By: Bradley Loves

How does any real MAGICIAN do a stage trick??

He does all of the so called  “magic” on one side of stage while CALLING attention to the other side of the stage!

There is 100 percent NO DOUBT in my mind that the so called HOSTILE TAKEOVER of C-Span  was done by OUR OWN intelligence agencies…, or at least “factions” of those agencies who are still “loyal” to the Globalists…, the Cabal…, and those who want to see TRUMP ruined.

Do I have “proof” of this assertion?  …., absolutely NONE!

What I do have, however,  is a logical mind…, and critical thinking…, and that is enough to tell me that this is an out and out CON!

It is a bait & switch…, a mis-direction…, as so many other mis-directions have been!

It is nothing more than a MAGICIANS trick…, and is just like pulling a rabbit out of the HAT!

The signal interrupt of C-SPAN  most likely was a  “staged” event to once again point fingers at the Russians…., while at the same time, create FEAR in the US…, and De-legitimize Donald Trump!

See this link to the full story!

All this stunt will do is get the already “upset” democrats more upset…, because they are basically too stupid to think clearly about this!

Who has the most to gain in doing this?

Russia??       Or…., (think clearly now)   those in the US, who hate Donald Trump???

That is all you need to ask to get the real answer!!

Here is that article:

In a strange “hostile takeover” of state TV broadcasters, not to mention a bizarre moment of startling symmetry with the current state of American politics, C-SPAN, the public affairs network that broadcasts political proceedings the United States House of Representatives and Senate, was interrupted by a live feed of Russian TV channel, RT, formerly known as Russia Today.

The state-funded Russian news network, which was accused by the US intelligence community of spreading “fake news” and directly influencing the US elections, took over the online feed of C-SPAN1, which had been broadcasting a discussion in Congress regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission Regulatory Accountability Act, for about ten minutes at 2:30 pm ET.

As California Democrat Maxine Waters was speaking, the feed suddenly cut from the House floor to a broadcast of RT. The feed cut in with a commercial break before returning to the RT news desk, where an anchor spoke of a suicide bombing.  As the IBT noted, multiple C-SPAN watchers (although hardly too many, as C-SPAN’s Nielsen Ratings are even lower than those of CNBC) made mention of the sudden change on Twitter, including Deadspin editor Timothy Burke, who captured the moment the C-SPAN feed switched to RT.

It is unclear what caused the issue, although some jokingly suggested, that this is yet another “hacking” of US media interests by Putin. Allaying concerns of a grassroots Russian takeover of US media by Russia, C-SPAN sent out a notice later stating that the mix up was due to an “internal routing issue.”

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