By: Bradley Loves


A heart to heart here, and a sad TRUTH to tell.

I spent the last two nights in some very deep meditations and I’ve been shown that Earth is FAR FROM READY for the lofty truths that a handful of us are trying to bring forth at this time.

The TRUTH that I have been trying to show my readers here on LOVE TRUTH is “sky-scrapers” ABOVE what most of the truth and disclosure community wants to talk about or even admit to.

I just watched THIS video interview between Greg Hunter and a Russian Analyst living in Toronto Canada.

I was appalled at the level at which he sees the GLOBAL SYSTEMS as being “legitimate” or necessary.

And yet…, I had to admit that simply being an analyst of Global Systems…, he would probably see things in these terms.

All I can say is that if the rest of the World is thinking on this level…, then the “third graders” are all still in charge!

I sighed, shook my head, and then went for a walk after this one.

I am deeply involved in writing  THE TRIUMPHANT – and have enough material for Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

As I was reading through what I have so far – and then watching THE ABOVE VIDEO…, I concluded that there is NO WAY that the “world” is ready to hear what I want to teach them!

I want to teach the world how to “WALK”…, and it has not yet learned how to “roll over” or “crawl” yet!

I want to teach the world exactly HOW and WHY “Magic” is being used against them – and HOW the “planet” was set up to work.

Instead of putting out this information in 2021…, maybe 2041 would be a better target date!

The IDEA that the BANKING SYSTEM is still in control of the entire planet – and OLIGARCHS are contemplating a world war just to be able to write off their debts – DEBTS which were made through piracy – theft – greed and corruption are deeply troubling to me.

The “GLOBAL PLAYERS” that this man was talking about – the ones that he THINKS and BELIEVES are calling the shots…, (in my view) are at least a dozen steps down the ladder and removed from the real top of the pyramid!

I’m trying to EXPOSE who is really running things here on Earth…, and he is talking about upper “mid-level” management as being the REAL DEAL.

Rothschilds – St. Clairs – Rockefeller’s – etc.

These are all SATANISTS and are NOTHING but upper mid level management.

They are NOT the top of the food chain by any stretch of the imagination.

Q-Anon is nowhere to be seen, and Donald Trump – as much as I respect him – needs to address the CRIMINALITY of the Global Banking System.

He needs to take a “switch” to the City of London…, not make “nice” with them.

He also needs to address that the VATICAN is the enemy of the entire world…, and NOT a Global Player that needs to be “pacified”.

Now…, this being said, the rank and file “Catholics” out there – regardless of their level of belief – are NOT BAD PEOPLE.  They are for the most part “good people” who are hoping and praying for a better world.




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