 – did was to legally perfect a way in which any man’s or woman’s property could legally and acceptably be confiscated by the STATE.

It created a “legal” way to do – PIRACY ON THE HIGH SEAS

All that was necessary for this to happen was that a man or woman had to be missing – or not make themselves known to the court – for seven consecutive years!

Based upon what we learned in PART SEVEN of the series is that in order to “legally steal” the wealth and the entire ESTATE of every single man, woman, and child living on the Earth, a huge “con game” was put into place – starting in 1666 – by creating a sequence of events where this not only could happen, but most assuredly would happen in every instance!


First the STATE must recognize that every single newborn child did in fact have an ESTATE!   The child’s Estate consists of it’s own body, mind and soul – along with any intelligence, DNA, and other attributes that it might have.

Then a Certificate of Live Birth is created for every child which acknowledges this – so that there is no doubt!


Declare on paper what a child’s entire Estate may eventually consist of so there is no doubt.  This would be written in the Commercial Codes and Statutory Laws.

A human beings Estate includes:

  • All of his/her physical property
  • All of his/her intellectual property
  • Any and all Assets and money
  • All of his/her life’s work
  • All future monies and all labor performed
  • The Physical Body, Mind, and Soul
  • DNA

Once it was formally declared what an ESTATE actually was, then it became necessary for the VATICAN PIRATES to devise a very clever way to “legally steal” – on paper – the entire Estate from it’s rightful owner.


Convert” the First Beneficial Trust – which contains the child’s entire Estate – and is under Common Law Land Jurisdiction – into a Foreign Situs Trust – which is now under the jurisdiction of the LAW OF THE SEA.

This is where the LAW OF THE SEA – THE GREAT CON – comes in.

Please remember that the LAW OF THE SEA –  through “word magic” is really the LAW OF THE SEE.   THE SEE is actually THE HOLY SEE of Rome.

Maxim of Law: Things that are similar are NOT the same.

Why do you think that our English language is literally filled with “words” that sound exactly the same – but are “spelled” – think magically spelled – just a bit differently in countless cases?

This has only been done so that confusion can be created around these very similarly sounding words and so that a “con” or a “lie” can then be fabricated around these similarly spelled words.

I’ve told you and written that “telepathy” is the only way to communicate with another being that can NEVER be misunderstood.   Words (whirr’ds) were specifically created to be used as “tools” of Deception!

You have to be able to think in a really EVIL WAY – and be a down right PSYCHOPATH in order to conceive and plot something so ridiculous and so unjust.

When you hear the words – LAW OF THE SEA – you immediately think of an ocean, but you never really think that what you just heard is – LAW OF THE SEE – which sounds exactly the same to your ears.  In other words, you “think” you know one thing – when something else is actually true – and thus  you are fooled.

So when a “judge” tells you that you are under the “jurisdiction” of the LAW OF THE SEE – you hear instead: Law of the Sea – because words were specifically designed to cause confusion.

This, by the way, is a trick of “dark magic”.

It is also, in truth, trickery by SUBSTITUTION and FRAUD.

However, whenever you are in Court Room, which is specifically designed to look and appear as if it is a SHIP – then you are even if you think you are standing on the “land”…, you and the entire Court Room you are in – is said to be “Floating on the High Seas”

You think you are here:

But really – you are HERE:

It is WORD MAGIC – and you are the patsy of the day.  Who rules on the HIGH SEAS if not Pirates?

By the way, what other “Secret Society” worships the SKULL AND BONES usually flow on Pirate Ships?

Do you think “they” considered themselves to be PIRATES?

Do you think “they” considered themselves to be working directly with the VATICAN and the LAW OF THE SEA?


A “JUDGE” declares the child  – after seven years of absence – to be legally dead! 

This is a very tricky part of the con because they know that the child is not really DEAD yet.  There is no “body” to prove that the child is “dead” – and so to overcome this tricky part of the problem the child is simply declared to be – LOST AT SEA or LOST BEYOND THE SEA.


All of the child’s ESTATE, which has already been determined in a very long line of paperwork – done merely for the purpose of being able to “legally steal it all” –  is then  “rolled over” into the legally dead entity – the very same corporation that the STATE created with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE BOND – which has the very same name that your parents gave to you on the day you were born – only printed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

MAGIC TRICK COMPLETE – You have been raped, pirated, and pillaged on the HIGH SEAS – LAW OF THE SEA – OF EVERYTHING YOU EVER OWNED.

So at a mere seven years old, all of John Doe Smith’s Life Estate – which is everything he will ever own – has been rolled over into ownership of JOHN DOE SMITH – a legal corporation – created by the STATE and whose sole beneficiary IS THE STATE.


 – Using your name printed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in a Court room –

I’ve said this before on this blog. 

When “they” call on your ALL CAPS NAME – which is a Corporation and a dead entity – JOHN DOE SMITH – and you who are a living human being going by the name of: John Doe Smith stand up in court and say to the Judge: YES THAT’S ME – you’ve just been CONNED big time.

Both names sound exactly the same – and so you “think” there is absolutely NO difference between them.  But one is YOU – and the other is a “fictional entity” that the Court can send to JAIL and hold accountable for uncountable ridiculous statutory laws!

Believe it or not…, the Judge (sadly) is actually “in on the con”.  

They know exactly which name they are calling.  When they call out name in court, they are specifically asking for: JOHN DOE SMITH – because that is exactly what is written on the document in front of them.  There is no doubt about this – they are calling for JOHN DOE SMITH!

Since YOU are not that “entity” – you should not answer!

Because it is a “con game” of PIRACY ON THE HIGH SEAS – If you do step forward, then you’ve just – ACCEPTED THEIR CONTRACT by your unwitting consent!

You’ve “signed” the contract with your “belief” which does not by the way – have to be gotten fairly.

DARK MAGIC does not require that your signature or your belief be gotten fairly…

Once again, this all started happening to you almost the very day that you were born.  It was done through a process of “unlawful conversion” of TRUSTS from one kind to another kind without your knowledge.

The whole thing is made “legal” when the child turns seven and does not show up and CLAIM his or her TRUST ESTATE in court.

From that moment on, everything that little John Doe Smith does will be confiscated by the STATE.  On paper, John Doe Smith no longer exists – because he no longer lives – having been “judged” to be lost at sea, and only the dead entity – the paper corporation survives him.

So here is the COURT ROOM CATCH – If someone does actually show up in Court – since little John Doe Smith has been declared by the court to be Lost at Sea…, then it is “automatically assumed” by their own legal system – that the “entity” that did show up is the DEAD ONE – aka THE CORPORATION!

This is also why – John Doe Smith – who is already legally presumed to be DEAD, can never speak for himself in court if and when he is dragged into a courtroom for any reason.

He must have a Lawyer – who is considered to be a “Spiritual Medium” to speak with the Dead Entity and tell the Court what it wants.

A dead entities voice can not be heard because “dead people” have no voice.  This is why a “medium” must be used.

Lawyers are “mediums” who are able to speak with the dead!

If you’ve ever been asked or “invited” to come into any Courtroom – you will first receive a SUMMONS in the mail.

A “SUMMONS” is the way in which “dead spirits” are called from the land of the dead back to the land of the living.

Only a “priest” can SUMMON a dead spirit, and this is why all judges must wear BLACK ROBES.   It is the “symbol” that shows you who they really are.  They are an ordained PRIEST representing the VATICAN!

That is also why all “Catholic Priests” are required to be dressed in BLACK.  It is required for those who are able to deal with the “DEAD”.

In the Churches “INSANE MIND” – absolutely every man woman and child above the age of seven is DEAD!  So when both Priests and Judges or anyone else that is representing the HOLY SEE/LAW OF THE SEE deals with actual human people – they must wear BLACK to “symbolize” that they are working with the DEAD.


The reason that a Lawyer is considered to be a MEDIUM, and is therefore able to hear the words of the DEAD – is that they are supposedly “taught” this art of medium ship in the TEMPLE!

This is the hidden reason why every single Lawyer who argues in front of a JUDGE is required to take and pass the BAR EXAM. 

The “BAR” symbolically represents the TEMPLE they are all educated in.  The “temple” is actually TEMPLE BAR which is located in London and comes from the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.

Therefore only LAWYERS who are part of the TEMPLE can be administrators for the PRIEST/JUDGE – and can therefore be the “medium” which can interpret the words of the DEAD.

  • Thus, all Lawyers are in fact working with THE TEMPLE, and because of this, are deemed “qualified” to speak with the DEAD.
  • When a “Judge” wants to know what the DEAD ENTITY is saying, he always asks the LAWYER, who is able to “speak with the dead” and is able to understand what the dead has said.
  • The Lawyer then tells the Judge what he has managed to “glean” from his conversations with the dead as a qualified medium.


And you thought these ELITE men and women could not be any more INSANE and PSYCHOPATHIC than they already are?



  • Nothing you say can be “heard” and nothing you say will be listened to by the Judge who is not able to “HEAR” you.
  • You (at seven years old) were declared to be legally dead, and so the body standing in front of the judge is consider to be a DEAD SPIRIT that has come/been summoned from the Spirit World.
  • This is why no matter what you say…, the JUDGE will not listen to you  -and will usually tell you quite rudely to have your LAWYER speak for you if happen to say anything directly to the Judge during a court proceeding.


Whether they “know” what they are doing or not, every single JUDGE and every single LAWYER participates in the GREAT CON OF MAN every single day.

Many know the scam, many do not!  

But by their own actions inside and outside of the COURT, they are supporting this evil!  It is my personal opinion that every single Judge and Lawyer who has “supported” this crazy and insane “system” should be rounded up and shot for committing TREASON against the American People.

If “they” wish to apologize to the rest of us deeply – to All Americans – for the countless crimes they have committed, and STOP their actions at once, forgiveness can be granted.

Please see this copy of the original 13th Amendment which forbid any man or woman that had taken on a TITLE OF NOBILITY from holding a Federal Office or working for the Federal Government. 

This includes all  Lawyers, Judges, and Priests.


Stay tuned for PART NINE


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