As I pray daily, and contemplate the long road ahead of the TRUTH COMMUNITY to take back the world from pure evil – I have asked God on many occasions why so many souls had joined up with the Deep State/Global Cabal in the first place.

The message I got was intriguing.

The Holy Spirit showed me that the Luciferians knew that they needed literally millions and millions of foot soldiers world wide in order to pull off their New World Order plans.

The Holy Spirit then showed me that every one of these people were promised an absurd “pie in the sky” amount of compensation (once the New World Order came on-line) and a GOLDEN TICKET was promised to assure them they would be one of the few left untouched who were not enslaved or killed.

Then, the Holy Spirit showed me that the Luciferians never actually intended to keep ANY of their promises to all of these millions and millions of people world-wide, and planned (all along) to get rid of them just after they had achieved their goals!

In other words – in the very same way that the Luciferian Bankers sell millions of shares of “paper gold” and “paper silver” – when in fact they know that the gold and silver being kept in the vaults and on the books is a mere fraction of the amount needed to supply all of the worlds investors with actual gold and silver…

…they were also promising GOLDEN TICKETS and huge amounts of cash money (that they NEVER intended to pay out) to every man or woman that was dumb enough to join up with their Global takeover movement and serve them against the rest of us.

This, of course, is not a surprise to someone like me.  

Naturally, pure evil would never intend to keep it’s promise to so many people.  Especially if the number of people who were promised big things was in the millions and millions.

This is why (and how) every single time that NESARA/GESARA is attempted to be brought on-line and given a test run, hundreds of bankers immediately step in and try to steal the money for the Cabal. 

And, when those bankers are arrested and another test run is tired – hundreds MORE bankers step in for the Cabal and try to steal the money once again.

Once those are all arrested – and another test run is tried – and hundreds more (world wide) step up and try to steal the money for the Cabal and it just never seems to end.

I just listened to a recent Q News Patriot Audio File, and he compared them to “cockroaches” that are literally hiding everywhere!

I asked the Holy Spirit how it could be that so many people could be this evil – and this is what was shown to me. 

Each man or woman was promised a GOLDEN TICKET for selling out the entire world, and every single one of them “BELIEVED” the lie that they were told, and greedily took action against the rest of us for their own benefit.

It is pure human weakness, cowardice, self interest.

The sickest part of all of it is that these men (and women) were NEVER going to get what they were promised in the first place, and so all of their criminal actions were being taken in vain.



The larger lessons that the Holy Spirit was trying to show me is that Lucifer is a LIAR!  He has never told the truth, ever!  He is a con artist and a murderer who hates humanity.  His goal is to Usurp God’s Throne.

Humanity is nothing to him but a stepping stone to a much loftier goal.

There are always people (world wide) who are willing to sell the rest of us out in an attempt to walk the easy path.  They are looking for a short-cut to riches, and a short-cut to comfort and as a result they easily fall victim to “promises” of pie in the sky if they are lacking in courage, morals, and ethics.

The part that they are never told – and the part that they never realize until it is too late is that God is very real – and that every single thing they do, and every single action they take (with their own hands) is a crime that THEY ALONE will have to pay for in front of God’s Throne.

Those who bribed them, and those who paid them will not be facing the consequences of their actions… 


The highest level Luciferians (A.K.A. – DARK MAGICIANS) are clever enough to always insulate themselves many levels away from any and all evil action that is being taken on a massive scale!   They do this because they DO KNOW that there truly is a God, and that there really are LAWS that (if broken) will cause them severe punishment and karma – which they do everything in their power to avoid.

So these very high level Luciferians give orders (which almost always sound like suggestions) to the people just under them – who then give orders (which also sound like suggestions) to even more people under them, who then organize a plan and hire people to execute that plan – who then hire even MORE PEOPLE on a much lower level than they all are (and then promise them huge amounts of money to do really EVIL and really HORRIBLE THINGS to innocent people) so that those at the very top are insulated and removed from the crimes.


This is how the highest level Luciferians are 4, 5, and 6 levels removed from the people actually DOING the real evil in the world around us.  But it is the people on the lowest level (who have actually DONE the evil) who are going to pay the largest price for what they have done.



What most of the Doctors and Nurses (world wide) do not yet realize or understand that it is THEY who are going to be held accountable (by God) for the greatest amount of harm done by the JAB! 

It was (they) who were repeatedly injecting innocent people with a JAB that either killed them or hurt them terribly for the rest of their lives in ways that can not even be known yet.

And, by the way – this is exactly what the Luciferians who planned this entire depopulation event had hoped for!  They had hoped that the people on the lowest rung of the ladder would do all of the massive evil FOR THEM – and thus their hands would be relatively clean on the higher levels, while the hands of all of the doctors and nurses were covered in blood.

I have written repeatedly that this is why men and women are REQUIRED by God to seek knowledge and Truth – and MUST only do things to other people that they KNOW will cause no harm, no matter who orders them to do it.

These doctors and nurses simply “followed orders” and “did what they were told” even though they KNEW that many people were being harmed and that lots of people were dying for very strange reasons.

Yet, just like a huge and well oiled machine – the people who were supposed to keep statistics and keep records of stuff like this had ALSO been bribed, conned, and fooled by people who were giving them orders!  This was a massive, massive infiltration of weak minded and cowardly cockroaches who FOR MONEY and POWER agreed to turn against the Truth!

The very same thing can be said for Lawyers, Judges, Bankers and countless other people who try to deny the evil part they are playing in causing GREAT HARM to the lives of others.

The ALL CAPS NAME FRAUD is an almost unforgivable deception that is STILL (as we speak) being perpetrated by ALL CORPORATE COURTS…

Judges, Clerks of Court, and Prosecutors are “in” on this scam because it is very simple:

Corporate Courts DO NOT have any real jurisdiction over living and breathing men and women!  Therefore, Judges and prosecutors ASSUME (which is a bald faced lie) that anyone who shows up in their court must be a FICTION or be willing to be a FICTION.

They “assume this” without telling you about it.

This kind of lie, is one of the sickest, most twisted and most evil things that has ever been seen in our Universe!  And it is happening right now in Court Rooms all over the world every single day!



Very sadly, the people doing most of the REAL EVIL in our world are just common everyday people who are exceedingly greedy, gullible, and/or have no ethics or morals.  They can be:

bankers, lawyers, prosecutors, government officials, cops, governors, judges, doctors, agents from agencies, CEO’s of large corporations, college professors, school teachers, school board members, clergy, pastors, dentists, and millions of other types of people that you normally think should be loved and respected!

They do these things because their EYES have been closed deliberately by the Luciferians who have conned them, fooled them, and lied to them about God! 

And it was they who BELIEVED all of it.  They ignored what their hearts and souls were telling them and instead wanted the money, the perks, the carrots, and the gifts that they would be given if only they would go along with the program.

Having believed that there is no God, and that God’s Laws do not matter, they have taken horrible and terrible actions against their fellow men and women…, actions for which THEY will be held accountable.

People all over the world are attracted to what they PERCEIVE as power and might! 

They are easily conned by the false promises of the Luciferians because they do not really believe in God, and they do not have any idea how the Laws of Cause and Effect actually work.

They do not think that the Universe works as a very precise “clock” and that every single evil action they take AGAINST OTHERS – will bring them horror and terror that they never imagined.

They ignorantly believe that just because someone of power or authority ORDERED them or PAID them to do something evil – then the responsibility goes back to the ones who have ordered it or paid for it and has nothing to do with them!

However, much to their surprise, all of the punishment from the Universe will come right back to THEM instead – and the Luciferians KNOW THIS all too well.  This is the exact reason for insulating themselves at least 5 or 6 levels back from any crime and any action.  This is why they use “money” – a totally fictional thing (which by their own definition has NO VALUE) – and is a debt and not a means of payment.

They use this means only so that they can claim in front of God’s Throne that they offered you NOTHING OF VALUE to commit the crimes you were committing, and the fact that you did not know this only goes to show how stupid you really are – and they will further claim that you willingly did these evil things (on your own) for nothing of value.


Luciferians are consummate ACTORS on the stage of life, and their entire goal is to CON, FOOL, BAMBOOZLE, LIE TO, DECEIVE, and CAJOLE innocent people to drop their morals and drop their ethics and to do really evil things to others – while they stand back and watch (while remaining relatively clean).



So what can you do?  You can CHANGE your direction!

You can learn the TRUTH! 

I have written here on Love Truth Site about these things for 8 years now, and have written 5,000 plus articles that keep repeating the same message in many different ways!


I am here for you!

Thank you for reading and thank you for listening!

All my love


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