By: Bradley Loves


If you thought that things were “getting” crazy in our already INSANE world…, you had better buckle up your seatbelts because the DEPTH of the depravity and the corrruption of our system is only beginning to be exposed.

You haven’t seen ANYTHING YET!

For those of you who are “sensitive” and “need a warm blanket”…, and get “triggered” by hearing anything negative or “bad”…, you had better dig a hole and crawl into it for the next few years.  (Perhaps coming out ONLY for FOOD).


Because the TRUTH of what was really going on here on this PLANET…, and the total disregard for humanity is about to be EXPOSED for all to see.

What’s even MORE important however…, is that those sad human beings who ONLY WANTED to “look the other way”…., “stick their head into the sand”…, and hear ONLY positive things…, are going to have to FINALLY AND FOREVER FACE UP TO WHAT “WE”…, THE WARRIORS OF LOVE, HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS!

What is also going to become clear is that their unwillingness (especially those in the NEW AGE) to hear the words of TRUTH… actually aided and abetted the ability of the DARK to continue its unholy crusade against all of humanity!

Their sad insistence that we should NEVER JUDGE (and so therefore never even LOOK) at anything negative…, allowed horrible, horrible things to take place!

Today…, as part of this continuing exposition of TRUTH…, we finally are able to find out that the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ELECTION between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was 100 percnt RIGGED!

So says the former head of the DNC.




But…, these revelations go FAR DEEPER!

Under the supposedly “watchful” eye of then yet PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA…, all of these CRIMES were being committed.  There is absolutely NO WAY that he could not have known about them!

What “countless” NEW AGERS (who were fasley told by channeled entities that he was the living SAVIOR of mankind, chosen as a very high soul to help humanity) are in fact going to find out…, is that he was fully aware, and most likely aided and abetted in CRIMINAL ACTS against humanity.

This information too…, will eventually be coming out…, and that is why I suggested above that the “SNOW-FLAKES” who just can’t handle the TRUTH…, and can’t deal with learning how BAD things really are…, go dig a hole, and then move into it until ALL OF THE TRUTH HAS COME OUT!











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