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For those who want to learn what Advanced Harmonics can do

I will not get into this too deeply.  If I got into this any deeper than what is in this post – it would make most people’s heads hurt.   But a few readers have asked me please tell them more, so I will jump ahead in the last segment of this long article.

Just how important are “harmonics” really?

  • Well, ask yourself why I would have placed this single subject at the very BEGINNING of a curriculum that is meant to teach young children all about the Universe from the very beginning of their education to the end?

A “Brief” Overview of Advanced Harmonics

One of the most precise languages in existence is the language of MUSIC.  Far superior to mathematics, MUSIC can not only carry vital information, it can also carry EMOTIONS, or FEELINGS.

Now in case you missed what I just said – let me repeat it so it sinks in!



We are now delving into an ANCIENT SCIENCE – which does not “think” in the same way that our modern day science thinks!  Musical notes, or tones, or “frequencies”  therefore are an “exact” language which can be used to describe the various “events” happening right here inside of our Reality.

Everything that happens within TIME and SPACE can be described as a musical note, as well as given a precise mathematical equivalent.


  • All locations have a specific harmonic within time and space!
  • All distances within space/time can be plotted either mathmatically OR harmonically.
  • Individual events within space/time can be plotted harmonically first, and then later assigned a mathematical value.


  • Distance is a function of two points in space time.
  • Distance therefore becomes the difference between the mathematical or the harmonic values of various points in space time, and thus has very little to do with actual “outer space” and the light years one might think they must travel.


This is why wormholes, Stargates, and other time/space bending phenomenon actually work.  You are not “traveling” in space, but are simply “traveling” between two harmonic values.



Magnetic Fields actually describe stable destinations within space/time.  Anything, or anyone with a stable Magnetic Field can become an actual destination.

Any “event” in history – if it is a large enough event – due to human consciousness and awareness, can establish a detectable magnetic field in TIME, which can then be plotted as a destination through the use of harmonics.

  • Events, People, Places, and all sorts of specifics can therefore be “plotted” as destinations within time/space.

Magnetics/Magnetism – here is where the “magic” comes from – is what separates events, people, places and times into stable destinations within the larger Magnetic Fields of the Universe.

Magnetics separates HERE from THERE within the larger harmonic and magnetic fields.



Because TIME, is merely a function of distance – the amount of “time” it takes to get from here to there – then TIME is not an absolute, but instead TIME as we percieve it is basically an illusion.

What TIME really becomes then, is a simple VARIABLE in any equation.

If it took mere minutes to get to MARS using JUMP ROOM technology, then Mars is not very far away from us is it?

– If it takes 15 minutes to get to Mars using Jump Room technology, and it takes you 15 minutes to walk down to the corner Grocery Store to buy eggs, then the “distance” to Mars is exactly the same distance as the corner Grocery Store in very practical terms.



I know this “sounds” strange to you, but you have to:  CHANGE YOUR THINKING.

You “perceive” Mars to be very far away, because that is what you have always been “taught” in school and by others whom you respected.  Well, it hurts to discover that your teachers are NOT very smart!

But, if you can get there in 15 minutes, then Mars is really close, and the “distance” to Mars is almost nothing.

Magnetic Fields are the “natural Universal forces” which separate HERE from THERE in space.   The simplest way to “navigate” within Magnetic Space is through the use of HARMONICS.

And so…,  when plotted using the advanced technology of magnetics and harmonics, the “distance” from here to Mars is negligible.



Because magnetics is the force which separates HERE from THERE, it it also the very same force which separates NOW from THEN.  Time has always been seen as a function of how long it takes to “get” from HERE to THERE.



  • One calandar “day” is the amount of “time” that it takes for the Earth to rotate once on its axis.  Or, it is how long it takes to get from HERE to THERE.

Magnetic Fields therefore are the ONLY forces capable of separting NOW from THEN.

This is why the Philadelphia Experiment – largely a magnetic experiment – was able to both “transport” the vessel, and eventually “Time Travel” it.  It was merely the “amount” of electrical energy being used to “magnetize” the vessel which created both effects.

Andy Basaigo told me that the very SAME equipment that is currently being used by DARPA to “teleport” people from here to there, can also be used to send them from NOW to THEN!

This makes perfect sense!


Therefore, the very same equipment designed to work through the use of “plotting” either harmonic or magnetic values, should be able to DO BOTH. 

The vast knowledge of magnetics and harmonics makes the Secret Militaries “20 and Back Program” child’s play.



Once again, even if we are talking about various Timelines, what we are really looking for are specific people and specific “events”. Therefore not only can a person “Time Travel” which DARPA has been doing for quite a while already, but you can also “JUMP” Timelines when using “Harmonics” properly.

What you are looking for (as we said) are specific HARMONICS in space time.  These harmonics can be plotted and given a mathematical value.  Jumping Time Lines is as easy as knowing which harmonic you are looking for.

So after reading this brief final post in the series, I will ask you as a reader once again:


You decide!

This is why – even though no one listens to me or ever reposts anything I write – I put this up on my blog quite a while ago as the perfect school curriculum so that people would see that I am very serious!

Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)

Intermediate Level: (Age 8 to Age 12)

Reading and the Creation of Sound Differentials
Dynamics (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
Base Chemistry
Intermediate Magnetics
Intermediate Harmonics
Intermediate Mathematics (advanced Geometry)

Junior Master: (Age 12 to Age 16)

Dispersion (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
Intermediate Chemistry
Advanced Magnetics
Advanced Harmonics
Advanced Mathematics
Crystal Technology
Wave Acceleration (Photon – Graviton – Exciton) and Variables

Master Level: (Age 16 to Age 20)

Time/Space Theory and Practice
Portals and Vortexes (Displacement Issues)
Wave Guides and Keyholes
Inter-dimensional Travel and Hidden Doorways
Reality Bending and Universal Quotients
Astro-Physical Phenomenon and Celestial Mechanics
Healing and Body Regeneration

Application Level: (Age 20 and Beyond)

Advanced and Applied Chemistry
Applied Magnetics
Applied Harmonics
Advanced and Applied Reading and Writing
Applied Mathematics
Applied Logic and Problem Solving
Variables and Inconsistencies


Finally, ask yourself this question:

Why aren’t CHILDREN being taught HARMONICS in school?

Why is this stuff being hidden, especially if DARPA already has equipment that uses Magnetics and Harmonics to open “windows” in Time/space through which people can simply walk in order to go from HERE to THERE,  or from NOW to THEN in almost no amount of “TIME” at all?

All my love to those who find my BLOG…


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