By: Bradley Loves

I got an “excellent” question from a reader today, and it went like this…

After reading the Hidden Hand Material…, then what do I do as an individual?

Like I said before…, it is my opinion that the HIDDEN HAND MATERIAL is very important to read…, and to really get your mind around.


Because it shows you how these Illuminati and Cabal people think!

Now…, that being said…, here’s the caveat…

Much of it is probably NOT TRUE!

Now that is a real mouthful for me to say…, and you have to understand and take into account just HOW LONG I have personally be at this, to get WHY I would say that!

These guys are doing “incredible” evil on our world!  They have been doing so for a very long time!  Many of them would NEVER act as they do…, unless there was some sort of mythology that GIVES them a very good reason to continue to act as they do!

One of their goals is to take over the world…, (granted)…, but they “need” an awful lot of men and women working for and with them in order to achieve such a goal…, and that many people could never be convinced to do such terrible and horrible EVIL without a “basic spiritual” tenet that excuses such behavior and even makes it seem as if it is NECESSARY!

They have admittedly said that much of their lineage comes from “OFF WORLD” and that they are here to control things!

It all goes back to the “BATTERY” thing.  Our “energy” is being harvested…, and it is being used to FUEL or SUPPLY the engine of other very DARK realms and other dimensions that could never and would never EXIST if not for this fuel!

Just like you need to put gasoline in your car…, or else it would not run…, these “entities” desperately need fuel for their DARK REALMS…, which have been cut off from PRIME CREATOR! (He will not supply the energy for such things!)

The ONLY way these beings and entities can exist in a “separated state” from PRIME CREATOR (free to never go back to him) is to garner and collect the ENERGY they need for that…, just like a parasite or a mosquito!

Therefore…, they need to SUCK it out of something or someone that already has this energy AND is still very much “connected” to SOURCE (PRIME CREATOR).

Here’s another analogy:

Just like a GENERAL or other “military type” is willing to tell his soldiers WHATEVER it is he needs to tell them in order to get them to follow his orders (even if that something is a total lie)…, then that is what the OFF WORLD leaders of these Illuminati types are willing to tell them! (They are desperate for this energy).


These are very smart, clever people! And so they would need a very “smart” and “clever” deception in order to fool them.

So, in a “nutshell”…

The Hidden Hand Material is a very sophisticated web of LIES…, woven around a core group of “truths” to make it seem very LOGICAL.

However…, the larger point here is this.

Almost ALL of the CABAL and the ILLUMINATI (the very high ups) believe in the Hidden Hand stuff like a RELIGION!

Now…, there is that word again…. BELIEVE.

Remember what I said about belief…, in this world…, “belief” is NOT your friend!  (Beliefs can be false).

THINKING…is your friend!

As I said before…, I encourage EVERYONE to read the Hidden Hand Material…., NOT because it’s all true…, BUT instead…, it is the LIE…, that the CABAL bases their belief system on.

Not only that…, but many “light workers” have succumbed to it as well…, because the CHANNELED “RA” MATERIAL is very similar to it.

The “RA” MATERIAL is a very clever deception…, just as is the HIDDEN HAND MATERIAL.

Men like “david wilcock” are able to be duped…, ONLY because he so blatantly believes (there is that word again) believes…, in the veracity of the “RA” material…, and has STOPPED THINKING for himself!

This is what can happen to any man or woman once the “hooks” of a BELIEF SYSTEM get into you.

Just like the proverbial cosmic “fisherman” who has gone fishing looking for people who are tired and want to stop thinking…, these men and women who get the hook of a BELIEF SYSTEM caught in their mouths, and GET REELED IN!

Once again…, read the Hidden Hand stuff!

All my love….









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