By: Bradley Loves


Let’s uncover another 10 percent of what is hidden underneath the water!   Now we can say that 25 percent of what is hidden has been exposed!


Child sex, child blood, and child meat is the currency ($$$) that the Elite who run the entire world ACTUALLY TRADE in!

When MORE than just the top 10 t0 15 percent of the “Iceberg”  finally gets uncovered…, every man, woman and child on Earth is going to (FINALLY) be aware that the most innocent among us…, very young children, were and still ARE being used (on an industrial scale) by the most powerful people as “throw away toys”!

Far worse than this shocking revelation however is that for the most deviant among these world leaders…, child torture…., (tying up naked little children and hurting them all over their bodies)…, has become a gruesome and addictive pastime that they can’t seem to get enough of!

They get a kinky and sadistic energy surge from this sort of activity!

Closely connected to the huge and (still growing) industry of child torture for the amusement of powerful people…, is the exceedingly large world wide industry that supplies a drug called “ADRENOCHROME” to the rich, the powerful, and the ELITE!

Adrenochrome is the purified “blood” of a young child that has been ritually tortured, killed, and had all of it’s blood drained for harvest.

That blood is purified and then SOLD on the black market as one of the most expensive ELITE DRUGS that money can buy!

Countless people in Hollywood and in the elite halls of power use (drink or inject) Adrenochrome!

The HIGH that can be had from using Adrenochrome is said to be one of the best in the world, and has no bad side affects.

It is pure adrenaline…, but was made at the cost of torturing a living and breathing child until his or her blood was filled with the chemical.


It is NOT a joke!



More will be coming….








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