By: Bradley Loves


Quite a while back I made a stunning post on my blog that suggested a way to teach human beings while they are living here on the Earth.

Not even taken the least bit seriously, this post went largely ignored just like much of what I write!

Here is that post:

This is a guide of what “could be”…, and what “is possible”…, yes even “here” on Earth…, if we could only work together and get rid of the REPTILES and their minions!

What follows is a simple Teaching Curriculum that is arranged “properly” and in a very systematic way that is for the BEST benefit of the progressing student who would be living in a very advanced Planetary System!


Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)

Intermediate Level: (Age 8 to Age 12)

Reading and the Creation of Sound Differentials
Dynamics (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
Base Chemistry
Intermediate Magnetics
Intermediate Harmonics
Intermediate Mathematics (advanced Geometry)

Junior Master: (Age 12 to Age 16)

Dispersion (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
Intermediate Chemistry
Advanced Magnetics
Advanced Harmonics
Advanced Mathematics
Crystal Technology
Wave Acceleration (Photon – Graviton – Exciton) and Variables

Master Level: (Age 16 to Age 20)

Time/Space Theory and Practice
Portals and Vortexes (Displacement Issues)
Wave Guides and Keyholes
Inter-dimensional Travel and Hidden Doorways
Reality Bending and Universal Quotients
Astro-Physical Phenomenon and Celestial Mechanics
Healing and Body Regeneration

Application Level: (Age 20 and Beyond)

Advanced and Applied Chemistry
Applied Magnetics
Applied Harmonics
Advanced and Applied Reading and Writing
Applied Mathematics
Applied Logic and Problem Solving
Variables and Inconsistencies

Believe it or not…, this is the kind of learning that children who are NOT BEING LIED TO and HELD BACK…, would going through in their young lives in order to become a very balanced, and a very worth while part of an advanced human society.

The planets that teach in this way are INFINITELY BLESSED, and they are “leading” the Universal technological race…, they are “not” living in the armpit of Hicksville…, like we are here on Earth.


What is it that I have been “teaching” my readers in the first five “installments” of this series called: THE END GAME?

Here’s a hint: Look at the list above and start at the very beginning.

Do you see anything?

Now, if you’ve concluded that I am indeed “teaching” the very basics within the beginning of this list…, then what makes you think that I could not teach you the rest?


  • Is humanity ready to LEARN the rest?
  • WHAT is keeping humanity from wanting to learn the rest?


The title of this series says quite a bit!  It tells us that there was going to be a real PUSH in the end for total global ENSLAVEMENT.

By the very nature of what they were trying to do, the real push for enslavement would out of necessity have to come at the end, and only after they had severely weakened America!

They first had to weaken:

  • Our Health and Immune systems
  • Our Education systems
  • Our Faith and Morality
  • Our Economy and access to jobs
  • Our Constitution and Bill of Rights

Only a human being who is poor, desperate, starving and broke would be willing to be ENSLAVED!

Anyone who is alive and breathing, can see that the Globalist march toward a New World Order has been happening day by day, and week by week, even up to this very minute and second!   The “PUSH” has begun.

It is no longer about what you want to choose.  They think they have the power now to FORCE the decision they want you to make upon you!   Once they start the push…, they can not stop!  They are exposed!  If they quit…, they fail!

This is why it is imperative to fight back!  The more resistance they meet…, the MORE they become exposed and the more impossible their task becomes!  By making their task impossible…, they have no choice but to fully expose themselves and thus they are caught red handed in their diabolical plot!


Every epic saga has it’s hero’s and villains!  But in the story of the utter and total enslavement of our Earth, it is the MEDIA who must take the role as the primary villains.  Without their help and total complicity…, millions of REAL CRIMES could never have taken place.

It is only due to the magical help of the Main Stream Media, and their use of technology to create a “forced perspective” while at the same time “lying” that the New World Order has gotten this far at all.

So considering that the Illuminati always “must” tell us what their plans are – even to the children – who in “cartoon lore” does the Main Stream Media represent?


When speaking of the monumental subject of “predictive programming” being sent out by Hollywood and the Movie Industry into the minds of our children, isn’t it interesting that the main “bad guys” in the cartoon and Comic Book stories of super robots known as “Transformers” were called:


This is the tongue and cheek way that Hollywood warned children that things were not always as they saw them!  It was a very “futuristic way” of telling a child to watch out for “wolves” in sheep’s clothing!

Here is the “symbol” of a Decepti-con

Here is another:

This “image” – has been so deeply “programmed” into the human phyche of our children that it is now being recreated in countless things in the REAL WORLD.  At this point, you really can’t say that it’s “accidental” any longer.

Here is a full frontal view of a very popular motor trike called a: CAN-AM SPYDER.


The frontal view of the motor trike looks EXACTLY like the face of a Decepti-Con!   In other words, the “Deceptive Con” has begun! 

It is everywhere!  Can it be made any more clear to you what the Illuminati/Hollywood people are attempting to “signal” or “telegraph” to the American people through their use of “imagery” ?   

Remember people, SYMBOLISM is everything to them!

Have you noticed that this “symbol” is being seen all over America and even the World now, and has totally saturated popular culture?

Strangely, young “children” were taught on television to sort of “love” the DECEPTI-CONS!    And now, in their adult years, people just can’t “forget” their “programming” to love what were originally portrayed to be WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING.

Decepti-Con Fascination

Do you think that Hollywood was possibly trying to teach young children anything about seeing things differently?  Looking past what you “thought” you saw in the first place? 

It could be possible that they were attempting to show children what they were attempting to do to the world?  However, because they are deliberately speaking in “symbols”, I doubt many children actually “got” the message!

You see, MIND CONTROL is not just scientifically “possible”…, it is actively being USED as we speak on the entire public of the world on a day by day, and moment by moment basis.

What I really don’t understand is given how “BAD” it truly is…, why can’t more people see it for what it is?


Very few people are “thinking” clearly any longer…, and sadly…, those who claim to be the “most” spiritual among us, are the ones who are actually the “most” deceived.  I just read a New Age article which in my opinion is outlandish in it’s assumptions, and is very misleading.

Here is that post.

The Origin, Purpose, And Destiny Of The Earth Game

This post – like so many others like it – glibly “announces” that NOTHING HAPPENING HERE IS REAL, SO WHY WORRY.

This is a classic New Age DECEPTIVE-CON.

It is a MIND CONTROL tactic – whether the author is actually aware of it or not – to get out the message to anyone who will listen that there is “nothing” to worry about and so the only “rational” thing to do is to “stand down” and do:  NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING.

It is a “typical” WE ALL WANTED ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN TO US blog-post, and the New Age Blogoshpere is literally filled with countless posts just like this one…, and more are appearing every single day!


Go ahead…, read the post…, but remember that DARK MAGIC does not require getting your “belief” fairly in order for the spell to work on you.

Any number lies and deceptions can be used in DARK MAGIC including telling you all kinds of things that are really “wonderful” to hear and to think about, but at the same time are wholly UNTRUE.

  • Did you think that the “DARK” was restricted to telling you only lies that sounded obviously dark or evil – so that you could easily tell the difference between the truth and a lie?
  • Did you think that the “DARK” was restricted from telling you things that sound totally wonderful, and would make you want them more than anything – but were still totally untrue ?


In the battle between good and evil…, it is exactly that!  I am not even saying that this particular “Author” that I linked to above even knows consciously that he is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Dark Entities.

The technology exists (as we speak) to reach right into someones MIND and to plant all kinds of thoughts and ideas into it without their permission, or the knowledge that their mind had even been hacked!

As we speak, human beings are being “force-fully ” vaccinated through air-born delivery methods and as a result have Nano-technology inside of their bodies!


The CHEM-TRAIL PROGRAM basically amounts to “undeclared” warfare upon the civilian population of the Earth, by forcing air-born “injections” of the Nano Technology into their bodies via the air they must breath in order to survive.

IF CHOICE WAS NOT GIVEN…, then this breaks all of GODS RULES and COSMIC LAWS big-time!   I can only add that the punishment for this type of action is beyond description!

Ted Gunderson – former FBI – called them “Death Dumps” just be clear as to how dangerous they really were. This is why I continuously tell everyone that the New Age Religion has not got a clear thinking mind left anywhere within it.

Instead, The New Age consists of tens of thousands – if not millions – of mind controlled “repeaters” and “regurgitators” who run daily on bended knee to channeler’s, and slavishly open their minds to “the beyond” and to what they believe are higher beings who are there to help them.

Sadly, this is rarely the truth

Most of these “messages” – in my opinion – are wholly and totally false, and should be discarded as quickly as they were received.

The audacity of some of these messages are so totally insane that you have to actually pity the poor channeler who is most likely “addicted” to the energy wave that is being sent into their brain during the channeling process, and due to that addiction, they can no longer “unhook” or “unplug” from it without going into withdrawals.

It would be like asking a drug addict to please stop taking the very drugs they are addicted to.


It must be admitted that these very channeled messages, while mostly untrue, are an integral part of the “END GAME” for the Dark, and this is why we have seen this very advanced mind control technology developed and actively deployed against us.

The END GAME is, and always was, meant to be part of the final “PUSH” in the final take over bid of the Earth and all of humanity.

Getting really good people to stand down and do nothing about all of the evil they were suddenly seeing happening everywhere – out of necessity – was an important part of the FINAL TAKE OVER PROCESS.

Stay tuned for PART SEVEN


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