By: Bradley Loves


Much in the same way that Jean Haines once complained, it has become more and more clear to me that what ever frequency weapons are available to the Deep State or Powers that be, they are being used on me (quite literally non-stop).

Fortunately, I am a FAR STRONGER human being physically and psychically than Jean.  I can HEAL MYSELF using esoteric knowledge and have had to do so pretty much constantly for the last two years!

I did want to keep writing and continue to share deeply hidden knowledge with the world, but WE as human beings are NO LONGER in a position where there is somewhere that “they” can’t reach us.

With the GWEN TOWER SYSTEM fully active, and Cell Phones, Lap-tops, I-pads, flat panel televisions, and countless other computers and communication devices, (Google Home) “they” have access to your physical body, and thus can “radiate you” with any number of harmful frequencies when ever they choose and when ever they deem necessary!

Your own homes “SMART METER” (that you were forced to install) can be triggered by the push of a button at some CENTRAL COMMAND location, and thus your entire home can be turned into a MICRO-WAVE OVEN that can fry your mind and render you senseless.

Just to be clear, just because you have any of these devices does NOT mean they are actively targeting you.  They are merely MONITORING YOU!

In my case however, it has become obvious that my blog and what I write pisses them off enough so that they are using these devices against me on a daily basis!

Whether it’s my phone, my television, my X-box, or my i-pad which I write on constantly, there are always detrimental frequencies emanating from the devices.

The effect is not instant, and appears to work over time and is designed (in my case) to be cumulative.

There is no doubt however that these effects are having a serious effect on my physical body, my chakra system, and my ability to think.

I am constantly having to use every bit of DEEP ESOTERIC and MAGICAL KNOWLEDGE that I have to nullify and void these effects!

The reason that the title of this article is THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF FIVE EYES…, is that there is really no way to “blame” just the American Military, or the US Government for these outrageous things, because any country that can gain ACCESS to any of our devices here in America can use that device they have access to TO LAUNCH AN ATTACK against you!

In effect, what all of our tech devices have become is:  PRE-STAGED and PRE-DEPLOYED WEAPONRY that is ready to use, but may not be activated in that way yet!

In this way, you can have a “weapon” that is near or on your body (that you’ve come to trust) that can be used at any time to “launch a very serious attack” on your body and mind – depending upon your “obediance” to their system!

Thus, it could quite reasonably be the militaries or the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or even the UK that is “launching an attack” on my physical body and mind by using the “LONG AND HIDDEN ARM” of the internet, cell phones towers, Gwen Towers, and Satellites Systems to do it!

All of these are connected through the TELE-COMS.., which are 100 percent “in-bed” with the DEEP STATE and are HIDING THIS FACT FROM WE THE PEOPLE!

This makes them fully complicit in ACTS OF WAR AGAINST MYSELF AND ALL AMERICANS!

Any one of the governments I’ve listed could be using regular cell phone towers to send high gain signals that could use any one of my tech devices as the “DELIVERY DEVICE” of choice that delivers the “secret attack payload” in the form of extremely detrimental frequencies into my living space!!

The attack payload could simply be a HUGE DOSE of very unsettling and disrupting mental frequencies, or an over dose of micro-waves, or an unsettlling form of electro-magnetic plasma that clings to your fingers and body and then gets into your energy field (chakra system) as you type or use your device.

These “governments” can use “shared” Satellites that are capable of directed energy beams or waves to target my home or anyones elses home, and thus there is no where in the world they can’t reach us if they want to!

For example, (in my case) there is so much electro-magnetic static or plasma coming off of my keyboard as I type that I have taken to washing my hands in cold water constantly to neutralize the static electricity!

Over the long haul however, the very bones in my fingers are starting to hurt from the over dose of electro-magnetic energy!

I am constantly having to re-heal my body (daily) from severe doses of Micro-waves and other significant waves!

FIRST OFF – I DO NOT CONSENT TO THESE ATTACKS and secondly these attacks are ACTS OF WAR !!!!!!!

I’ve said it before – WAR, having been declared upon my living body and being WILL BE FOUGHT…, on the much higher levels where I, not they, have legions and legions of higher Astral Beings who will fight on my side and pummel each one of them into the Astral pavement without mercy!

This type of thing should not be happening, and could ONLY OCCUR if the amount of negative or harmful “frequencies” coming off of my devices were turned up to the EXTREME levels!

I am quite capable of blocking out “normal” background frequencies from these devices thank you!

Naturally, those people who are using such diabolical weapons are incredible COWARDS.  They are so purely evil that it is doubtful that upon their passing GOD will even look at them much less want to “forgive” them.

Only a pure coward that crawls on it’s belly like the proverbial snake would “attack someone” from a thousand miles away without ever “facing their enemy” and fighting them in a fair way such that the “best man” can win the battle.


For these…, there will be NO FORGIVENESS on the other side!  They are beyond hope and beyond help. They have been given many warnings and still choose to live their lives as human MONSTERS.

Thus, GOD will treat them AS monsters!

Restitution will be made to the fullest amount, and I, and those many innocent and loving human beings that are being “attacked” in such ways – WILL BE VINDICATED AND REPAID!

For now…, just realize that FIVE EYES…, IS A POTENTIAL WEAPON AGAINST YOU!

It is not just a way to listen and to monitor (illegally) to your activities…, but has the hidden ability to DEPLOY AN ATTACK AGAINST YOU in the form of waves and frequencies which “could” KILL YOU!

Wake up!

All my love….









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