By: Bradley Loves


Illusion occurs when you can’t tell the difference between what is real, and what is fantasy!   Illusion is a form of MAGIC.

There was a movie that came out several years ago that was simply called:


It was all about a man who practiced “magic” by creating ILLUSIONS for his audience. This man was exceedingly good at causing his audience to see, and to hear exactly what he wanted them to see and hear.

One of the most integral parts of an Illusion is getting the audience to “BELIEVE”

“BELIEF” in the illusion that is taking place right in front of you is the final ingredient that makes telling the difference between fantasy and reality impossible.

And so it was in the movie!


“BELIEF” is an exceedingly important part of “magic”.  It is the single ingredient that makes magic work.   Just like a “signature”placed on a contract BINDS the one who signs it…, your “belief” in a DECEPTIVE-CON is what binds you to what is not real and is simply a fantasy.

This “Binding” is very real…, and can cause you as a human being tremendous difficulty in your life if you are not careful.

PERSONAL INVESTMENT is the final ingredient that makes any form of magic work well.

Therefore, every single act of  magic needs “your signature” of approval for it to work.  This could also be said in another way frankly which may just surprise you. 

Every single act of magic needs “your consent” for it to work!   You can NOT be fooled…, if you do not consent to be fooled!


Dark Magic does not require that this “signature” that you need to give, be gotten fairly.

Because it is Dark Magic, your “signature” or “approval” or “belief” can be gotten through theft, slight of hand, an out and out lie, or any other kind of DECEPTIVE-CON.

Dark Magic does not follow the rules of LOVE.

  • Lying is a “DARK ART”
  • Lying is the use of sound in an unfair manner!

Lying is the formulation of words, placed in certain orders, which may sound good and pleasing to hear, but may in fact have many different meanings than what you were led to believe.

The intention of using words in this way is to DECEIVE you!  This is the only intention.

Dark Magic uses sound UNFAIRLY.

Dark Magic seeks to place words into certain groupings so that they form certain phrases which will then cause you to THINK one thing is true, when another thing is meant, or the complete opposite is true.

Whether these words are spoken out loud, or they are written down in the form of a CONTRACT, the affect of the magic is exactly the same.

If you are confused inside of your mind as a result of reading a darkly magical contract, all the better.  All that is necessary for the magic to work is “your belief”, which is “your signature” that leads you to conclude that what you think you know, is correct.

Lying is the use of “sound” and “imagery” to create an ILLUSION! 



This is why Jesus called SATAN  “The father of all Lies”

There is an “eternal” struggle taking place here on the Earth between TRUTH and PURE LIES!   Those who use and support the use of lies, are supporters of Satan!  Those who use the truth, support the truth, and LOVE THE TRUTH are supporters of Jesus and GOD the loving Father.

This is also why “ANYONE” who uses lies, secrecy, and deception to further their goals, whether spoken out loud, or written in a CONTRACT must be known as: Sons and Daughters of Satan!

This is also why the Sons and Daughters of Satan literally can not stand to be around men and women who tell the truth and LOVE THE TRUTH!


As we speak, people who tell the truth, love the truth and support the truth, are being censored and banned all over the world!


Because the NEW WORLD ORDER is scheduled to be ruled over by Lucifer/Satan!

How can there be a New World Order of Lucifer if “truth” and “honesty” still exist on the Earth?    If this is so – The father of Lies – can not come forth!


As we speak, almost every single contract is being specifically designed to BIND the being who signs it into doing things that they really don’t wish to do!  This takes place through the use of misleading words, and especially through the use of FINE PRINT!

Sound is one of your primary five senses that tells you about what is happening inside of reality.

REVIEW: Lying is the manipulation of SOUND and IMAGERY.

Lying is the darkly magical misrepresentation and distortion of sound to create an ILLUSION!  Another name for lying is:  Bearing FALSE witness or FALSE testimony!

We as humans were TOLD specifically not to “BEAR FALSE WITNESS” or “GIVE FALSE TESTIMONY” against another human being!

We were given this RULE from GOD for a very important reason!  It was so his “gift” of FREEWILL FOR EVERYONE would never be impinged upon by those who wanted to ENSLAVE OTHERS!


Furthermore, illusion misrepresents reality, and substitutes FANTASY for REALITY.


The Main Stream Media is engaged every single day in ILLUSION.  They are actively practicing Dark Magic daily by telling us LIES. They mis-represent facts, ideas, and issues by creating confusion around them and distorting what is real into mere fantasy. They do this intentionally through the use of their words.

  • They “spin” what they know to be true into a “false narrative”.
  • Their only “intention” is to DECEIVE!

Because Satan is the “Father of all Lies”, then those who are working in the MEDIA and who use deception have every right to be called:  “Sons and Daughters of Satan”.    I can not make this any more CLEAR.

I have tried for several years now to get people to see this, but people are addicted to LIES. For some reason, lies, just like the addiction of a really bad drug, seem to be all that human beings want to hear any longer.

This has to do with resonance, frequency, and vibration – something the New Ager’s claim to know everything about – but because they “accept” and “tolerate” lies – they PROVE they know NOTHING about!


Those of us who really understand resonance, frequency, and vibration know specifically that any kind of LYING what-so-ever is absolutely detrimental to your base frequency and your base vibration.

Lying is a literal “killer” of high frequency.


Because LYING is in an integral part of the darkness we are all trying to extinguish!  It is an integral part of Dark Magic. This is also why I have scolded and re-scolded many New Age bloggers for posting certain Channeled Messages from various channeler’s who have been PROVEN (over time) to be liars.

By posting and re-printing these fake channeled messages which are IN FACT DECEPTIONS, many New Agers – through harmonic resonance – are lowering their own frequency and their own vibration dramatically – and don’t seem to know that.

This is also why they are now experiencing many health related problems in their own lives. Whether they think this is happening or not is irrelevant.., it is NATURAL LAW.

There is no such thing within Natural Law as:


  • Truth is TRUTH!   
  • It is FACT!   
  • It is SINGLE!

Truth is not “many”…, it is “one”!


As I said earlier…, if you accidentally walk off of a cliff – YOU WILL FALL!

This is a Natural Law, and it is called: Gravity!  Under Natural Law, you will be affected by Gravity whether you “believe” in Gravity or not*!

*Unless you are wearing anti-gravity boots!

Sadly, because most New Agers know nothing of magnetics, harmonics and geometry, they have “no clue” that they are actually causing HARM in their own lives!  Through the Natural Law of harmonic resonance…, engaging in “deception” will cause their frequency and their vibration TO FALL, thus causing them health problems and difficulties.

New Agers do not like to listen to me.

  • They rarely repost anything that I say!
  • They do not like me because I tell ONLY the TRUTH!
  • They do not like me because I do not engage in fantasy!

All New Ager’s problems stem from their belief in the “false teaching” that there is no such thing as bad or evil!

Once again…, it must be stated here that just like certain older religions are currently engaged in the use of countless lies and deceptions to get people to “believe” in what is actually a mere fantasy, and not a reality…., so too is the New Age Religion – started by the Jesuits and the Luciferian Helena Blavatsky – doing the same thing.

The New Age was either created, or once created simply HI-JACKED to once again get people to “believe” certain things that are not real by using the very same methods of deceptive dark magic.

Getting people to believe in things that are not real is called ILLUSION


REPEAT: The final necessary ingredient for any dark magic to work is “your signature”.

  • Your “belief” is your signature.
  • Dark Magic does not require that your signature be gotten fairly.
  • Dark Magic does not require that your belief  be gotten fairly.

Your “belief” in certain “Ascended Masters” – which may or may not exist – is what BINDS you to the illusion and thus to the “spell” of what they supposedly say.

  • Your “belief” is your signature which makes all magic work.


The very same things can be said about the Daily News Broadcast from CNN. Your “belief” is your signature which makes the magic (deceptive con) of CNN work against you.  Your “belief” is your signature which makes the magic of any News Network work against you.


  • Who created words and spellings??
  • Why were words and spellings created??
  • What was the intended use of words and spellings??
  • Didn’t I say that once upon a time every single human being living on Earth used to communicate by TELEPATHY?
  • Didn’t I say that we all used to communicate directly from one mind to another through the used of “pictures” and “thoughts” with emotions behind them, so that there was NO WAY for any mis-representation, or mis-interpretation to occur??
  • Didn’t I also say that our ability to communicate TELEPATHICALLY was taken from us through Genetic Engineering??

This could NEVER have been a genetic “upgrade”…, but a genetic DOWNGRADE.

  • What would be the purpose of taking away our ability to telepathically communicate??
  • Could it be so that we would HAVE TO LEARN LANGUAGE?
  • Could it be so that we would HAVE TO LEARN WORDS?
  • Could it be so that we would HAVE TO LEARN SPELLING??
  • Could it be so that we would be at the complete mercy of those who ONLY WANTED TO DECEIVE US?


Taking away our ability to communicate TELEPATHICALLY would have been an ACT OF WAR upon the human species.  It would have been an “act” of violence and a Cosmic Crime.


  • Who did this to us?
  • Why does the POPE’S new AUDIENCE HALL look like the head of Reptile??
  • Who is REALLY hiding under the VATICAN?
  • Does the real POWER of the VATICAN come from OFF WORLD??
  • On what “level” do the DRACO REPTILIANS live normally?
  • Don’t they live on the lower 4th Dimension?
  • Where do all Channeled Messages come from?
  • Hasn’t it been said that Draco Reptilians have great mental powers?
  • Hasn’t it been said that Draco Reptilians can still communicate telepathically?
  • Who claims to currently OWN this planet and keep it as a FARM??
  • Who claims the human race to be merely a herd, and nothing better than cattle??
  • Who keeps the human race on reserve as an energy source (battery) and a food source??
  • What would be the main purpose of keeping the human race from speaking to each other TELEPATHICALLY?
  • What would be the purpose in using ILLUSION and DECEPTION within DARK MAGIC on the entire human species all day long, every day??
  • What is the purpose of RELIGION?
  • What is the meaning of DIVIDE and CONQUER?


Why has the United States of America, or the land country of America FALLEN in nobility and stature over the last 100 years?



Lying, Secrecy, and Deception reduces both frequency and vibration – even of an entire COUNTRY!   Even if the lies being told are “accidental” or claimed as part of a necessary agenda – NATURAL LAW is very unforgiving!

Gravity does not stop working just because the politicians in Washington DC decide they have a compelling reason to cancel it!

In the same way – GOD – does not cancel the very harmful and toxic effects of – LIES – SECRECY – and DECEPTIONS – just because Washington DC thought they had a “good” and compelling reason to lie, keep secrets, and deceive!

Please watch this entire video below once again.  As you are watching it, keep this one single thought going inside of your mind.



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